Why Wait? I Am (for what it’s worth) Declaring “The Boston Red Sox” the “Dead Sox.”


First of all, before anyone, including those pesky Internet Trolls jump in, I’m going to state my opinion of what I think about the Boston Red Sox. Which, in the scope of things, means squat.

But, ask me if I give a rats ass about what anyone else thinks. Which is why I write this stupid blog. Because I can say what “I” think just to vent my own frustrations. In this instance, the  Boston Dead Sox.

Yes, it’s been a frustrating season for the Sox. Going from last years “Boston Strong” team to this years “Boston Weak” team.

Which leaves a lot of fans saying to themselves, WTF!

Cans you sense that this season the Sox are unravelling

Can you sense that this season the Sox are unravelling

And we all went through this once before during the great “chicken and beer” fiasco of 2012 when Bobby Valentine was the manager.


Got any Bud Lite?

Soooo, why does this team suck big time? To which I would reply, “Who TF really knows?” Other than everyone in the clubhouse.

Now I personally, as I said, “for what it’s worth” have some of my own feeble theories. Because that’s how my feeble mind works. BUT….if I’m right, and the full story comes out at the end of the season, I’ll pat myself on the back.

So, here are some of my theories.

Management letting Jacoby Ellsbury and Jarrod Saltalamaccia go to other teams after those two players contributed to their 2013 World Series win.

Why! Because management, (can you say the “Yawkey Years”) did not want to fork over the big bucks either player wanted and DESERVED. WHICH, most likely pissed off the other players thinking, “Hey, these guys were part of the backbone of our team and ya let them go?”


“Sob….its no use….I’m not the one that’s nuts….its management.”

Secondly, John Henry, and the rest of the brain-dead management buying “The Boston Freakin’ Globe” for bigggggg bucks. WTF!

Ya can’t pay two crucial team members the money they ask for BUT you can fork over a lot of cash to buy a damn newspaper! Idiots.

Then there’s the signing of Dustin Pedroia to a multi-year contract. Ok, so he’s a good player….. (have you seen his stats at bat lately) and now he too is slacking off at bat. Again WTF!


I’ve used this to make a point to management before…..so, Hey, John Henry….here’s the shape of things to come


THEN……we’re back to having part of the team Pawtucket Red Sox players. Oh yeah, THAT’S gonna win us a lot of games. Can anyone say Mookie Betts?

So, me thinkith that there is something afoot going on right here in “River City.”


Not to mention pitching, but I will. Clay F**kchholtz, biting his nails and looking like a damn zombie in the dugout should be at some local carnival pitching balls at kewpie dolls just to see if he can win one, let alone trying to win a damn ball game and strike out anyone.

Bucholtz shortly before his transformation

Buchholtz shortly before his transformation


Transformation complete

John Lester, may be good at some times, but he’s also bad at times. When it counts to be good. And he’s gonna be looking for big bucks at the end of this year. FOR WHAT? Losing games and giving up runs?

John Lackey, so far has been the only pitcher worth his salary. And he’s probably saying to himself, “Cripes, if I could only pitch every game…we’d win.”

I won’t even mention the rest of their pitching staff…..because there isn’t any.

Even manager John Farrell, who I really like, seems to be saying to himself, “F**k it….I give up.”


Sometimes things never change

Case in point….just in case you missed Saturday’s game with the Tampa Bay Fish.

A play is made at 2nd base and Steven Drew clearly catches a Ray’s player off of second base, as shown in replays, and the blind umpire calls him safe, and does Farrell challenge it? Nooooo.

So what happens, that runner comes in and the Rays score. WTF is with that?

So I think the key word to describe this years Red Sox team is, “dysfunctional.”

And, the sad thing is that either they, (management) do not have a freakin’ clue, or they just don’t care.

And the only sports announcers that tell it like it is are Dennis Eckersley and Steve Lyons. The rest of the crew are most likely too afraid of their positions at NESN to shake the boat. Wimps.


It’s called” “Job Security” pal.

There’s no way in hell the Sox are going to be in contention this year. As far as I’m concerned watching them play is like watching a TV sitcom. And if ya love TV reruns, there’s always the “Sox In 2” where you can watch them lose a second time if you’re into self punishment.

It’s pretty much the same old same old this season. Get a lead, pitching gives it up, and the guys in the dugout give up as well.

Oh yeah, and those games where they do manage to score big, as in last weeks 14 run win, that was just a fluke.

So, in conclusion, now that I’ve vented my own frustrations with this poor excuse for a professional baseball team, I can relax and watch something on TV worth watching that’s NOT gonna piss me off to the high heavens.

Fox News……………..

Um, on second thought………………

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5 Responses to Why Wait? I Am (for what it’s worth) Declaring “The Boston Red Sox” the “Dead Sox.”

  1. Doc says:

    Dick, I’m writing a book called “Fat-Free Fenway Franks (my life as a Red Sox fan)”

    …frustratingly, a frank with no meat, need to eat a lot just to get one good pound of nourishment, and something you can’t say three times fast except once in a long while.

    Hmmmm, sounds a lot like CNN….

    • misfit120 says:

      More like Faux News…….

      • Doc says:

        hardly….more like “misinformed bulls*it channel” (except I love “The Profit”); “not-by-a-longshot channel”; “all bulls**t channel”

        I think once Hitlery runs, she’ll allow the Clinton News Network to ramp up to cover her every move–and no others, with bigger & more photos than her opponents.

      • misfit120 says:

        Hopefully “cheesecake” photos……

           Click here for my daily blog. https://misfit120.wordpress.com

  2. SVG says:

    Hey Doc, I LOVE the title of your book coming out!!

    And I agree Dick, this is NOT the year to hoist the Red Sox flag up the pole (that’s what she said).

    There are many problems this year with Boston (as in any year, come to think of it…)

    It’s not just the bad signal calling refs (wait, that’s football). It’s not just the bad decisions of the umps that are doing it, you have too many prima donna “individuals” on this team who don’t come to the field early IN UNISON as a team to train….I can remember Yaz going to Fenway early for batting practice. Not this bunch…they merely show up at the first inning, and wonder why they lose for not warming up (too many pitchers, who I won’t mention here, but their initials are JL, CB, etc.–give away too many runs in the first few innings, and ONLY THEN do they “settle down”). The hitters don’t support the pitchers, and vice versa.

    As you say, management hasn’t a clue, purchasing a losing paper (ever hear of the internet, John Henry?? even cable news is going the way of the dinosaur) in lieu of supporting their so-called “players.” They buy “older” players late in a season hoping for a great finish to the season, getting rid of far greater players for two or three minor ones “for later years” only to send them back to the minors. Management exists to personally satisfy themselves on a slim profit margin, while charging the fans (including tv watchers) an exorbitant sum, for the price of a yacht.

    Too many “individuals,” not enough “team.”

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