When Your Brain Goes Dead, Listen To Controversial Oldies Music

How I knew my day wasn't gonna be a good one writing today's blog

How I knew my day wasn’t gonna be a good one writing today’s blog

It’s not often that I suffer from loss of brain matter. Which in my case, affects my ability to come up with a really good daily blog. But today is one of those days. Or, I should say, yesterday, because I’m actually writing this today, which, will be today to you but yesterday to me.

See what I mean. No brain functioning today…..or yesterday. F**k it…whatever.

Soooo, “when in doubt,” as I used to say when I once worked in an office shuffling important paperwork, “throw it out.”  Worked for me. I see the IRS also follows my line of thinking as well.

Um.....just to piss off the IRS

Um…..just to piss off the IRS

But when this happens to me, I simply venture into my office, do some serious thinking about what I can write about, and when it finally hits me, I get up, flush the toilet, and head to my computer.

My office

My office

Today’s nonsense is about controversial songs, or oldies that drove people (censors) nuts.

I thought about this because when I do my daily ritual of posting my WordPress links to various sites such as Facebook, Sodahead, Twitter, Spire and the FBI’s website, (I like to save the Feds time) I sometime throw in a comment on a post or two I see on those sites.

Like yesterday, (today to you) when I came across a post on the site “Spire” by a woman who posted this image:

What I found on "Spire."

What I found on “Spire.”

So, I simply gave her a link to the song by Screamin J. Hawkins, “I Put A Spell On You.” Geez, I thought it was kinda funny. She did not. Go figure.

She said, “I take my religion very seriously and don’t like to be mocked.”


Oops……sorry……another insensitive witch cartoon

Sooooooo, I said to myself, “Self……does not this person see the humor when I posted that.” And self said back, “Geez……it’s only a song for cripes sake.”

(NOTE) Never send anyone claiming to be a witch a Screamin J. Hawkins singing “I Put A Spell On You.”

Hmmmm……why am I feeling pin pricks all over my body now?

Anyhow, my brain led me to think of other songs that maybe might offend people. So here we are.

No mention of any witches in any of these following songs….I think.

The one song in particular was one that even the CIA, FBI, and God himself, or herself, still can’t figure out as to if it’s obscene, downright nasty, or gibberish. It’s “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen released in 1963.music5

Here’s how one website explained why the song was so controversial:

“Ironically, the unintelligible lyrics that helped to popularize The Kingsmen’s version of the song also made it the subject of great controversy.  Rumors began to surface that the song’s lyrics were really about graphic sex and profanity and were slurred so that nobody could understand their true meaning.  These rumors led to many radio stations banning the song.  In Indiana, the song was personally prohibited by none other than the Governor Matthew Welsh.  The controversy surrounding Louie Louie reached its zenith when the FBI conducted a 31-month investigation of the song in an effort to decode its lyrics.  Incredibly, at the end of their two-and-a-half year investigation, the FBI were not able to decode ANY of the song’s lyrics.  This was a primary example of the fear of rock and roll and the counter-culture from conservatives that was arising in the early 60s.  It was effectively one of the first efforts to censor rock and roll.”

Yet the “Plastic Ono Band” in 1969 managed to sneak in the very touchy word, “masturbation” into “Give Peace A Chance.” Which the FBI may have missed because they were too busy doing just that. Masturbating.

Um….there’s no religion associated with masturbating is there? Don’t wanna get in  hot water for sending this to anyone on that “Spire” site.

Tell granny....come on in

Tell granny….come on in

Another controversial song that really drove the censor up their old “Fruit of the Looms” was Clarence Carter’s “Strokin.” Which, when ya think about it could be closely related to masturbation. THIS song you could NOT play on the radio. WHY? Because censors determined if you heard that song you’d go blind, your hands would gnarl up and you’d go straight to hell.

If you listened to this song and watched the video, um, see ya in hell. I’ll be the short Italian blind guy with gnarly hands next to my cat.music10

But sometimes sweet sounding innocent songs ya really have to pay attention to. Those sneaky lyric writers, like Neil Sedaka wasn’t as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as you think. Like in the song, “Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen.”

Yeah, I know what you’re sayin.” “But Misfit, it’s such a sweet innocent song for a girl turning sixteen!”

Oh yeah! Well THIS line got by those censors. “Tonight’s the night I’ve waited for because you’re not a baby anymore.”

Sounds innocent doesn’t it. Yeah, well would YOU leave Neil alone with your daughter after hearing that? Yeah, I bet ya would.

OMFG!!!! Really!!!!

OMFG!!!! Really!!!!

Then, for good measure, there’s those sneaky suggestive songs. For this one I went back to 1955, when I, a mere innocent child, (cough) heard the Ames Brothers sing “The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane.”

Just as I was getting all hot and bothered, they had to screw it up in the end. Bastards.


Finally, I always like to end these music blogs with my all time favorite risqué song. Other than “Strokin” that is. “The Rodeo Song” by Gary Lee and the Showdown.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!rodeo1

I’ll be ok tomorrow folks.

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