Marilyn Monroe Gets Dumped In China. Literally…….

You  may be saying to yourself, “But Misfit, Marilyn Monroe passed away years ago. How could China dump her now?”

Well, good question bunky.

I shall answer that for you.

But first let’s start with a photo image of where Marilyn lies today.


101, 102, 103, 104….see I CAN do push ups with no hands

It seems that a while ago a Chinese businessman thought it would be a great idea to have a 27 foot tall eight ton statue of Marilyn Monroe erected in a business area which would attract people to that area and perhaps increase revenue for the businesses.

So, erected it they did. And, considering the statue is 27 feet tall, and you can stand under it between Marilyn’s legs, other things may get erected as well. Sorry, a play on words there.

The stainless steel statue which is from the movie “The Seven Year Itch” has Marilyn’s famous uplifting skirt pose.

But I couldn’t resist commenting on the various images taken of the statue being moved from its site in that business area and taken to a dump. Here are the series of photos courtesy of  “Nutty News.”

This first photo show you where the statue was originally located.


Marilyn standing above the crowd



Yes, I myself prefer this view


But, alas, all good things must come to an end…or foot. Here a welder takes a torch and gives Marilyn a hot-foot so that the statue can be taken down.

But, alas,

Ouch, ouch…hey be careful with the torch down there pal


I’m assuming that feet are considered erotic in China as they put a fence around the bottom of Marilyn’s feet to hide what that sicko welder was doing. Then, tied a rope around her boobs to hoist her up onto that truck to haul her off to the dump.


Geez guys, couldn’t ya at least find a rope to match my bra size!


Remember what your mother used to tell you when you were a kid. “Always make sure you wear clean underwear just in case you get into an accident.” Well, obviously Marilyn’s mother said to her, “Always make sure you wear clean underwear just in case they haul your butt off to the dump one day on the back of a flatbed truck and your skirt is blowing in the wind.”


Mom was right. Thank Gawd I changed my panties this morning


Sooooo. Off to the dump just tooling down the ol highway totally inconspicuous of course.

Now, I’m saying to myself. If I were casually driving down a road and came across this, would I act nonchalant and simply pass this truck or would I slowly creep up to the “rear” of it, get my jollies, and THEN pass the truck.

OR…..if that were the case and I was totally immersed in that erotic view would I forget what the hell I was doing, lose control of my vehicle, and possibly crash and get stuck up Marilyn’s butt.


Did I see this in a porno movie recently or is it just my imagination


So where does Marilyn eventually wind up? Yep, in this stinkin’ dump face down.


WTF you lookin’ at? I never laid a hand on her.


As I see it, if you act quickly, you could really get a great deal on acquiring this work of art for your front lawn or, if you own a strip club, a great front door attraction, or, as I see it, considering the statue is 27 feet tall and stainless steel, it would make a great addition to a bridge design.

You know, keep it lying down as in the photo above and design the highway so that when you approach the bridge you drive up between Marilyn’s legs and exit through her cleavage or some other place.

(no you damn perverts, I’m NOT going there)

Considering she’s presently lying down face first, perhaps an exit ramp out of her mouth might be an option.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “Misfit, you’re a sick puppy.”

HEY! Ya got a better idea for a 27 foot statue? Well let’s hear it pal!

At least my idea sounds kinda logical considering all ya would have to do is keep Marilyn laying down, drill a few holes, and SHAZAM! instant highway. And maybe even add a toll booth around her naval or something.

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to Marilyn Monroe Gets Dumped In China. Literally…….

  1. katydidknot says:

    They couldn’t find anything to do with her? Nobody wanted to buy her?

    No ebay? No craigslist?

    They couldn’t get rid of her on craigslist?

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      Craigslist! eBay! Cripes Katy. Do you have any idea of the shipping costs involved. And that’s just if ya wanted to have those pair of white panties and not the entire statue.

         Click here for my daily blog.

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