Do You Remember These?

Every so often I need to take a “stupidity break,” which is taking a break from stupid stuff in order to regain my sanity. Such as yesterday when I wrote about “The Sarah Palin Channel” and, as Steven Colbert so aptly put it, “The Sarah Palin Channel, launched by Sarah Palin to let us all know that she still exists.”


Vending machine just outside of the Sarah Palin Channel studios

So, to cleanse my mind of the image of gazillions of Sarah Palin fans whipping out their checkbooks and forking over $9.95 a month to make Sarah even richer, I’m going to reflect on how nice life was before I knew what the word “politics” was and long before Sarah was even a gleam in her parents eyes.


When bloggers finally lose it

Driving back from a few errands I was listening to one of my oldie CD’s and heard the Statler Brothers do one of my favorite songs which is about what life used to be like when dinosaurs, such as myself,  roamed the earth, and there were actually sane people roaming the earth along with me and, (gasp) people actually got along with one another. Imagine…………. what a concept.

So, here’s how it goes. Click on the video below, listen to the song and then view the various images that were mentioned in the song. Hopefully it may cleanse your mind as well. If not, you’re beyond help.

Flash Gordon, (not a guy who flashed women) was one of those TV serials we used to watch as kids. Now, as adults, we actually watch porno flicks where guys flash their “gordons” at women. Same thing but less violence.


Flashing Gordon

Penny loafers had that little slit in the shoe top so that you could insert a penny into them. Why? Who TF knows. Rich kids used silver dollars just to piss us poor kids off. Bastards.


Penny Loafers

Speaking of penny loafers………….


Penny Marshall loafing

Sock hops, for those of you too young to remember what they were, or, even know what a damn sock is, was when you took off your shoes or sneakers and danced in your socks at a record hop usually hosted by a disc jockey.

(note: if you don’t know what a “record hop” is or a “disc jockey” you should not be reading this blog)


Today, the “elderly” would be us…(sigh)

Knickers……..oh yeah, knickers as mentioned in that song. These are knickers. Kinda sexy huh………


WTF you lookin’ at pal? Ya got a problem me wearin’ these?

The “Hit Parade” was a TV show that featured people singing the week’s top hit songs. Realllly famous people such as “Dorothy Collins, Snooky Lanson and um……..WHO?

(I’m embarrassed that I remembered those names)


Anonymous R Us

Then there was the other “Hit Parade.”


“The Mafia Hitman Parade.”

Sadie Hawkins was the brainchild of Al Capp who drew the comic strip “Lil Abner” and each year in Dogpatch, where Abner lived, they had a Sadie Hawkins Day dance in which the women asked the men to dance. The was due to the fact that no one wanted to dance with Sadie so that was the only way she could snag a dance partner.


Which I could never understand because Sadie was sure a damn knockout………….


You want my body don’t ya Misfit?

Ducktail haircuts looked like this. I assume because it resembled a ducks tail.


The duck butt look



Heyyyyy, I resemble that remark!

Howdy Doody was also mentioned in that song. Here he is below along with Buffalo Bob Smith. (Howdy is the one with the red hair)


What  time is it kids?

For those of you who do not remember Howdy Doody, here he is today.


Howdy O’Brien

Seams on hose, (not the ones you use to water your garden) were really sexy items back when the Earth was formed.

mmmmmwhat seam?

Seam? What seam?

Cracker Jacks have been around as long as Alan Greenspan. Although I think Greenspan has been around a lot longer. We only bought them in the hope of getting a really great prize which was in every box.


Could be a pic of Greenspan on the box when he was younger taken during WWI

However these were the prizes we always got……bastards.



When THIS is what we always hoped we’d find…………………bastards.


In your dreams you idiot

Ah yes. The “Boogie Man.” (Not to be confused with some old guy picking his nose and putting his boogers in some disgusting place. Usually under a park bench)

The Boogie Man was what your parents told you to scare the bejesus outta you.

“Go to bed Johnny, and you’d better behave or the “Boogie Man” will get you.


Actual photo of the Boogie Man

I never bought into the Boogie Man theory, but it scared the hell outta my dog.


Ah don’t sweat it Fido, I got a Smith and Wesson under my pillow

Fender skirts were also something that you found on a lot of hot looking cars. Like this cool car……………


Hey honeeee……wanna go for a ride….a realllllll longgggg ride.

Well, maybe that wasn’t what you had in mind if you wanted to impress the chicks as you drove into a car hop……maybe this one…..

Now that's better.....Ford Thunderbird with some really nice fender skirts

Now that’s better…..Ford Thunderbird with some really nice fender skirts



Dear, are you looking at those neat fender skirts? Um, yeah honeeeee……nice aren’t they.

mmmmmmSaying to someone, “You Dirty Bird” was the word many eons ago. It was really bad when you called someone that.  It has since been upgraded to “You Dirty Motherf**ker.”



Cooties were not only a neat toy you could get, but nasty little head type bugs that you could also get. One you bought and the other you caught.


Bet yours wears combat boots

Captain Midnight was one of our super heroes.


Photo of Captain Midnight taken just before midnight

Then there was Captain After Midnight………..



Today we have all sorts of chocolate drinks. But one of the most advertised ones was Ovaltine.


Blahhh. Got any Hershey’s syrup mom?

Hey, don’t knock it….even Frau Blucher drank it…….um….I think.


Cue the horse………

Then there was that pain in the ass guy who took the “Charles Atlas” course and kicked the s**t outta us skinny guys and took off with out girls….bastard.

Until WE took the Charles Atlas course and kicked HIS butt.


Revenge is sweet

BUT…..then it went to our heads………………….


Yeah…get lost ya slut!

Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger. Um……Roy is no longer with us…………


Happy Trails To Youuuuuuuuuuuu

But Trigger lives on….um, kinda….stuffed.


Hey…is it almost break time?


Heh, heh, heh, The Shadow Knows….heh, heh, heh……..(from the old radio show The Shadow Knew…um Knows.”)

Soooo, what do I know?

Soooo, what do I know?

He knows what was waiting for him at home….Mrs. Shadow.


Hi Honeeee….rough day because it was raining?

Archie comics, (RIP Archie Andrews) featured Veronica and Betty who both were after Archie affections.

We kids, (males) were after Veronica and Betty’s affections. And used our sick adolescent imaginations to um, er………



Um….to picture them like this………


More panting and lusting

And finally the Statler Brothers remembering those lame Knock Knock jokes…..

Where it all began

Where it all began

And, in conclusion…..Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Spillane who?

Spillane that last stupid knock knock joke cartoon.

It’s ok folks….I’ll be fine by tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Do You Remember These?

  1. katydidknot says:

    Sadly, most of my cultural knowledge only goes back to the late Sixties – which, admittedly, is still more than 15 years before I was born.
    I keep wanting to go back and learn more about pop culture from the Fifties, but time keeps moving forward, creating even more NEW pop culture stuff, and I can’t keep up.
    My grandmother talks about Roy Rogers a lot, though, and my grandfather watches more westerns than I ever would have imagined existed…

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