What……Me Worry! Along with a bunch of other Alfred E. Neumans


Everybody has paid tribute to the late “Mad Magazine” editor Al Feldstein since he passed away this past May. Except for me. So, I thought Id let the dust settle a bit before I did anything with regard to his passing and Mad Magazine.

Al will be missed by many of us who remember growing up reading Mad. Personally the magazine had a great influence on my own life because it introduced me to the type of humor I wanted to write. Minus the cartoons because I can’t draw with a damn.

But, the most influential character in that Magazine was of course Alfred E. Neuman. I can’t begin to count the number of times during my school years I’d post pictures of Alfred all over the place. And the number of hours spent in detention for doing that. But, it was worth it.alf1

So, today, my tribute to Al Feldstein is showing you how the magazine depicted other people as Alfred E. Neuman. Along with other’s who also used Neuman’s photo. Many of whom I’m sure were influenced by Feldstein and perhaps spent as much time in detention as I did.

In fact, I can’t recall Alfred’s image being used more than during the presidency of Barack Obama. Most likely because he does seem to resemble Al a bit.


Alfred E. Obama

Running a very close second to Obama is George W. Bush. Ya gotta admit, both he and Obama are a toss-up as to who looks more like Alfred E. Neuman.


F**K No…I’m retired

Then there’s that old philosopher that I quote so often, Rom Crifney…um…no, sorry, it’s Flit Cromley….Damn! I meant, Mitt Romney.


“Hey…..Alfred E. Neuman is people too.”

It’s simply amazing the number of people who resemble Alfred E. Neuman. The more I pay attention to people, the more I can actually see the striking resemblance. As in Vladimir Putin’s uncanny photo.


“Vhat? Me no worry comrade.”

There’s simply no one on the face of the earth that can escape being somewhat close to resembling Alfred. Even people like this guy,who most likely really doesn’t have to worry.

"Bless you everyone, and please, don't worry."

“Bless you everyone, and please, don’t worry.”

Going way back in time when that famous artist Leonardo da Vinci painted the “Mona Lisa,” it is completely understandable why he originally painted this portrait, and then later, apparently changed it after getting too many complaints from people who thought Mona should appear more feminine.

Originally called, "The Mona da Vinci."

Originally called, “The Mona da Vinci.”

Because da Vinci originally painted the Mona Lisa after his own image……..

Leonardo self portrait

Leonardo self portrait

Well, we’ve covered politics, the Pope and the art world. Lest we not forget the entertainment industry and another who resembles Alfred E. Neuman. Lou Diamond Phillips.

Alfred E. Phillips

Alfred E. Phillips

And we obviously can’t leave out the one entertainer who REALLY looks like Alfred E. Neuman. And I didn’t even have to retouch this photo to prove that point.

Alfred E. Letterman

Alfred E. Letterman

Of course, I can’t very well end today’s blog without being envious of all those people who resemble Alfred E. Neuman. I just couldn’t leave it at that. Nope. I myself , on occasion, wish I too resembled Alfred.

So, my final tribute to Al Feldstein and Alfred E. Neuman, is this:

Misfit E. Neuman

Misfit E. Neuman

WHAT! Me Worry…………….

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