The New “Wonder Woman” Makes Me Wonder……………and more…….

Ok, so it’s time for “Wonder Woman” to finally get a new outfit. After all, Superman went out and bought himself a new outfit didn’t he.

Soooo, in case you happened to be under the influence of Kryptonite and missed out on the photos of what the new Wonder Woman’s outfit will look like, here it is.wonderw1

Now I personally don’t like it. Way too drab and not too colorful if ya wanted to wear it to a party or something. AND….looks like it might attract copper thieves.

I kinda like Lynda Carter’s Wonder woman outfit. Verrrrry colorful and obviously suited for any social occasion.wonderw2

Um, and of course we men reallllly appreciate how Lynda made that outfit look really great with her great set of, um, er, ……… accessories….yeah that’s it, jewelery accessories which match her outfit.

Great accessories Linda

Great accessories Lynda

And you can tell by comparing the photo of the new Wonder Woman to that of Lynda, that obviously Lynda has better accessories, which stand out, and um, accent her outfit.

Wonder Woman has been around for some time so I guess the creators of that character felt it necessary to update her outfit. After all, ya just can’t run around fighting crime in old clothes. Criminals will just laugh at you. So maybe it was about time Wonder Woman got a makeover.

Nikes I assume

Nikes I assume

Wonder Woman wasn’t just a “wonder woman” but a regular woman as well. Just like Superman was Clark Kent and led a regular life when he wasn’t out fighting crime and stuff.

So have you ever wondered what life was like around the Wonder Woman household? Did she live a normal life when not fighting crime? Did she screw up doing regular things as the rest of us do at times?



AND…..being a woman, did this happen as well………..


And there were a lot of rumors that Superman wasn’t the really goody two shoes that we all think he was. After  all, he DID have x-ray vision, and, if you or I (men) had x-ray vision, what the hell do ya think we’d all be doing……


Geico boob protection

Yes, we men would all love to have x-ray vision like Superman. Or, at least have the power of invisibility.


WTF! I gained 5 pounds!!!!!!!

Obviously Wonder Woman’s attraction, to us men, was that she was a sexy woman. So, we all envisioned her as a naked sexy woman at one time or another. That’s what we perv guys do. So it went like this when it came to our sick imaginations……




And this……………

Double pant......

Double pant……

And this………



And for the biker crowd……….wonderw19

And eventually our fantasies of Wonder Woman appearing in our favorite crime fighting magazine………….wonderw18
Shall we go a step further?

Screw it, why not. How about what happens to Wonder Woman after her and Superman get it on.

Oh oh....CLARK! Get in here quick!

Oh oh….CLARK! Get in here quick!

Yep. Wonder Woman is with Wonder Child.

And then it gets even worse.

Now I’m NOT saying that ALL women lose their figures after they’ve had a child, but, I’m just thinking how Wonder Woman would look if she failed to go back to crime fighting and just let her figure go to hell.


Wonder Woman after her fourth child

WAIT! It doesn’t get any better.

What’s Wonder Woman gonna look like when she’s a senior citizen? OMG!!!Wonder woman as an old person.

So, in conclusion, there’s a lot to think about there when it comes to your opinion about Wonder Woman’s new costume and her life in general. Is her new costume better, or do you prefer the old one?

In any case, would it really matter what costume she wears if she’s gonna age like the rest of us? What’s next……”Depends” with stars and stripes on them.


Think I’ll just stick with my original image of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in one of my favorite outfits that she wore….um…….but Gawd knows for what? Me thinkith NOT fighting crime.

"THIS" is a Wonder Woman.....ya think....

“THIS” is a Wonder Woman…..ya think….

And I didn’t even need any stinkin’  x-ray vision to appreciate this outfit.

TAKE THAT man of steel.

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2 Responses to The New “Wonder Woman” Makes Me Wonder……………and more…….

  1. katydidknot says:

    Maybe the outfit she’s wearing in that pic is specially geared towards fighting on volcanoes.

    I don’t think Lynda Carter ever had to fight crime on a volcano.

  2. misfit120 says:

    Good point Katy. And we all know there are a lot more volcanoes around now than when Lynda was Wonder Woman.

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