Remembering Robin Williams: 7/21/51 – 8/11/14

robin1(Remembering Robin Williams…….with some cartoons……a few memories…….and a look at why it’s so hard to always be funny)

When a celebrity passes on it’s always sad news. The tragic way that Robin Williams left us is even more hard to accept. Apparently taking his own life.

Most, if not all of us, will probably find it hard to comprehend why such a talented and funny guy like Robin would ever want to end his life. But, that said, being a comedian or any entertainer for that matter, does take a toll on your everyday life.

That is amplified more if you are a comedian and expected to be funny at all times. It’s as if ordinary people can go through the problems life doles out to us and be depressed, but comedians should not. After all, aren’t they the ones who are supposed to get us out of our moods and make us laugh.


Robin emerged from his egg shell to entertain all of us in Mork & Mindy

But, therein lies the problem.

How can you be funny when your life may be falling apart….yet, through it all your fans expect you to be funny while deep inside you’re just an ordinary person who can suffer from depression just like the rest of us.

Robin just recently was in rehab in July and perhaps that wasn’t enough to pull him out of whatever state of mind he was in. Perhaps it became overwhelming and he could just not bear the state of depression he must have been in.

I can relate to Robin. Many years as a broadcaster I was expected to go on the air each and every day and entertain my listeners and be funny. And some days it was hard. I went through bouts of severe agoraphobia, two divorces and bankruptcy and still I was expected to perform and be funny.

Gooooooooooood morning Vietnam......Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Ukraine.......DAMN!

Gooooooooooood morning Vietnam……Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine…….DAMN!

Even today, writing my daily humor blog I find occasionally that it’s difficult being funny if I’m having a bad day. And it can be anything that drags you down. Just like normal everyday people like yourselves who may not perform or write comedy.

Struggling to make ends meet. Sickness. Then loss of a friend or loved one. Even losing a pet. I’ve been through it all and still manage to find the stamina to write my daily blog.

But ya know, sometimes it gets, as I said overwhelming and, although I’ve never thought of ending my life, I have contemplated ending this blog due to a depressing day.

But, that said, what keeps me going, as I wish it had Robin, is that I receive a note or comment every now and then from a blog reader that thanks me for the laughter I bring into their lives.

I wish Robin had thought that way.

I will miss him deeply.


Sorry guys…..Mork has left the planet



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5 Responses to Remembering Robin Williams: 7/21/51 – 8/11/14

  1. katydidknot says:

    I don’t want to glamorize mental illness. I don’t want to say all creative people are tortured geniuses.

    But I’m reminded of a quote by Chuck “Fight Club” Palahniuk, from an interview he did a few years back:

    “If you take tragedy far enough, it ultimately becomes comedy. So if it’s still sad, that means it’s not sad enough. Once it gets past that certain point of sadness, it becomes comedy again.”

    I think a lot of comedians live THERE.

    I think I wish Williams hadn’t lived THERE.

  2. in2indigo says:

    Well said:(

  3. misfit120 says:

    Katy….sadly I think we all do live there at some point in our lives.

  4. santostom says:

    Very well done Misfit. You and I agree and we have taken a lot of the same paths. Depression is a horrible state of mind. You know exactly what you are doing, but, you don’t care. Performing for the enjoyment of others, while they are happy, you are being eaten up inside. When the performing is over, the emptiness in your mind is overwhelming. Some say this is a cowardly way out instead of facing the problems that exist. The big problem is that it is a mental problem, not one that can easily be fixed. RIP Robin, we will always have the memories you have left us with. God bless your family who have to live with your end result.

  5. misfit120 says:

    Well put Tom. Thanks.

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