Animals Can Lose Their Minds Too? WTF! Another Thing I Gotta Worry About.


Look folks, I’m of the mindset that yes, there are loony toons out there roaming the face of the earth. This evidenced by all of the senseless acts of violence recently in the news. And most of us with any common sense realize that these people who commit these acts are just totally unbalanced individuals.

So, you tread carefully when you’re out in public and keep an eye open for anyone who may be acting weird or appears to be strange. Which is always difficult considering I myself on occasion act weird and am a bit strange. But, that said, I wouldn’t harm a flea. Unless I found it on me, then I’d kill the damn SOB.dogs13

But now comes something else to worry about courtesy of a video that went viral and was shown on “Good Morning America.” The threat of animals losing their minds.

Yep, apparently your cat or dog or whatever can go berserk or become very depressed and do strange things. Thank Gawd they can’t own guns. Unless the NRA thinks they need more members. Ya never know.

So anyhow, as the story goes, the video is about a “Mister G” who was a rescued goat who became depressed after he was separated from his lifelong burro friend, Jellybean, and then shown being reunited with his friend and appearing happy.

Science historian Laurel Braitman says that, “Humans and other animals can lose their minds in ways that are really similar, and surprisingly similar, and thankfully, lot of us can recover using the same forms of therapy.”


Providing, of course, you are allowed on the couch for therapy

Braitman wrote a book called, “Animal Madness,” which argues that humans and animals are, “astonishingly similar when it comes to their feelings,” and that, like us, animals can lose their minds.

Oh great. Now we all gotta worry about animals losing their minds and going ballistic.

Just what I need. One of my freakin’ cats going off the deep end and attacking me with a damn litter box scooper. Or even worse, emulating “Jack The Ripper” and attacking me in the middle of the night with its claws. Or worse…………..dogs11

Braitman relates the story of her dog “Oliver” who suffered from anxiety.

“He would eat things that weren’t food. He ate socks and towels, zip-lock bags, including their contents, even if there weren’t food in them.”

If any of you have that problem do not assume that it’s just that your dog needs glasses.dogs2

She went on to say, “He also snapped at flies he couldn’t see. He hallucinated a little bit at night, and we couldn’t get him to stop doing that, even by petting him or giving him treats.”

Second guess if your pet does this …..hide your stash of weed jusssst in case.

(Serious note) If your dog is still acting strange, get it to the vet immediately.

If YOU’RE acting strange, YOU might need glasses or should be giving up smoking weed.


Signs that your owner is acting strange

But, alas, Oliver was never cured of his anxiety. Sadly when Braitman left him at a kennel over Christmas, she said that he became so distressed he started eating a wooden panel in his pen and became very sick. They rushed him to a vet but the damage was too extreme. The decision was finally made to put him down rather than let him suffer any longer.

So you can see how animals suffering from anxiety or some other condition can be affected. Just as humans can be affected by the same symptoms. Although if I were in that condition I would not eat socks, towels, or zip lock bags.

Several boxes of Girl Scout cookies and maybe an entire box of Dunkin Donuts chocolate lemon filled donuts maybe, but that would be it. Ok…ok…..maybe a few dozen Butterfinger candy bars as well. HEY! When I get depressed I get depressed.


Um, ok, but we split the fee for counseling 

Sad as this story is, and I do feel a lot of compassion for Ms. Braitman, having lost some pets of my own over the years, there are things you can do to help whatever type of animal you have for a pet.

After all, as that famous philosopher Mitt Romney once said, “Animals are people too.”

Braitman says that while nothing seemed to solve Oliver’s issues, she found in her research that aside from meds, a huge factor in animal psychological recovery is love, even if it’s not from the same species. Adding that there are cases of baby bonobo monkeys thriving after being given surrogate mothers when their biological mothers were killed by poachers.

Braitman went on to add that if we humans can learn to recognize that animals of all sorts, from elephants to dogs and everything in between, have true emotional range, it will change our attitudes about so much, from zoos to circuses to where our food comes from.

Example of a dogs emotional needs

Example of a dogs emotional needs

Now I personally tend to agree with her. And, for once, Mitt Romney. Only because Braitman knows animals and Romney owns Seamus, his dog, who he strapped to the roof of his car on a road trip, then realized, later, that, as he said, “animals are people too,” after Seamus barfed and pooped all over his car.

Which I myself would have done if I were strapped to the roof of a car doing 65 MPH on the Massachusetts Turnpike.dogs14


So the next time your pet seems depressed, which you can determine by what it’s doing, like if your dog is eating your TV remote, barbecuing the cat, or pooping in your easy chair, or if your cat insists on using your leg as a scratching post, then you should consult a vet.

Animals have feelings and can get just as depressed as we humans. Some of them even having bad thoughts.dogs5

Or, considering we were concentrating on dogs, if your dog really has a serious problem, there’s always this option:dogs12

On the other hand, if your spouse shows the same signs, screw taking him or her to the vet, just get the hell outta the house fast and maybe you too can then author a book, like Laurel Braitman, only instead of the title, “Animal Madness,” perhaps call it, “Spouse Madness.”

You can thank me later for that idea if you ever decide to write that book.

(NOTE) Losing a pet is always heartbreaking. My sympathy goes out to Laurel. I hope a little bit of humor in today’s blog will bring back fond memories of Oliver for Laurel and anyone who has lost a pet.

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2 Responses to Animals Can Lose Their Minds Too? WTF! Another Thing I Gotta Worry About.

  1. katydidknot says:

    I had a cat once that lost its little mind. Started attacking the whole family, stalking us around the house to attack us again and again.

    We finally put him on female hormones to claim him down. He gained about 15 pounds and we called him transgender.

    He would STILL spit at the kids, even with the hormones.

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