Could Dion DiMucci and I Be Twins Separated At Birth? OMG!!!!!


Dion DiMucci

You know how they, whoever “they” are, say that everyone has an identical twin. Not a twin that was born at the same time that you were, but a person that’s no relation to you but looks exactly like you. Well I think I found my identical twin.

Finally....the "they" person revealed

Finally….the “they” person revealed

Maybe he’s even my identical twin separated at birth. OMFG!!!

Its…..(GASP)….Dion DiMucci. YES! Dion of Dion and the Belmonts. My long-lost identical twin brother. Or, um…..a stepbrother or something.

I base this on the fact that we do kinda resemble one another. Me having the better looks of  course, but Dion having a singing voice whereas I do not. Then again, Dion used his voice to record a lot of songs that made the Top 40 charts while I used my voice to become a disc jockey.

SEE… ironic is THAT! Dion sings the songs and I play them on the radio.

Waaaaay to much of a coincidence if ya ask me.

First of all, take a look at the similarities between Dion and myself in these two photos. Bet ya can’t tell us apart. Which is why I identified who was who in the photos.


Recent photo of Dion DiMucci


Recent photo of Misfit

I know, you’re saying to yourselves, “Holy Donna Donna The Prima Donna, Misfit is right! He could be Dion’s twin brother separated at birth. OMFG!!!!!”dion3

Here’s more proof for ya if ya think I’m nuts.

I actually have a half-sister who resembles Dion as well. And she, get this, does karaoke. Yes….she sings. How freakin’ ironic is THAT!!!!

And the noses. YES……the noses. How the hell can ya dispute the fact that all three of us have the same damn Italian noses. Again, waaaaay too much of a coincidence here if ya ask me.


Yep…and I can inhale this piece of cheese right up my nose…..wanna see? Snork….snork….

AND…..on top of all this, there’s even more coincidences that baffle the mind.

Check THESE facts out:

Like Dion singing that song I mentioned, “Donna Donna The Prima Donna,” and the fact that I actually know someone named Donna.

Dion sang the song, “I Wonder Why” and for my entire life I always wondered why. Which is why I always ask a lot of questions.

And at one time, (actually a few) I was a “Teenager In Love.”

But, being short and having that big nose I never really got to be a “Teenager In Love” but rather just a “Lonely Teenager.”


Soreeee Misfit…..I just can’t get it on with you looking at that big nose

AND….although I never dated any girl as mentioned in that song by Dion, “Runaround Sue,” I do know someone named Sue who may or may not have been a runaround. Ironic isn’t it.

Furthermore, Dion was a “Wanderer” and so was I. Damn….I wandered from town to town and state to state when I was moving from radio job to radio job. How do ya think Dion may have come up with the idea for that song anyhow? He must have known I was wandering  just like he was.

And if that’s not enough coincidences for ya, how about the fact that the name for Dion’s group was “Dion and the Belmonts” which came from Belmont Avenue in the Bronx AND I hung around with a guy from Belmont Avenue in my home town when I was a kid. Go figure.

I’m tellin’ ya there’s just too many coincidences here just to be coincidences. Or whatever.


What a coincidence

And, what are the odds of Dion appearing at the “Mohegan Sun Casino” in concert and me being at that very same show. Ok…ok….so I got free tickets to that show, BUT, still, I could have passed up on those tickets and not have been there that same exact night.

Ya see…its fate. And what are the odds that I live 2 minutes from that casino? See….fate once again.

Now I never realized that we could indeed be brothers separated at birth until I happened upon a video Dion posted on my Facebook page in a tribute to Buddy Holly and his wife Maria Elena and he was singing the song, “Rave On” which he videotaped in his home and posted on Facebook.

I mean. geezzz, I actually played THAT song “Rave On” on my CD player in MY home!

There it was. An extreme closeup of Dion singing and wearing those tinted glasses, (like mine) that distinctive hat he always wears, (like mine) a black shirt open at the collar, (like mine) and the same Italian nose. (like mine)

Now I realize that Dion is a bit older than me, (75) so that rules out the identical twins separated at birth theory. BUT… sister is younger than me too and all three of us have that same nose!  This can only mean one thing.

That our biological father was a damn Giglio and indeed was a “Wanderer” travelling from the Bronx, (where Dion was born) to Rhode Island, (where I was born) and then to Massachusetts, (where my sister was born) and then Gawd knows where else he was sowing those wandering seeds of passion. OMG!


Undated photo of my father. As you can see, he was a handsome devil and therefore attracted all kinds of women

So I rest my case here. Proof positive that Dion DiMucci, my step sister, and I, are all related one way or another.

But, “Don’t Pity Me,” (or us) we all have great lives and can now take comfort in knowing that we have a famous sibling.

Thanks to our philandering father who was a “Wanderer” and stayed in those towns just long enough to, “Drip Drop” if ya catch my drift there.

Oh yeah….one final note here. The Song “Abraham, Martin and John.” Yeah, I know it’s about Abe, JFK and MLK…..BUT……suppose…..just  suppose it’s really about more identical look alikes Dion and I have?

After all, my father, and Terry, my half sister, fathers name was…….JOHN!

Soooooooooooo. There may be two more of us identical twins out there. Martin and Abe.


Dion…….bro…..give me a call. Long time nose see………um……no see.

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