Problem Gambling? Call The 1-800…Um…WAIT!



This is one of my monthly blogs that I like to call, “A DUH Blog.” Like I’ll read a news story and say to myself, DUH! Or, WTF! Or, “Let me see if I understand this correctly.”

Which happens quite a bit when I read news stories but I usually just wait till I go into DUH and WTF overload that I have to let it all out and clear my brain of stupid stuff that doesn’t make any sense to me.

Of course, “I” could be the only one who feels that way mind you. Because I DO NOT think like ordinary people do.

Brain overload

Brain overload

For instance. You’ve all heard by now that the casinos in Atlantic city are in dire straits. (not the rock group)

Recently Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino closed it’s doors on Tuesday, being the fourth casino in Atlantic City to close their doors.

Now these casino closings have been attributed to competition from other casinos that have been springing up all over the U. S. such as Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos here in Connecticut, along with casinos in New York, Pennsylvania and a lot of other states.


New Jersey casino executives

Which to a normal person would make sense. Which also has casino critics screaming, “SEEEEEEE…..casinos are bad, bad, bad, and people are not gonna go to such a bad, bad, place such as Atlantic City to throw away their hard-earned money…I told ya! Seeeee!!!!


Does this mean they’re gonna go to all those other places instead. Like perhaps that are closer to where they live rather than travelling miles and miles to Atlantic City?

Hmmm. Let me see if I understand this correctly. The Atlantic City casinos are closing because there’s too much competition from regional casinos.

Ok….makes sense to me. But why is that?


This logic also applies to mad bloggers

Hmmmm. How do I put this into perspective for ya Mr. Trump. (Trump bailed out of those casinos in AC but I thought I’d use that Trump line because when ya think of casinos ya think of Trump…sorry Donald)

So, why are the Atlantic City casinos losing money and regional casinos making money?  Pay attention here folks.



Where’s The Donald…….Waldo?

For those of you who did not grasp my feeble logic. Let me put it to you in another way that perhaps you can grasp.

If you’re vehicle needs gas, are you gong to drive into town to fill your car up, or, are you simply going to go to the gas station that’s two blocks down from where you live. Duh!

Or….how about alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the gas stations that survive REGARDLESS of how many there are. BUT…..if they were all in one place do ya think a few might lose money rather than if they were miles apart from one another?

Soooooooo. Years ago, 70’s to early 90’s BC, the only casinos, for the most part, that anyone could go to were in Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City. Which meant that if there were only gas stations located in those place too, you’d obviously have to go there to gas up.

So, casinos were rolling in dough because those were the only options available.

Which also meant that in order to gamble, you HAD to go to one of those three places. Just like if there was only one gas station in town.


Such as Speedy’s gas station in my town where the gas is real cheap and there’s always good conversation

Enter the Indians and their casinos along with others, and SHAZAM! more choices.

Still don’t get it.

Ok…..Speedy has a gas station that’s close to my house. Moe, Larry, and Curly have stations three miles from my house. So, I patronize Speedy because he’s closer than those other three stooges.

Which is what’s happening to those casinos in Atlantic City. Not to mention, but I will, there’s an entire boardwalk of casinos in AC with which one can choose from to gamble in. Competition….NOT ONLY from other casinos in the U.S. but from those on the boardwalk.  DUH!

So how can any of them make any money when they’re in competition with each other on THE SAME BOARDWALK. Duh!  BUT….let’s blame all of Atlantic City’s woes on those other casinos all over the U.S.

(Pssssst….don’t mention those other casinos on the boardwalk competing with each other for your nickels and quarters)


Well Kemo Sabe, I DO own some land in Connecticut and……………………………

AND…on top of all this blame game nonsense, I’m sitting there in front of the tube watching a pubic service announcement telling everyone the number they can call if they have a gambling problem.

Followed by a great ad indicating that the Powerball jackpot is now worth sixty gazillion dollars and you should go out immediately and buy a ticket. Duh!

Once again, I say to myself, “Let me see if I understand this correctly.”

Public service announcements are airing on TV to help you if you have a gambling problem and, of course, my state, supports those ads. After all, gambling is bad, bad, bad. And, we here in the state government want to help you kick that awful bad, bad, bad, gambling habit.


Pssssst, hey pal, got a quarter for a dog biscuit?

Um, meanwhile, jussssst in case you have a few extra bucks before you call that gambling hotline number, ya might wanna consider playing our new scratch off game, or Powerball, or the daily numbers game or……..

I mean, WTF, if ya can’t kick the gambling habit, we’re here to make a buck off of ya. No sense us losing any money. We mean, we actually DO care if you have a gambling problem, BUT, not that much that we still don’t want your money…heh, heh.

I know this was all kinda confusing for all of you to grasp. Why some casinos are closing in Atlantic City while others thrive quite well.

But don’t feel bad if you don’t get it,

The people in Atlantic City don’t get it either.

BUT…..the casinos NOT in Atlantic City do…….and boy are they happy. And making money. Along with the states that have casinos in them. Along with getting you to play Powerball, scratch tickets, the daily numbers game and in some states, keno.


Which brings to mind an old KC and The Sunshine Band song. “Keep it Comin’ Love.”

“Got a gambling problem….call this number at 1-800…..or, if ya need time to think about it, hey buy a freaking’ state run lottery ticket in the meantime.

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to Problem Gambling? Call The 1-800…Um…WAIT!

  1. katydidknot says:

    We have an attorney ad that airs here that tells us to call if we developed a gambling problem after taking some prescription medicine or other.


    Anyway, if the casinos are like every other industry, they’ll blame their problems on competition from the internet,

    • misfit120 says:

      Still makes me scratch my head when I see an ad that’s attached to the end of a state run promotion for buying lottery tickets that says if you have a problem gambling call this number.

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