Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue Has Some “Big” Competition……..

My header title, “Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue Has Some Big Competition” is kind of a play on words. Because their competition is from “” which has issued their own version of SI’s cover which features “plus” sized women. I believe it is available in calendar form.

Now here’s what Sport Illustrated’s 2014 cover looks like:

And, um, what does this have to do with sports?

And, um, what does this have to do with sports? Then again, who cares.

Ok….stop drooling. You’re supposed to be paying attention to what the point I’m trying to make here is.

Um…er….what was that point.

Oh yeah….um, the point is that plus sized women can be just as sexy looking on the cover of a swimsuit issue as that first SI cover I posted.

So, to prove a point that plus sized women can be just as sexy looking as other women, “” issued their own swimsuit issue showing everyone just how sexy plus sized women can be.

And,as a public service, because you all  know that’s my job, I’m giving you a first hand look at just how sexy these plus sized women are. You can thank me later.

So here are some of the models from that issue.


Plus sized model Robyn Lawley, far right,  posing for the Swimsuitsforall calendar

Now the way that I look at it is that women are sexy regardless of their size. As you can obviously tell by observing the women shown in the photo above.

I mean, I personally thought those female Munchkins in the “Wizard of Oz” were hot. They never did a swimsuit issue on them. Bastards.

So this year Sports Illustrated has some stiff competition. And I say, it’s about time. Nothing wrong with a really sexy looking plus sized woman in a bathing suit.

Another example from that site:


HEY! How ya doin’

Now obviously there are some exceptions. And I have to be a big diplomatic about this, but…um…..perhaps this is the only way I can put it:swim11

The cat is now in therapy.

But, that’s just going to the extreme because, for the most part, there are some really great plus sized women in this world. So a big high-five to “swimsuitsforall” for bringing this to our attention.

As in this pic:swim3

And another of the same model from their issue:swim4

So, ya might wanna visit “” and take a gander, or two, or three, at some of the great looking plus sized models as well as what that site has to offer.

Now, all that said, I still have a complaint with “Sports Illustrated” not showing really short people. Ok, so hot looking thin women in swimsuits and plus sized women in swimsuits are great. But what about hot looking short people in swimsuits.

Do you have any idea how hard it is for us (me included) to find clothes for short people? I try on a pair of shorts in a J C Penny store and it looks like my legs are sticking out of a potato sack. Just imagine what I’d look like in a damn bathing suit.

NOT a pretty site.

Oops.....sorry...wrong pic....

Oops…..sorry…wrong pic….

THIS is what I’d resemble if I tried on any bathing suit in a store…….swim13

So I’m still waiting for Sports Illustrated or any other “illustrated” to give us all an issue showing short people in swimsuits. I mean they’ve covered every other size over the years. Now plus sizes even get some attention.

For that matter there have even been calendars showing seniors, not necessarily in swimsuits, but kinda like cheesecake type photos.


I donated the table cloth just to protect the innocent

So, in conclusion, as the “Big Bopper” would say to all of you guys out there who prefer plus sized women, “Baybeeeee, you knowwwwww what ah like.”

Now if I could only get that image of that woman and the cat outta my mind.

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