What Is The Definition of A Transgender? Bet Kendra Wilkinson Knows.

Ah yes, a very tough question. Well, for the next 10 seconds the “MisfitWisdom Emergency Transgender Identification System” will conduct a test. Please do not adjust your computer as this test is required once a year by yours truly, and should have been conducted by American television personality, businesswoman, glamor model and author Kendra Wilkinson.

You may remember her from the movie “Scary Movie 4” which is NOT as scary as THIS story. At least for Kendra.


Death knocking on your door can be kinda sexy

First, the required test. Which one of these women  would you jump in the sack with?

Ava Sabrina London

Ava Sabrina London


Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson

I know….I know…realllly a tough choice guys. You know, boobs and all. BUT…..continuing with our test. If you chose Ava you might wanna have your eyesight checked or have a really good comeback line when you jump in the sack with Ava and eventually discover that she/he is a transgender.

Then again…..she does look pretty hot.

Um, jusssst in case you have no idea what a transgender is. Here’s what the MisfitWisdom Handy Dandy Dictionary says:

adjective: transgender; adjective: transgendered
  1. denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender.

Or, in other words, “Geez honey, I’m not sure if I feel like a man or a woman today so could you lay out your clothes on the bed along with mine till I can figure this out.”


Is there an operation for that?

Fortunately, Kendra Wilkinson WAS paying attention to our last test and discovered that her husband, Hank Bastard, um….wait…sorry, that should read, Hank Baskett gambled all of his eggs out of his Baskett and cheated on Kendra with a transgender woman, Ava, and at that point Kendra said, “You no good rotten SOB ratfink mother****ing low down skunk!”

Um, well, no, I can’t be sure she actually said that to him, be we do know upon discovering an “unexplained and damming” charge on her husband’s credit card she went a bit ballistic. And they weren’t credit card purchases for eggs so that he could put them all in one basket.


Hmmmm…..Robert, Roberta….ask me if I give a rats ass

Kendra put things together and handled it quite well by simply throwing her 2009 wedding photos into the pool and flushed her wedding ring down the toilet. Couldve’ been worse. She could have thrown Baskett down the toilet. So he got off kinda easy.

Sooooo, as all women will do, Kendra simply asked her husband, “Do I look fat in this dress?” Which was a test to see if  he’d lie or not. Which he did. Which was too bad for him because I’m assuming she then asked him if he’d had an affair with Ava, and batting zero already with his “do I look fat in this dress” response, most likely spent the night out in the dog house along with his eggs in one basket. Maybe a chicken or two as well. Or, just the family dog.

Furthermore, and forsooth, Ava, always willing to cooperate with the media, gave explicit interviews about her alleged affair tryst with the former NFL player.


I don’t get it…WTF did that slut Ava have over me….bitch!

Which leaves me to wonder…WTF!

Only because inquiring minds, such as mine, would like to know if  he 1. Knew Ava was a transgender. 2. If he did, did he say to himself, “WTF boobs are boobs.” 3. Got knocked in the head so many times playing football that he just didn’t have a clue, (which would have been MY defense if my other half questioned me about having an affair with a transgender woman….or ANY woman for that matter) And 4. Should he have his freakin’ head examined considering Kendra is Va Va Voom and HER boobs are HER boobs and nothing but HER boobs and the REAL her boobs article.

I will state that I have no complaints whatsoever against anyone who is a transgender. If that’s your thing….go for it. And, ya gotta admit, Ava does look really hot.

And, always remember what that old philosopher Mitt Romney once said: ‘Transgenders are people too.”

And it’s really not like Ava was a transsexual where one gender transforms him or herself into whatever they think they should be. In which case you have to be verrrry careful in determining which body parts are intact, half intact, or intact at all. Just sayin.’

But, in this day and age who am I to criticize anyone who goes with whatever floats their boat. As floating a boat goes.

But in Baskett’s case, I personally think he was an idiot. WHY! Well, one more shot of Kendra here:

Baskett you idiot!

Baskett you idiot!


This hereby concludes the “MisfitWisdom Emergency Transgender Identification System” test.

And…..I restith my case.

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2 Responses to What Is The Definition of A Transgender? Bet Kendra Wilkinson Knows.

  1. Denis Vankan says:

    There’s just no woman sexier and nicer then jou Kendra….., i just love jou!!!!

    I’ll wil be alway’s youre biggest admairer. You are perfect to me and the world i gess. Mutch love…., Denis.

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