Remembering Bunny Yeager………..3/13/29 – 5/25/14

Last June I wrote a blog about photographer Bunny Yeager. Probably most famous for not only being a model herself, but for her erotic photos of model Bettie Page. Bunny passed away Sunday at the age of 85. In remembrance of Bunny, just in case you missed the original blog, here it is today, reposted as it originally was last year.

Bunny doing what she did best

Bunny doing what she did best

Remember Bunny Yeager? (pant) If not….take a look.

First of all, a MisfitWisdom clarification. Today’s blog is about a photographer, quite famous, and who specialized in taking “cheesecake” pictures. So, that said, I obviously have to pause for a moment before getting to today’s blog and clarify exactly what “cheesecake” is for some of you.

Not that some of you don’t have a clue, but, um….some of you don’t have a clue.

Photo of an actual slice of cheesecake...BUT.....not what we're talkin' about today

Photo of an actual slice of cheesecake…BUT…..not what we’re talkin’ about today


Photo of another "slice" of cheescake....which is EXACTLY what we're talkin' about today

Photo of another “slice” of cheescake….which is EXACTLY what we’re talkin’ about today

Yahoo’s “” along with the AP did a story on photographer Bunny Yeager, (83) this week, and of course, being a male, and shallow, as most males are when it comes to looking at pinups of sexy women, I read the story with throbbing interest. Thought I’d throw that word “throbbing” in there because it DOES seem to fit within the context of some, if not all, of the photographs taken by Ms. Yeager.

Most recent photo of Bunny Yeager. Background is a photo of her and Bette Page

Most recent photo of Bunny Yeager. Background is a photo of her and Bettie Page


Millions of American red-blooded boys, now fully grown men, I bet can recall some of the photographs Yeager took over the course of her lifetime. Most notably that of Bettie Page. If you have no idea who Bettie Page is, you’ve obviously been living under a rock, or, were still a gleam in your parents eyes.

Fortunately, for me, I had already been “gleamed” and became well aware of Ms. Page beginning in my teenage years and beyond. So today I thought I’d give all of you, mostly men I’m sure, some background on Bunny Yeager just in case you missed the Yahoo article. Along with some of her photographic work.

(this is just a feeble attempt at having an excuse once again to post photographs of scantily clad women on my part)

Scantily clad Bunny Yeager

Scantily clad Bunny Yeager

The article says that during the 50′s and 60′s AD, Bunny Yeager was a photographer at a time when men dominated that profession. But she was able to make her mark by photographing everyday women. (none of whom lived in my neighborhood)


She photographed stay-at-home mothers to airline attendants and made them feel comfortable enough to bare it all. (again, none of whom lived in my neighborhood)

This could actually be Bunny Yeager's camera, or Hugh Hefner's.

This could actually be Bunny Yeager’s camera, or Hugh Hefner’s.

Then again, growing up in the 50′s in my neighborhood most stay-at-home mothers wore sack type dresses, their hair in a bun, and silly looking wide heeled black shoes. So, maybe it was a good thing none of those stay-at-home mothers in my neighborhood were photographed. It might have traumatized me for life.

She jump started the career of Bettie Page (photo below) with a few photos of her in “Playboy Magazine.” Now five decades later after shooting the stills of Ms. Page in a leopard-print bathing suit, (pant) standing next to two real fully clothed cheetahs, 40 of those prints of her work are now on display in a gallery in Wynwood, Miami’s art district.

Bunny with Bettie Page and two hot looking ya count Bettie....three hot looking cheetahs

Bunny with Bettie Page and two hot looking cheetahs…um…..ok….if ya count Bettie….three hot looking cheetahs


(NOTE) If you are a male and a senior citizen with a pacemaker living in the vicinity of Wynwood, Miami and you go to see this exhibit, alert your local EMT’s that you are going there.

Yeager herself was one of the most photographed models in Miami during her early career. After taking a photography course at a local college, she turned the camera on herself as she posed in bathing suits she handmade for her 5-foot-9 frame. Similar to what Anthony Weiner did with the exception of the “Fruit-of-the Looms” briefs “Antny” wore.


Um…Bunny…I hope those flowers are glued on securely…I hafta sneeze….

You can view some of her portraits in her book, “”How I Photograph Myself,” which includes a really sexy photo of her wearing a red-striped low V-cut bathing suit and a white-bikini covered in real daisies that she glued on one by one. Which, had I been around at that time would have gladly volunteered to glue them on for her. I’m kinda helpful that way.yeager7


One of her most famous photographs was that of Swedish actress Ursula Andress, who at the time was starring in the 1962 James Bond film, “Dr. No.” The photo below shows that photograph of Andress wearing a white bikini with a knife sheathed at her side.

The knife, I assume, was to fend off Dr. No because he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer when he made advances towards Ursula. My guess anyhow.m

“I said NO Dr. No can’t you take NO for an answer for cripes sake


Demand for Yeager’s work slacked off for a while until 2010 when the “Warhol Museum” in Pittsburgh held an exhibition of her work. Which eventually led to the Miami exhibition.

Yeager says that. “I haven’t gotten used to it yet.” of the recent attention. “And I still get that tingle when I see the photos on the wall.”

As many of us older guys who recall Yeager’s work do. Although her tingle may be different that the ones we’re feeling viewing those photos.

She still has photographs in cabinets that no one has seen yet. Which means another book of her work may be in the making.

She says, “I’m still feeling like a little child and excited over everything new that comes along in my life. I don’t know where it will lead to yet, but it sounds good to me.”

Hmmmm. Sounds good to me too Bunny.

Just sayin,’……………..with a bit of a “tingle.”


And that lens would be pointed at what

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