One Nut Job Woman and Going To The Dogs….Not Necessarily In That Order

IF! IF.....if only her name was Suzanne Sommers and she was on "Three's Company." "Three" being the magic word here.

IF! IF…..if only her name was Suzanne Somers and she was on “Three’s Company.” “Three” being the magic word here.

First of all let me state this. I am NOT obsessed with boobs….or dogs. Yes, both are nice to look at, and pet, and snuggle up to, but when it comes to boobs, two are enough for me, which I currently have access to, should I feel the need to have access to, and as far as dogs go, I prefer cats.

Now the reason I said that is because it seems lately there have been a lot of boob stories on the Internet. Along with a gazillion photos of dogs and cats doing stupid stuff on Facebook.

Lest we forget Twitter as well

Lest we forget Twitter as well

So, I can only handle so many at one time. Um, stories about boobs, not actual boobs. And stories about animals as well.

But, first things first.

Which would be boobs. Figured I’d get that story out of the way first, then go on to a dog story. Either way, both stories are kinda cuddly. If ya catch my drift here.

And I do this once again, as a public service to all of my readers, because, as that famous philosopher Mitt Romney’s dog Seamus always says……………………


And I have a binder full of them

First, and up front, as most boobs are. A woman in Florida, Jasmine Tridevil, (the last part of her name will definitely bring out the “devil” in a lot of men) has done something rather unusual. Fulfilled every man’s dream.

Yep, she found a surgeon who was able to give her an extra boob. Meaning that now she has three. HONEST! I kiddith you not. Three boobs in one package.

Ok..ok….so you think I’m pulling your chain…right! Nope. Take a look at Jasmine after she had her boob implant surgery:


REALLY getting your money’s worth on THIS selfie

Now why do ya think she went through all of this trouble. Because she wants to be a reality star on MTV. And, as we all know, all it takes to be a reality star these days is to be realllly stupid and have absolutely no talent, or, get a third boob.

Good luck Jasmine. Especially trying to find a three boobed bra. (I think the one she’s wearing was custom-made)

Ok, enough with the boob stuff.

The “New York Post” ran a story the same day Jasmine’s new set of toys appeared on the Internet, but this story has to do with dogs and not boobs. Although, as I said earlier, both are kinda cuddly.


Um…ok…..not all dogs are cuddly

In New York, at the “OUT Hotel,” your dog can now check into this place that’s specifically for dogs.

Yep. Now your dog can relax on a 90-square foot, fenced-in outdoor terrace with a doghouse, bed, and a simulated red plastic fire hydrant.

Not only that, but his own access door to that patio, a treat jar stuffed with organic doggie snacks, and on occasion, maid service will deliver a tray of complimentary cupcakes.

As the creative director of the hotel, Kenneth Sullivan says in the story, “We wanted to take ‘dog friendly’ and change it to ‘dog experience.”

(No, you can’t pass off any date that you picked up in a bar that’s a dog and try to take advantage of this deal)

From the Post article, here’s some pics of the doggie life at this hotel:dog story pic

The hotel offers dog walking services so that you can enjoy the spa, the sunbathing courtyard, (maybe if you’re looking for a two-legged dog, if you’re not particular what type of women you pick up) And, if you need some privacy from being with Rover all of the time, the hotel offers a dog-sitting service for just 30 bucks an hour.

Um...NO.....this is NOT the dog walking service the hotel offers

Um…NO…..this is NOT the dog walking service the hotel offers

There’s also a built-in dog-cam so that you can monitor your pet while you’re out trolling. Which may come in handy if you don’t trust the little twerp to use his doggie box and you need a heads up as to where exactly there might be a surprise waiting for you, (dog poop) before you bring your date back to your hotel room. Nothing kills a romantic moment like finding dog poop on your hotel rug. Unless, you’re another dog of course.

Just in case you’re interested in this human dog hotel experience, you can contact the “OUT Hotel” at 510 W 42nd Street at 212-947-2999.

Be prepared to fork over $349 (starting price) for a dog suite. Might wanna ask Fido to chip in a few dog bones to cover the cost of the suite. Might wanna check if they have accommodations for special needs dogs as well. Jussssst to help out with some situations that might arise………………


Hmmm, think I’d better alert the “OUT Hotel” staff on this one

So, there ya have it. Two verrrrry important news items to keep you fully informed as to what the hell is going on in your world. Courtesy of yours truly MisfitWisdom, The New York Post, and probably a big thumbs up from the ASPCA. And probably from Playboy Magazine as well with regard to the Jasmine three boobs story.

Only because, as you might know by now, Playboy DOES seem to have this thing for boobs. So, they might actually consider doing a photo spread on Jasmine’s new boob….or…um….boobs….all three of them.  Just a guess there.


With three boobs, would Playboy need to expand the size of their present centerfold page in order to accommodate the extra boob?

Inquiring minds want to know. Me too.

Just Sayin,’



On Monday, one Florida woman tricked thousands of news organizations into giving her free publicity for the most dubious story in recent memory: She had a third breast surgically implanted to scare men away. Armed only with a handful of selfies, Jasmine Tridevil fooled the world. (A Google News search of her name produces more than 10,000 results.) Plastic surgeons interviewed by The Daily Dot said such a procedure, if any doctor would even do it, would take months to complete and be as serious as a mastectomy. An investigation by Snopes shows that Tridevil has a history of creating Internet hoaxes. Tridevil’s real name is Alisha James Hessler, a woman who created a brief stir in 2013 when she claimed a man attacked her on the street and she wanted him to wear a dunce cap as a punishment; she then refused to talk to police. When asked to show her third breast by 10 News Tampa, the aspiring reality-TV figure said she wouldn’t because it’s in “episode six of my show.”

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