Paul Ryan Wants Mitt Romney To Run Again: Here Comes Every Cartoonists Dream Wish.


Hi…I’m Paul Ryan…..and I did NOT approve this blog

I’m really trying to make a concentrated effort to stay away from commenting on politics lately. Only because I find the “Cartoon Channel” has more interesting characters than politicians.

BUT! I couldn’t help myself today. Sorry.

I came across a comment by former Vice Presidential candidate and poster boy for Visine and possible replacement for Eddie on the “Munsters” remake, Paul Ryan and a comment he made which was that he would like to see Mitt Flomney run for President again in 2016.


I couldn’t tell who was who so you have to figure it out

UM….WAIT! Damn! What WAS his name? Rom Scripney? Flit Cromney? (hold on a sec)

Ok…sorry, I had to look him up. It was “Mitt Romney.” I have a very short attention span when it comes to names of political candidates running for President. Unless they’re fodder for some really great stupid comments or some really funny cartoons. Which, sometimes trumps what’s on the Cartoon Channel.pol2

So, when Ryan said that, I immediately went into a def con 1 and checked for some comments people made with regard to what Ryan said. This was my favorite:

(comment by Bob M)

“Please guys – RUN! My God but we can use the laughs – again. And be sure to load up the GOP’er clown car with Manson Eyes Bachman, Lil Newtie, Raphael (Canada Ted) Cruz, Ole 999 Cain, that goofy woman from Alaska, “Look at my new glasses” Perry, The Guy With the Dead Hamster On His Head, and all of the rest of GOP’er Clown Show from 2012. PLEASE, PLEASE run again, we can really use the laughs.”

Which led me to up my cartoon alert to def con 5. That’s the point where I go completely berserk and drag out every single cartoon about everyone mentioned in that guys’ comments and put them in today’s blog jussssst in case Mitt, or any one of those candidates mentioned doesn’t run and I never get another chance to use them.

I’m shallow that way.

Although I’m a bit stymied by what candidate wore a dead hamster on his head.

OMFG! A sadist!

OMFG! A sadist!

So today it’s back to the cartoon archives and some of my favorite political cartoons about each one of the candidates mentioned in Bobs comment.

Shall we commence:

Michelle Bachmann sure gave a lot of editorial cartoonists the giggles when she confused John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy.


She’s right…..hard to tell the difference between the two…..pilgrim


I can just imagine being an editorial cartoonist and waking up each morning just salivating at the thought of Newt Gingrich saying or doing something stupid. And, apparently, this is what happened when one of them researched Newt’s past marriages and divorces:


Gloria De La Chartreuse

Lest we forget “Godfather Pizza” mogul Herman Cain and his famous “999” speech.


If only he had just consolidated his “999” plan to “27.” Flunked math I guess.

Cruising right along, next in line for a cutting edge cartoon was the one about Ted Cruz. This one drove the Obama birthers nutso.


Yep….it’s part of Vermont


There were so many Mitt Romney editorial cartoons that it was hard to pick my favorite. I mean there were cartoons about Mitt’s comments about “corporations are cartoon characters too.” Um…wait….no, that should read, “corporations are people too.” Sorry.

Then there were the cartoons of Mitt’s dog Shamus riding on the roof of his car as the sped up the Mass. Pike.

And that comment about binders full of women.

(Um…Mitt, if you’re done with those binders can I borrow them)

And of course his comments about the 1%.

But, taking into consideration that Mitt seemed at least to look Presidential and really didn’t say anything that was really Bozo The Clowinish, such as Christine O’Donnell when she said, “I am not a witch…………….”



I kinda liked this cartoon.


Anybody got any M&M’s with peanuts?


But, ya gotta admit, by far, hands down, no contest, the “A” number one person that all cartoonists dream about is none other than Sarah Palin. The gift that keeps on giving.

Now, for me, it was verrrrry hard to choose among the 1,000,000 cartoons that I thought was my favorite. You’re talkin’ over six years that Sarah has been in our faces. Do you have any idea the cartoons that are out there? Gazillions.

Damn! It took me almost  10 seconds just to find the one that was my favorite. Here it is.


Hmmmmm. Maybe she could run for Governor of Alaska


As that famous philosopher Porky pig once said. “Cartoons are people too.”


Sorry….just had to get this last one in…..


Just sayin.’

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