Corporations Are People Too. Which Is Why “These” Corporate Logos Should be Used

Young Mitty Romney

Young Mitty Romney

I always have a soft spot in my heart for corporations. But, I’ve since had a couple of medical stints put in to correct that problem. I feel much better.

But, ever since Mitt Romney coined that phrase, “Corporations Are People Too,” it made me wonder about corporate logos. After all, they “are” people and corporate advertising people came up with corporate logos.

(sniff) That song always gets to me

(sniff) That song always gets to me

But, what were some of the logos that might have been rejected before they came up with their actual logos that we are all familiar with today. OR, what should some of those logos be rather than the ones that they’re using now.

So, here on “Stupid Sunday,” I have compiled a series of corporate logos that I personally think would fit these corporations rather than the ones they currently have. Or ones that they may have initially rejected.

So, let us begin…………..

Seeing as MasterCard and Visa have been in competition with one another for many years, perhaps MasterCard could have an edge by appealing to a select portion of our society that are so butt ugly they can’t even find a girlfriend……..


Accepted in all bedrooms

Gotta love those Dodge Ram commercials with Sam Elliott and his deeeeeep deeeeeep voice. “Tell em Sam.

“Dodge…….RAM Tough. Makes ya wanna get into one NOW!”


Yep…..the only reason I own one too

Ever wonder how “Warner Brothers” came up with their name. Besides being brothers. HEY! Things were tough when they first came up with the idea for their motion picture studios. And, like the rest of us, they had to find a way to raise enough money to finally build a studio.


Which is also how the Mafia got its start.

And me, being Italian, BUT, not having any brothers, didn’t make it to the big time. Cause I got caught……not having any brothers to warn me…….DAMN!

Mitsubishi Corporation, in the early days, couldn’t really sell any cars here in the states due to the fact that, in a clerical error, their factory stenciled the wrong name on their cars.


Sales eventually took off when they dropped the last “T” in their name

Depending on which way your eyeballs focus on this corporate logo, it’s either “FartEx” or “FatEx.” Either way it’s a great logo if you have a lot of gas and can wear a uniform with that logo which would then explain to people that they should be cutting you some slack for farting in public. Or, if you tend to be a bit overweight, same concept.


Pfffffft! Oops….sorry, but I AM on the job ya know


Speaking of “Oops,” how about those times when the package you get from “UPS” is somewhat damaged or they leave it out in the rain. Considering it does happen a lot, perhaps UPS might consider using this logo.


HEY! We f**king tried for cripes sake. AND….we DID get it here on time.

Major League Baseball has that really neat logo with a batter about to hit a ball. But did ya know the Asian Mafia came up with that logo first. Major League Baseball made them an offer they couldn’t refuse so that they could use it.


I really didn’t get this one, not knowing what  “Shanahanskins” was, but I think it has to do with color,or, some sort of painful procedure that male babies go through that involves foreskin or something. Whatever. BUT…..considering the “Washington Redskins” are getting a lot of flack over their name, why not use this one.

I mean, who the hell is gonna complain about a team using a logo that might conjure up thoughts of foreskins. After all, isn’t football MALE dominated. Duh!


100% circumcised

Ah yes, my love for those reality shows made me dig up this logo. And Gawd knows there are a lot of prospective stars that could appear on this show.



Video at 11


They already do. All they have to do is add an “S” to the word “Idiot” and SHAZAM! The perfect logo for TV news programs. How brilliant is that!


Microsoft, one of the biggest corporate giants, and also one of the biggest reasons I tend to curse a lot while using their product, should have this logo.


!&^%$#@! SOB motherf**king computer and their damn freakin’ operating systems………F**K!!!!!!

Ya gotta be kidding me. Starbucks never gave THIS logo any consideration! REALLY!


Our logo: “Drink Starbucks coffee. People will know you’re a successful schmuck.”

Well, as far as I’m concerned they should have. I mean, look at it this way. Do ya wanna pay $1.25 for a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee or $5.00 for a cup of Starbucks coffee?

You do! Then you are a freakin’ schmuck.

I’ll remind you once again just in case you forget the theme of today’s blog. “Corporations Are People Too.”

And, corporations like IKEA know, because they are people too, that you have feelings, like people, and that you’re really gonna get pissed off when you buy their products and try to put them together.

So this logo should be on all their products. Just to comfort you before you buy any of them.


Such compassion

Now as far as I know, “Google” has the rights to their corporate name. BUT……here’s an idea for an entrepreneur, such as myself, who always uses this product….to capitalize on Google’s popularity by simply dropping a letter or two and promoting this great service.


Hmmm…..wonder what their search engine looks like

But I do like their advertising.


Happy happy “Booble” customers

And finally, if I, even though I’m not a corporation, but do fall into the “people” category, were to have my own logo, or corporate catch phrase, this one would be my logo. Because it basically reflects my attitude on life. While at the same time sending a message to little kiddies about how they too will view life as they grow older.tshirt ass1

Unless one of them grows up to own a corporation.

Just sayin.’

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