Goodbye To The Captain. MisfitWisdom’s Salute To Derek Jeter


Next weekend in Boston the Red Sox will finish up the baseball season playing their dreaded foes the New York Yankees.

Not that it matters, because the Sox were long out of playoff contention eons ago. Might matter to the Yankees IF they can somehow squeak out a place in the wild card.jeter7

Being a dyed in the wool Red Sox fan, I of course always use my hex and pox signs when the Yankees are at bat. But…….not on Derek this month. Next to Mariano Rivera, the only other class act player on the Yankees roster.

Somehow it just won’t be the same watching the Sox play the Yankees without seeing Jeter in the lineup. Almost the same as when the day comes that David Ortiz decides to retire.

Kinda like Star Trek without Captain Kirk

Kinda like Star Trek without Captain Kirk

I think Jeter amazed me by his ability to actually fly. I mean, yeah, Superman can fly, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and stop a speeding bullet. BUT….can he catch a speeding baseball headed for the stands while flying and disguised as a Yankee’s Baseball player?

It's a bird!!! It's a plane!!! Um.....nah...just Derek Jeter trying to outdo Superman

It’s a bird!!! It’s a plane!!! Um…..nah…just Derek Jeter trying to outdo Superman

Soooooooo. What’s Derek gonna do once he retires?

Maybe get some advice from an old pal.


Maybe not.

It will be a must watch when the final game of the season takes place in Boston just to see how Red Sox fans react to seeing the Captain play for the very last time. Along with the gifts Red Sox management will present to Derek, as every other baseball organization has done when he played his last game against them.

My favorite was the kayak the Tampa Bay Rays gave to Derek.

WTF! Do I like use this in New York's East River?

WTF! Do I like use this in New York’s East River?

And….if he’s as good at kayaking as he is at catching baseballs……………..


Yeah Marvin, but I didn’t know the guy was Derek Jeter

So an end of an era. (sniff)


So Captain….best of luck to you in your retirement. And with that, a salute from all Red Sox Fans, MisfitWisdom, and a special touching tribute video from the people at “Gatorade.” & SUPPORT: The MisfitWisdom PayPal donate link: (Copy & Paste the link to make a donation)

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One Response to Goodbye To The Captain. MisfitWisdom’s Salute To Derek Jeter

  1. in2indigo says:

    Nice job and from a Red Sox fan at that!! Tell Leilani I will call her next week after festival is over. Luv ya!

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