Um……Should I Be Wearing Women’s Clothes?

I will more than likely bring the wrath of women down upon me today for writing a blog about women wearing suits. But, WTF, ask me if I give a rats ass. Or “DILLIGARA.”

Now why am I on this women wearing suits thing today? Because I simply do not like women in suits. Specifically suits that resemble men’s suits. As in this photo:


Why am I not turned on by this photo

Doesn’t seem feminine to me. Maybe I’m outta the loop here. But, think about this for a minute. Would you wanna see us guys wearing women’s clothes?

HEY! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If women are supposed to look business like and trendy wearing mens clothing, then why shouldn’t men look cool and trendy wearing womens clothing.

I’m sure I’m going to get all kinds of flack about this, but I’m standing my ground here. Now I’m NOT against women’s rights, but women wearing mens suits just doesn’t do it for me.

Let’s carry this a step further. Would you wanna see this……


Um, then again, maybe you do

Or this in the workplace………..


WTF you lookin’ at pal

Or even worse…..this……


Gawd….I’m soooooo pretty

Yes, I may be pushing the ol button here a bit, but if those photos were of women in suits no one would bat an eyelash. As in this photo…..


I think I’m getting turned on………NOT!

So, WTF!

To me, coming from a generation of men who bought pin-up magazines, ogled over Playboy Magazine centerfolds and, to go a bit further back in time, painted sexy women on the sides of their airplanes in WWII, I just can’t see the attraction of women wearing mens suits.


Damn, she’d really be sexy if she had a suit on

Yes, you’re all going to hit me with the fact that women look really business like and professional in the workplace wearing suits.

Well, if that’s the case, why can’t men look equally professional and business like wearing women’s clothes too. Can we say “discrimination” here.

What about mens rights ladies. Why should we men be ridiculed if we decide to expand our wardrobe.

As that famous philosopher Mitt Romney once said, “Men in womens clothing are people too.”


You’re Gonna Like The Way You Look

Why should we men be relegated to wearing the same ol suits day in and day out in the office. Why should women get all the attention. Why should women get to be the only ones who are classified as “sexy.”

If you women are gonna wear mens suits, then we men should be able to wear women’s clothing.

Now I personally wouldn’t wear any women’s clothing anywhere. Only because my other half is taller than me and her clothes do not fit me.

Um, no…..sorry, I meant that I personally wouldn’t wear any womens clothing because I wanna look like a man and not a woman. Which is why women should wear women’s clothes so that they look like women.

I know the other argument you women are gonna give me.

“Well Misfit, if a woman is in a highly visible power occupation such as a lawyer, CEO, or a politician, they obviously want to look powerful and wearing mens suits project that image.”

Which I would then counter, (being the slug that I am) do ya think a guy is gonna pay more attention to a women CEO dressed in a business suit or one who holds their attention with a smartly well cut dress.

Unless of course the woman CEO has a very deep voice and, in that instance, possibly a suit might be in order.

I guess it might be a generational thing with me. Like women with tattoos.

There’s nothing wrong with a woman having a tattoo in a discreet place that’s kinda artistic and small. But sprawled across their chests or arms…yuk.

Envision this.

Granny is in a rest home at 80 and looks like this………..

But Granny.....what big tattoos you have....

But Granny…..what big tattoos you have….

Yes, the other side of the argument is grandpa……

Um.....anybody got something for nausea?

Um…..anybody got something for nausea?

But, I’m drifting off track here. (taking a nausea pill)

To me, for whatever this is worth, I personally think women should scrap the mens suits. After all, ya don’t see that ad on TV where the guy says, “Your gonna like the way you look” and it’s for “Women’s Wearhouse.” NO…it’s “Gentlemen’s Wearhouse” for cripes sake.


Ok…Ok……you women wanna wear a damn suit. Go ahead. Your choice.


If guys start wearin’ women’s clothes to corporate meetings, or if you see someone like Donald trump or Bill Gates in a plunging neckline dress……..better not be no complaints……trump2

Just sayin.”

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