N. J. Man Sues Over Paint Colors Named After Him. Ho Hum…….

So there’s this guy in New Jersey who is sooooo upset that “Benjamin Moore “paint named some paint colors after him that he’s suing the company.


Um yes I do. But when I tell you what’s happening you’re gonna say…WTF!

Briefly, Clinton Tucker worked for Benjamin Moore in the digital marketing department back in 2011 and he’s claiming that the company discriminated against him by naming a few paint colors after him.

Being African-American, he was upset over the colors called, “Tucker Chocolate,” “Tucker Orange,”  “Tucker Gray,” and “Clinton Brown,” calling them racially offensive. So, he’s seeking damages in that lawsuit.


Douglas Tucker, Clinton’s brother, protesting the color of white sidewalk pavement.

I have no idea if Benjamin Moore meant those colors to be racially offensive, or if it was a joke, or if they just ran outta names for paints and said, “f**k it” and started naming paints after their employees. Who knows.

Anyhow, Tucker has since been terminated from employment at Benjamin Moore and he’s also claiming that, “”two white, blonde-haired and blue-eyed subordinates,” received  promotions over him.

Now agree or disagree with Mr. Tucker’s lawsuit, I personally would be honored if Benjamin Moore named some paints after me. And I wouldn’t get all ballistic over it either. I mean how bad can it be to have a can of freakin’ paint named after you? African-American, White, Indian, Hindu, WHATEVER! Paint is damn paint for cripes sake!


Unless of course you do not know the basics of using paint

Hell, I’d be thrilled if Playtex would name a dam bra after me. Fancy Feast name a cat food after me. Trojan, a condom. WHATEVER!!!

But, getting back to paint. I mean, how about naming a paint after me Benjamin Moore! You have my consent to call it whatever you want to.

Considering my first name is Richard and people call me “Dick” you could name one of your paint colors, “Dick Beige.”

Or in your advertisements, in order to promote just how durable Benjamin Moore paints are you could use the line, “Benjamin Moore Dick Beige” paint, goes on easy but stays “hard” through all kinds  of weather.”

Or…..Get a “rise” from your neighbors with Benjamin Moore “Dick Beige” paint.

I’m on a roll here…………..


Couldn’t resist this one….sorry

Benjamin Moore “Dick Beige” paint, The Viagra and Cialias of paints….longgggggggg lasting. Even a lot longer than four hours and ya never have to call a doctor.

Then of course I couldn’t very well let this one go considering that guy’s first name is “Clinton.”

“Benjamin Moore “Clinton Deep” paint. Goes down easily, completely washable and no worry about stains.”

Ok, so you get my point here folks. Who in their right mind is gonna get ballistic about a paint being named after them? Other than that Tucker guy.

Personally I think this lawsuit has more to do with him being passed over for a promotion rather than paints being named after him. But, that’s just a guess.

And, ya gotta admit it DID get him news coverage on the Internet because of his lawsuit, which helps his cause, and may bring a bunch of supporters to his side.


Sounds reasonable to me. Do ya have any “Lewinsky Stain?”

“Hey Tuck, ya think you were discriminated against because you didn’t get that promotion pal?”

“Yeah, them no good dirty bastards, they overlooked my qualifications and promoted two white blonde-haired and blue-eyed co-workers instead of me.”

“Geez…..what ya gonna do?”

“Ahm gonna sue those ratfinks, and for good measure throw in an additional lawsuit claiming they named discriminatory paint colors after me.”

“Paint is discriminatory?”

“Yep……Besides them callin’ those paints, “Tucker Chocolate,” “Tucker Orange,” and “Tucker Gray,” they also named one “Clinton Brown.”

“Hey, could’ve been worse Tuck. They could have named one “Bill Clinton Long Lasting Deck Stain.” If I were you I’d capitalize on all this and hire Linda Tripp to promote your paint and get your job back”

“Hmmmm. Good idea Kenny….thanks.”

“Hey, as sure as my name is Kenny Starr, I sure as hell know a lot about stains.”


All stains now available at Benjamin Moore paints

So it remains to be seen just how far this lawsuit will go. If Tucker wins, back to those old bland names for paints.

If he loses, then it opens the door to a whole new line of paint names.

Like, “Benjamin Moore Benghazi” paint.” Slap it on and it’ll last forever, and ever, and ever.

Sorry....couldn't resist this one either

Sorry….couldn’t resist this one either

Just sayin.’

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1 Response to N. J. Man Sues Over Paint Colors Named After Him. Ho Hum…….

  1. katydidknot says:

    That’s a weird story.

    I mean, the really weird part is that a national paint company decided to name their paints after an employee. The part where someone got mad and sued, well, that seems to be fairly par for the course in the world.

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