The British Are Coming…..The British Are Coming!!!! Um…..they already did on AMC TV

And always use your directional signals

And always use your directional signals

This past Sunday the TV mini series, “Turn” aired its season finale. In case you missed it, it’s well worth going on demand TV and watching all of this seasons past episodes.

If only to observe Anna Strong’s (Heather Lind) heaving and throbbing Revolutionary War series boobs. Which I had no idea were part of the Revolutionary War. Had I known that as a teenager in school I might have paid more attention in class.

Heather Lind, heaving and throbbing....for the war effort of course

Heather Lind, heaving and throbbing….for the war effort of course

Anyhow, living here in Connecticut we are surrounded by historic places connected to the Revolutionary War. In my area in particular romped the infamous traitor General Benedict Arnold. (photo below)



But, even though Benedict Arnold was a traitor and helped the British attack New London, Ct., we have him to thank for a breakfast staple.


Better than Eggs Washington I suppose

Benny did not appear in any of the episodes this season, but a few notables, including General George Washington and some no goodnik British guys did. One of which is really a despicable character that you just wanna smack the hell out of.

His character is Lt. John Graves Simcoe, (Samuel Roukin) and strangely enough he resembles CNN’s Richard Quest. Although Quest seems to be much nicer.

Rat fink Simcoe holding gun to the head of spy Abraham Woodhull, (Jamie Bell)

Rat fink Simcoe holding gun to the head of spy Abraham Woodhull, (Jamie Bell)

I suspect Richard Quest is Simcoe reincarnated

I suspect Richard Quest is Simcoe reincarnated

I mean, what are the odds that this guy Simcoe is English and sounds English and Quest is English and sounds English and looks exactly as if they were twins separated at birth. Waaaaay to ironic for my liking. Me thinkith Quest may be a British spy.

The series is really informative if you, as like me, did not pay attention in school when it came to reading about the Revolutionary War. Besides, there’s lots of sex and stuff going on here and there in barns romping in the hay and trying to get outta those cumbersome clothes they wore back then before you forgot what the hell you wanted to get outta those clothes for in the first place.

Or the urge wore off.

And you can learn a few things while you’re at it. Like Sarah Palin did.


Bet Fox News covered it though

And if you ever wondered about George Washington’s famous line, “I cannot tell a lie…………


The series basically centers on America’s first spy ring with all sorts of shady characters, intrigue, secret codes, and a few hundred bald British occupying various parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

I assume they were all bald because they all wore those white frilly wigs. How else do ya explain that?

Once in a while you do manage to see one without his wig on, very titillating, but not too often.

You’ve also heard about General George Washington crossing the Delaware bridge and…, wait….sorry, the bridge wasn’t there at that time, but if it was it sure as hell would have saved Washington a lot of time.

But he did cross the Delaware river as shown in this photo.

Obviously a little known historical fact

Obviously a little known historical fact

The British of course are depicted as the bad guys in this series. And we all know that’s a fact because all the colonists wanted to do was be free from England’s rule and decide their own fate. While the dastardly British wanted the colonists to be under the King’s rule. Which is where this famous quote came from:

Um, are there any other options?

Um, are there any other options?

If given a choice between liberty or death I think I’d be beating feet outta the area and heading West. I mean, geez, death is kinda harsh don’t ya think. At least when it comes to options. I think I would have said, “Give me liberty or a train ticket to California.”

I believe in the end the colonists won out and eventually we gained our freedom from British rule. As reported by the New York Times back then.


Page 3: “Tea Party To Be Held In Boston. Tickets available Through Ticketmaster.”

Besides all the sneaking around by the colonists and Abraham Woodhull and his connection, Anna Strong, who, by the way, used a secret messaging system to alert Abe that she had information, which was to hang her underwear on a clothes line, (more titillating stuff if you’re into women’s underwear) is how amazing one single little round bullet could cause so much damage if you were shot.

Which is evidenced in the final series episode when a British soldier is shot in Abe’s house. I won’t spoil it for you should you care to watch the final episode, but, pay attention to the door after the British soldier gets shot by one single little round bullet. It’s like a scene outta “Criminal Minds” or “CSI.”

And, I suppose if you’re not to schooled on what happened during the Revolutionary War, you might have this reaction….


Wayne Lapierre before he became head of the NRA

So, if you ever wanted to learn about WTF went on during the Revolutionary War, along with learning about spies and how the British loved heaving throbbing bosoms, check out “Turn” on demand.

Considering I reside close to where a lot of the action took place, I’m thinking of getting a metal detector and scouring my backyard to see if I can find one of those round musket bullets. Or maybe even a musket itself. Or a British uniform button. Or one of those white wigs.

Or, better yet, one of those corset type thingys that Anna Strong wore in the series that made her boobs very voluptuous. Which I think was the reason we actually won the war. Because the British were so distracted by heaving throbbing boobs those tiny little musket bullets did them in. It’s what happens when ya don’t pay attention.

And……because the British always wore those namby pamby tight pants and red jackets with wigs, and they were messing around with those women with heaving throbbing boobs, and the colonists, who wore regular clothes attacked them, by the time they (the British) got their clothes back on, it was too late…..they got shot.

HEY! Ya ever try to get dressed in a hurry even today when the UPS guy is knockin’ at your door and you’re tryin’ to get your BVD’s on?

My point exactly.

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2 Responses to The British Are Coming…..The British Are Coming!!!! Um…..they already did on AMC TV

  1. katydidknot says:

    The British end up losing?

    Why should I even bother watching the series now that I know how it’s going to end?

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