OMFG! I Almost Missed It! Yes, It’s “National Moth Week!”

I’m tellin ya, if it were not for the Internet I’d be missing out on some really great events. Like “National Moth Week.”

One reason to honor moths this week

One reason to honor moths this week

Yep, this week we honor moths. Why you ask? To which I would respond, “Who the f**k knows.”

But, apparently, whoever thought about having a “National Moth Week,” knows and they’re giving all of us a reason to celebrate moths this week. Perhaps by adopting a moth or two and letting it enjoy itself in your closet this week rummaging through all of your moth loving clothes. Who knows?

Personally I’d be happy to honor National Moth Week by bringing a few home just to amuse my 3 cats. They love moths.


“Fancy Feast Moth Appetizers.” Available at your local Stop & Shop

But, here’s what the site “” says that we should know about moths and why they deserve to be honored this week.

(NOTE) You know at some point there’s gonna be a “moth balls” joke in here somewhere…..just  sayin’)

Um, ok….sooner than later………….moth4

So here’s what “” and moth reporter Mindy Townsend cite as reasons we should all honor moths this week. Here’s their headline to the story and the introduction in quotes:

“5 Amazing Facts that Will Make You Love Moths”

“When was the last time you sat down and appreciated the humble moth? I know moths, at least where I live, tend to be a little drab, but they’re actually fascinating creatures. Luckily, it’s National Moth Week, so you have an excuse to get outside and investigate moths in all their glory!”

Yep……thanks for the tip Mindy. Marking that as my top priority of things to do today.

“You can find an event in your area or you can set out some bait and see what shows up because, as the following facts show, moths are as diverse, strange and beautiful as any other insect.”

Oh yeah…..I just looked at the “events” section of my local newspaper and here it is. “Celebrate National Moth Week.”  Bring the entire family for a fun-filled week of moth bonding. Closets will be set up on the field and for just $1.00 admission you can spend 20 minutes in a closed closet bonding with a moth. Wear wool.”

Sorry....last "moth ball" joke....I promise. (fingers crossed)

Sorry….last “moth ball” joke….I promise. (fingers crossed)

Soooo, why should we appreciate moths and what are these “amazing” facts according to Mindy and Well, here’s some excerpts from the story, (in quotes)  and, of course, my input.

1. Moths get bigger than you might think. And also smaller.

The Atlas moth is considered to be the largest moth, with a wingspan of about 10 inches. Lay your hands down side-by-side on a table so your thumbs are touching. The Atlas moth’s wingspan is a little bigger than that. It also has a surface area of 62 square inches. That is one enormous moth.”

Um, ya mean kinda like THIS one?



In all fairness, Mindy points out:

“If moths can be super big, they can also be super small. Very super small. A yet to be described moth from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was discovered in 2012. It’s only 1 mm long with a wingspan of 2 to 2.5 mm.

But can still eat you alive…..just slower.moth7

2. Moths helped show that natural selection actually happens.

“Evolution is a scientific fact, and it just so happens that the humble moth helped illustrate the mechanism of evolution, by which I mean natural selection.”

“Peppered moths live all over the world and they come in light and dark varieties. In England in the 1950s, coal dust was getting all over everything, including trees. The trees in question naturally had white-ish bark. Thanks to a good coal-dusting, the bark was now black. The light peppered moths were then easier for birds to spot and therefore catch and eat. The population of light moths decreased while the population of black moths increased because their dark color was better camouflage. As Britain made air quality better, the trees went from black to white again, and black peppered moths became rarer and light peppered moths became common.  It’s hard to find a more stark example of how natural selection works than that.”

Like I’ve always said. If you’re gonna eat a moth they taste a hell of a lot better with pepper. Maybe some hot sauce or at least catsup.She was 'bright'. He kept it 'light'. They couldn't help but be attracted to each other.

3. Moths are masters of disguise.

“There are some types of moths that are actually really good at disguising themselves as their scarier insect brethren. For example, both moths from genus Cosmosoma and from the family Sesiidae mimic wasps.”

Hey….thanks for THAT tip Mindy. Next time I see a wasp comin’ at me I’ll make sure I check it out first very closely before I smash the bejesus outta it. Um, does it come with some sort of “moth insignia” so I can tell the difference?moth2

4. Some moths have no mouths and don’t eat.

This should be interesting…………

“It sounds weird but it’s totally true. While some moths do suck nectar and are important pollinators, others don’t have a mouth at all. For example, the Atlas moth mentioned earlier has no mouth, neither does the luna moth. As such, these gorgeous (and big) moths only live for about a week. Their sole function in this phase of their lives is reproduction.”

Ok….is THIS moth every guys dream if there is such a thing as reincarnation and ya come back as a moth. I mean, think about it guys. Moths do not have a mouth and doesn’t need to eat AND, all it does is…….pay attention here, is have sex with other moths. How great a life is that if you’re a moth!!!

And, on top of that, ya never have to answer that question that all females ask males, “Do these wings make me look fat?”


8th inning: Moths 5, worms 4

5. There are nine times more species of moths than butterflies.

“Even though butterflies get a lot more press, there are far fewer species than their similar cousins. There are about 17,500 known species of butterfly and, while that’s a lot, there are 160,000 known species of moth.”

And you thought YOU had a boring job. What about the guy whose job it was to count all those moths and butterflies.

“Hey Marvin, how’s the counting moths job goin?”

“Ohhh, not bad Ralph. I’m up to 159,999 with one more to go and I’m done.”


“OMFG Ralph….ya just swatted a moth. Now ya screwed up my entire day. I coulda’ been finished. Now….now…I gotta find one more stinkin’ moth before I can call it a day. You bastard.”


Scene from the movie, “Moth Ballou” starring Lee Mothvin and Jane Fondmoth

And, finally, this final note from Mindy:

“As you can see, moths are everywhere, and in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors, so make sure to take some time this National Moth Week to appreciate them!”

So, might wanna make some plans to celebrate National Moth Week. Perhaps a game of touch moth ball, or substituting moth balls this week at the golf course, or a friendly game of basketmoth ball, or soccer moth ball, or basemoth ball or maybe just dragging out your supply of moth balls and proudly displaying them on Facebook or Twitter.


Sorry pal. gotta post them on my Facebook page

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3 Responses to OMFG! I Almost Missed It! Yes, It’s “National Moth Week!”

  1. katydidknot says:

    I did not know they didn’t have mouths! I guess that explains why I have won every argument I’ve ever had with moths. Except that one, but I was WAY off that time.

    Moth week. Like shark week but with fewer casualties.

    July is also National Horseradish Month. I bring that up every time someone online gets mad about Black History Month or whatever.

    National Horseradish Month.

  2. katydidknot says:

    Oh, and by the way: When I initially saw your headline, I thought it said, “National MONTH week, which would be awesome.

    Celebrating all of those fantastic months for a week. Giving them the credit their due.

    Like September. September is awesome.

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      Sooooo many celebrations, soooooo little time. Damn!

         Click here for my daily blog.

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