I Was Going To Write A Blog Today, But, I Don’t Have A Strategy Plan



I’m being a bit sarcastic with that “strategy” comment. Because, a lot of Internet trolls have jumped on President Obama for stating that the U.S. does not have a “strategy” as of this moment to deal with ISIS.

Soooo, I’m thinking to myself. Son-of-a-bitch! No strategy. WTF!



If you’re gonna launch an attack on that terrorist organization ya gotta have a strategy.

AND….if ya have a strategy you should go on national TV and lay out exactly word for word point for point just exactly what that strategy is.

THEN, those terrorists at least have a chance to look over our strategy and take offensive measures.

Hey….fair is fair ya know.

Ok...Ok......stop yer whining....we'll tell ya our strat

Ok…Ok……stop yer whining….we’ll tell ya our strategy

Cripes, if I were a terrorist organization I’d sure as hell wanna know what our strategy would be if we’re going to attack them.

That way, knowing the strategy Obama has planned, they can launch their own strategy and then, by knowing our strategy, out stratergize (my word) us.. Makes sense to me. After all, hasn’t every President had a strategy when it comes to getting in and outta a war?


Damn!  (again)

Ya see, strategy is all about having a plan to sneak up on those bastards and pulverize the f**k outta them. You don’t go telling EVERYBODY WTF our strategy is and expect to surprise the hell outta them do ya.

Everybody knows that!

(had our strategy been laid out on national TV the night Navy Seals set out to capture or kill Osama bin Laden do ya think he would have been at home that night…….f**k no)

“Hey Assad. Guess what I just heard on CNN.”

“Um, what Mo?”

“The U.S. Has this strategy plan to send over three hundred bombers, seven million troops, a gazillion tanks and re runs of Honey Boo Boo to kick our butts.”

“OMFG….or…..in this case, OMFA!!!”(Allah)

“Oh nooooooo Assad. We can handle those bombers, tanks and troops by hiding in our underground bunkers but if they intercept our cable TV programs while we’re in there hiding and all we can get are Honey Boo Boo reruns I’ll kill myself!”

“Do not fear Mo. There’s always those 70 virgins we were promised if it comes to that.”


See what happens when too many terrorists blow themselves up

A word of caution to ISIS if you subscribe to that “70 virgins” promise.

Ya wanna know how many virgins I’ve had here on Earth in my entire lifetime. ONE!

Yep. “ONE.” And I married her!

So if they’re THAT rare here on Earth, whaddya think your chances are of getting one, maybe two. They ARE kinda rare ya know.


Um, unless you like the skanky ones

On top of that……..do you actually think all of you are going to go upwards on your final destination trip? Meaning securing a pair of wings and a halo. Me thinkith not.

Soooo, that basically means, even if you did have a chance of at least getting your hands on one virgin, if you were to make it to the Pearly Gates, your chances are pretty slim pal.


Because if there aren’t that many virgins here on Earth, it’s gonna be slim pickings up there. And, from a reliable source, THIS is what most of those virgins look like:

And....I'm a virgin honeeeee

And….I’m a virgin honeeeee

Come to think of it. THAT might be a strategy the President might incorporate.

YES! Round up as many virgins, such as the one pictured above, send them over to where ISIS is and have them carry signs stating that they’re all virgins and instead of blowing themselves up, they can have those virgins NOW.

Cripes….I’d surrender in a heartbeat.

Or……go with this strategy……………..


Damn! Brilliant!

How’s THAT for strategy.

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