How To Make Money Speaking: Be An Ex-President or Run For President..or…..Bark.

Yes, that last one is absolutely true. Lassie and Rin Tin Tin made gazillions of dollars on speaking tours just barking. And neither of those two ran for President.


Even Lassie had a price

Yet in this day and age of opening ones mouth and making huge amounts of money seems to be the norm.

Now you really can’t fault any candidate or possible Presidential candidate for accepting that kind of money. WHY? Because if various colleges and other venues are willing to pay that kind of money, I say go for it.

The problem here is that, depending on which side of the political aisle you’re on, you look at it as despicable. If it’s your candidate that you support, accepting those kinds of fees for giving a speech is fine. If it’s not your candidate, then they’re low down ratfinks.

That’s how the perception of who gets what and how they’re viewed works.

It’s kinda, what I like to call, “selective memory syndrome.”

As in that poll last week that said that Obama was the worst President ever. And we all know that this is true because there wasn’t any President before Obama other than Bill Clinton, who, if he were still in office surely would have been voted the worst.

Which basically means that ol Richard Nixon was a saint. Gawd I miss Tricky Dick and his enemies list and Watergate break in involvement denials. BUT……to most people that was ancient history and possibly why Obama is now the worst President ever.

F**k with me will ya....I AM THE PRESIDENT

F**k with me will ya….I AM THE PRESIDENT

Of course I can mention Reagan and the Iran Contra scandal. BUT….ancient history again.

The great communicator

The great communicator

And….I suppose we can go back to every single President who ever held that office and find something that would put them in that “worst President” category, but, again, ancient history

So, getting back to speaking fees. I say, who gives a rats freakin’ ass, (other than political Internet trolls) as to who gets what for speaking about what. If  Bristol Palin can get thousands of dollars speaking to young kids about how one should not get pregnant, as she did, then why should we all get all bent outta shape over Hillary Clinton making huge amounts of money on speaking tours?


(sigh) I’m getting nothing for writing these blogs…..wish Sarah Palin was MY mother

So, do ya think it’s because she’s (gasp) considering a run for the Presidency and (gasp) it’s another way of making her look bad? OMFG! No, that can’t possibly be it can it?


But…..unlike others….I am humble at accepting speaking fees, and it’s only a mere $100,000

Hey trolls……here’s a clue for ya. And I know this may be beyond your mental capacity. Do an Internet search on who gets what for speaking tours and see what ya come up with. And let’s not nit pick on the few thousands of dollars between who gets what…just center on if anyone other than Clinton actually got huge amounts of cash.

Here’s a partial list of what some past political notables made on speaking tours. The dollar amount varies, but, the point here is….THEY ALL DO IT.

Bill Clinton: $750,000, Rudy Giuliani, $270,000, Al Gore, $156,000. George W. Bush, $110,000, Dick Cheney, $75,000, Mitt Romney, $40 to $60 thousand.

AND….if you total up what each one of those guys earned, it’s in the millions.

YES! A clue! They all rake in the big bucks. The dollar amount varies but in any case they’re all still making huge amounts of cash.


Yep….just run for political office

Now do I personally care WTF Hillary makes, or George W. Bush makes on speaking tours? NO!

Hell, If I could make $20 bucks speaking ANYWHERE on anything, I’d go for it. But, nothing I have to speak about is worth $20 bucks. Even this damn blog isn’t worth $20 bucks for cripes sake. If it were I’d be getting donations for creative effort. Which I do not.

But I’m NOT going to wet my panties because ANY candidate, Republican, Democrat, Tea Potty or whatever can get huge speaking fees. And don’t you even dare tell me that if you had the chance to make huge speaking fees you wouldn’t do it……without batting an eyelash.

It doesn’t bother me in the least that political candidates from ANY party can charge those fees. If certain institutions are willing to pay those fees, what’s the f**king problem folks? Repeating it once AGAIN……don’t EVEN tell me YOU wouldn’t accept those fees if you were in that position.

If you said you wouldn’t, you need to have your damn head examined.


Obviously for his “mindless” political speech for which he will be paid big bucks

Ya see, all this boils down to politics. Which is why none of us should pay any attention to what those talking idiotic heads are complaining about when it comes to who earns what on speaking tours.

If you actually care, all I can say to you is get a freakin’ life.

What you should be concerned about is what a candidate can do for America if elected. Make your choice based on their qualifications, not on how much any of them make on speaking tours because talking heads want you to believe that it’s just despicable they accept those fees. Gimme a break!

Ask yourself this question while you’re at it. Do other candidates accept money for speaking…or…is it just the ones you hate?


Ya gotta love freedom of speech

How about what major ballparks charge for admissions. Or what you pay to see a superstar in concert. Or what some of us pay for needed essential prescriptions. Or how the oil companies are gouging our butts off with their annual rise in gasoline prices. Or what you pay in taxes. And the beat goes on.

(For The Record) Is anyone complaining about this, The top five highest-grossing concerts, thanks to you fans who fork over big bucks: Bruce Springsteen, $1,478,686, Bruno Mars, $1,184,010, Cher, $1,130,377, Dave Matthews Band, 1,081,476, Journey/Steve Miller Band, $714,809

Instead of worrying about who makes what on speaking tours, you should be worrying about all that other stuff.

Unless…’re, as I like to point out on a consistent basis, an Internet Political Troll, (usually anonymous)  and could give a f**k about getting screwed by everyone who charges you exorbitant fees on stuff that you need to survive.


Ya see, it’s a free country……anyone can charge whatever they want for whatever….including speaking fees

In conclusion, and I’ll say this for the gazillionth time, I’m not losing sleep over any candidate or past President charging whatever for speaking. “I’M” not paying that kind of money to listen to them….so why should “I” give a rats ass? Neither should you.

UNLESS….as I said, you ARE an Internet Troll and have no life to speak of.

Just sayin.’

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