Supreme Court To Take A Look At Nut Jobs On The Internet. (Trolls Beware)


To set up today’s blog on the First Amendment, (freedom of speech) which the Supreme Court will take a look at regarding who can say what on the Internet, here’s and example of how the late George Carlin put it.

“It’s ok to say that Roberto Clemente, (famous past baseball player) has two balls on him, but not ok to say Roberto Clemente is fingering his balls.”

If ya catch the drift here, then you’ll possibly understand why the Supreme Court may either decide, or not, to hear the appeals in two cases where defendants were convicted and set to jail for making illegal threats which border on First Amendment rights.

As that famous philosopher Mitt Romney once said: "Cows are people too."

As that famous philosopher Mitt Romney once said: “Cows are people too.”

Which brings us to Internet trolls on social media sites that “allow people to vent their frustrations with a click of a mouse.” (AP)

Apparently there is a very thin line between venting ones frustrations on social media sites by people who use violet or threatening language than simple nut jobs who simply post a bunch of the “F” bombs words or use racial or ethnic slurs to make a (cough) valid point.

Example. It might be ok  to say, “Hey you freakin’ dumb ass  (insert any ethnic group you want here) you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny you damn jerkoff. Go take a flyin’ f**k and keep your political opinions to yourself.”

Which I’ve personally received many of over the years writing this “humor” blog.

Cripes mom....I even signed it anonymous!

Cripes mom….I even signed it anonymous!

THEN, there are specific threats such as, “OK f**koff, I know your address and I’m comin’ over to your house and I might or might not just kill your dog, blow up your car, and have sex with your wife….how’s that ya damn jerk.”

Which would then be a specific threat and which is what the Supreme Court will have to determine if it falls within the First Amendment right or should be considered going over that First Amendment right.

Presently the high court has said laws prohibiting threats must not infringe on constitutionally protected speech that includes, “political hyperbole” or “vehement,” “caustic,” or ” “unpleasantly sharp attacks.”

Like with regard to these wonderful individuals:


Obviously patriots

Meaning basically that those of you who have sent me “political hyperbole,” “vehement,” “caustic,” or “unpleasant sharp attacks,” can still do so without fearing that the Gestapo may come knocking on your door because I ratted on you rat finks.

Not that I still won’t rat on you rat finks, because I so much enjoy doing that, but that you won’t get locked up for doing that stuff, only inconvenienced by the Gestapo knocking on your door because I ratted you out.

It all boils down to a “specific” intent to threaten.


No threat here….so it’s perfectly ok to be an asshole. (Freedom of Speech allows me to call these people assholes…as long as I don’t threaten them)

As in a guy from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania who posted on a site some messages to his wife. One of which said, “There’s one way to love you but a thousand ways to kill you. I’m not going to rest until your body is a mess soaked in blood and dying from all the little cuts.”

Naturally his butt was turned in and the FBI arrested him, and he went to trial. But his defense was that he was simply depressed and was venting his frustration, and besides, as he stated, I did it in the form of using rap lyrics.

So perhaps using rap lyrics while you’re threatening to kill someone may get ya off the hook. Then again, if “I” were a judge in that case, I’d have convicted the guy just for using rap lyrics. Only because I can’t stand rap music as it is.

And, there may be other things that you may not like, such as the vile commentary on many talk radio stations…..but……………


Let’s give a big finger to…um….sorry…lets give a big hand to vile talk radio hosts

So, as I mentioned earlier, there is a very thin line to what you can say on social media sites that may cross the line between an actual threat and simply venting your frustration.

Meaning basically that if you post something like, “I hate your freakin’ guts and I’m gonna hunt you down like a rat and when I find you I’m gonna throw your ass into a red-hot barbecue grill and watch you roast.”

Surely to get the attention of authorities.

Or, you could simply get away with it by posting, “I hate your freakin’ guts and I’m gonna hunt you down, um, if I actually knew how to hunt down anybody, and when I find you, which is highly unlikely because I don’t drive, I’d throw your butt into a red-hot barbecue grill, which really is a kind of impossible because I do not own a grill, and watch you roast, which in reality I wouldn’t do anyhow because I get nauseous very easily.”


Um, can we use that same finger…oops sorry, I meant hand for blowhards too?

So, in conclusion, it will be very interesting to see if the Supreme Court takes up this case involving what is free speech and what constitutes a threat.

So, if you’re an Internet troll, you’re pretty much safe from having the FBI knock on your door as long as you actually do not threaten anyone.


Does this include my thoughts on what I’d do if I were in a room naked with Sophia Vergara your honor?

Use all the ethnic or racial slurs that your little heart desires when attempting to make a valid point, because, as we all know, when you attempt to make a point, using racial and ethnic slurs it gives your argument much more credibility.

As in, “Hey, f**k you asswipe, global warming doesn’t exist, and you and all those dumb scientists are a bunch of jerks if ya think it does. Go jump off a freakin’ high bridge you dumb asses.”

Which then would make me believe that the person posting that is absolutely correct.

Otherwise why would they use such credible and forceful words such as f**k and asswipe to prove their point.

Just sayin.’fos11

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1 Response to Supreme Court To Take A Look At Nut Jobs On The Internet. (Trolls Beware)

  1. katydidknot says:

    So far as I can tell, no one on the internet means anything they say.

    The very fact that one is on the internet complaining about… everything… is prima facie proof that they’re never going to follow through with anything and are not a threat to anyone.

    The crowd over at Breitbart starts 100 boycotts a day. Everything from Oreos to every internet provider company to the City of Houston (seriously).

    I’ve been told quite a few times that the country is about to rise up to “take out” people like me. I have not been taken out. Not even in a good sense of the term.

    Babbling online is probably the best place for these lunatics instead of out there in the real world where they could theoretically do some damage to their mother’s basement, if nothing else.

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