The Name Washington Redskins Is Insensitive. What’s Next? St. Louis Cardinals?

Hell, me too

Hell, me too

As I see it, and I see it with my new glasses, which makes me see it perfectly clear. “It” being the controversy over the name “Washington Redskins,” I tend to lean towards saying to myself….WTF!

I mean, I’m sensitive to the feelings of Native Americans when it comes to their argument that the name “Washington Redskins” may be disparaging to Native Americans, but by the same token, there are a gazillion other names out there that are or could be equally disparaging to other groups.

Which could lead to those various groups claiming that other names should be changed. So basically we could all be subjected to our sports teams having no names at all. Which would be a lot safer and surely not offend anyone. Just have teams with numbers. Numbers won’t offend anyone. Cept maybe mathematicians.

I see a lawsuit coming from Honey Boo Boo's family

I see a lawsuit coming from Honey Boo Boo’s family

So I gave all this insensitivity to various groups some thought. And, while, as I said, I do sympathize with Native Americans, I also sympathize with the team, the Washington Redskins. It’s like having General Motors scrapping their “Hummer” name because hookers claim it reflects on their business.

Or insisting “Cracker Jacks” change their name because the term “cracker” has been used in the news recently as a racial slur.

I never quite understood why they called it “Cracker Jacks'” in the first place anyhow. I mean it’s NOT a damn cracker. More like crunchy popcorn. So why not call it “Crunchy Jacks.”


Perhaps a bit of modification here. Like maybe using Oreos or Snackwells. Then again, there’s always Ding Dongs and Twinkies which are less offensive

While we’re at it, how about those “St Louis Cardinals.” Ya don’t see the Catholic church all up in “alms” about that name do ya. Or for that matter, “The San Diego Padres.”

Oops…..I might have started something here. Next thing ya know the Catholic church is going to demand that if those two teams use the term “cardinal” or “padre” the entire team should consist of strictly Catholic players. Rats!


And nobody EVER complains about the San Francisco Padres uniforms either

So with this Washington Redskins controversy it seems to be getting way outta hand. Recently the U. S. Patent Office chimed in and determined that the name IS offensive and that it should be stripped of trademark protection.

Um…excuseeeeeeeeeeeeee me. Where TF was the U. S. Patent office when the Redskins named that team back in 1937? DUH!

My guess would be running Native Americans off of their land. Which was always a fine American tradition for the U. S. Government.


Quick! Tell Running Bear to break out the slot machines

We all can remember with great fondness those famous last words of our dearly departed General George Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn when upon determining that he was really outnumbered by approaching Indians and he uttered those famous last words, “Holy crap, lookit all those f**king Washington Redskins.”

They actually could have been the “Boston Braves” or “Cleveland Indians” but ol George wasn’t too familiar with them at that time.


It’s them freakin Boston Red Sox ahm worried about Sgt.

And is anybody upset that the “Atlanta Braves” are still the Braves?  Or perhaps the “Cincinnati Reds” are still the “Reds”. Why not purples, or greens or some other damn color.

Now we can carry this nonsense a bit further as well. As long as we’re a nation of politically correctiveness and care about people’s insensitivitys.

I personally am pissed off that Kentucky Fried Chicken is named Kentucky Fried Chicken. I live in damn Connecticut, so why TF should I have to eat “Kentucky” Fried Chicken? Why not Connecticut Fried Chicken? Why the hell should Kentucky get all the damn credit for making chicken.

“Boston Market.” There’s another one. WHAT! Only Boston has markets? How insensitive is that to other cities other than Boston that have their own markets. Advertising discrimination if ya ask me.

Take naming cars for instance. Which drives me absolutely nuts because there are way too many cars out there with stupid names and I can’t keep track of them anymore. But, Lincoln for instance. Obviously named after President Abraham Lincoln.

Well again, how insensitive it THAT! Lincoln was a Republican. Suppose I’m a Democrat or Independent. ya think I wanna be seen driving a Lincoln for cripes sake! Which is why, I assume, there are no cars named Bush, Clinton or Obama. My guess anyhow.

Hence, how the "Lincoln Continental" got its name

Hence, how the “Lincoln Continental” got its name

I say we should all get on this sensitivity bandwagon and challenge any business, product, team or whatever so that everything, in the end, will simply be generic in nature and not offend anyone. How simple is that!


Yeah, how do ya think cub bears feel. (Chicago Cubs)

Like I said, assign numbers or letters of the alphabet to all of them and we’d all be pretty safe in not offending anyone.

I think the Cleveland Indians presently have a “C” on their caps which is a start. Although they still have an image of an Indian on their caps as well in some instances. BUT….he IS smiling. Nice teeth too I might add.

So, in conclusion, (thank gawd) this stupidity about names and offending people is going a bit too far. My thinking is that if a team or business or whatever has had a name for eons, let it be. It’s just a freakin’ name for cripes sake. Chill out and enjoy the game.


“Washington Forked Tongues” seems like a good choice. 

Frankly, I wasn’t even in the least offended by all those Mario Puzo “Godfadder” movies. Or even “Goodfellas.” And I’m Italian. Do ya think “I” went ballistic claiming that those movies were disparaging Italians? NO!

Did ya see them change the move to “The Really Powerful and Bad Guy Mafia Leader” instead of “The Godfadder.”

Yes, some Italians were screaming foul, but that’s as far as it went. So if we adjusted to that, why not to everything else? Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff.

Um……speaking of small stuff.

Now THERE’S MY complaint. All them freakin’ small jokes about short people! Even a record called “Short People” by Randy Newman. Do ya see any group of short people protesting in the streets….do ya punk?


So if I, (a short person) can endure THAT, then the rest of you should be able to live with the names “Washington Redskins,” “Cleveland Indians,” “Atlanta Braves” and the “Godfadder.”

But if I so much as hear one more short joke………………….

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to The Name Washington Redskins Is Insensitive. What’s Next? St. Louis Cardinals?

  1. katydidknot says:

    I like to think of this as an opportunity to get one of MY favorite team names and mascots onto an NFL jersey.

    Like maybe the Washington Gypsy Curse Ladies?
    The Washington Mullahs?
    The Washington Masters?

    Any of these would be fine, I’m sure, and at least we wouldn’t have to see that Native American anymore.

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      Great choices Katy. But, seeing that I’m writing another blog on Internet trolls for tomorrow, you know damn well they’d be on you in a heartbeat for those names.

         Click here for my daily blog.

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