Pat Sajak Needs To Guess The Letter “F” and Buy A Vowel. Like Maybe “U.”


Hmmm. This one’s driving me bananas

Look, I’m NOT going to debate the issue of global warming, unless it has to deal with my loss of hair and how my own globe gets warmed in the hot sun. THAT I’m an expert about.

But actual global warming? Nope. WTF do I know. For that matter, WTF does Pat freakin’ Sajak know?

In case you missed it because you were possibly getting your own globe warmed in a tanning booth, here’s what happened. Earth shattering global warming news.

Pat Sajak, of “Wheel of Fortune” fame, posted some messages on Twitter that global warming is a bunch of dog crap. Um, well he didn’t actually use the term “dog crap,” but considering he’s no expert on global warming, I’ll use it for him.

“Hey Pat, your tweets are a bunch of D–G  C-R-A-P. (Care to buy a vowel to solve the puzzle?)


Like maybe seeing a shrink

Here’s what the scientist in chief actually tweeted on Twitter:

“I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night”.

Sooooo, let me see if I understand Pat correctly here. If any of us believe in global warming we are a bunch of unpatriotic racists?

Which may have prompted a bunch of people on Twitter to respond with…………….

Geeez, this is a tough one Pat

Geeez, this is a tough one Pat

Do ya think ol Pat was at home sitting in front of his computer, logged on to Twitter, took a few swigs of 100 proof  “AEIOU Whiskey” and then completely lost it? Or was he watching a rerun of “Wheel of Fortune” and couldn’t solve the puzzle. THEN lost it.

(Sajak thinking to himself)

“Hmmm, I know the answer to this but WTF is it? Damn…son-of-a-bitch. This is really pissing me off. Damn! Let’s see….hmmm….a five letter word starting with “I” and ending with “T” that describes a game show host who knows squat about global warming.”

(dialing Vanna)


“Vanna…..Vanna…ya gotta help me here. What’s a five letter word starting with “I” and ends in “T” that describes a game show host who knows squat about global warming?”

“Um, that would be “IDIOT” Pat.”

“YES!  YES! IDIOT! Thanks Vanna.”

“Oh, no problem you freakin’ idiot…bye.”

What Vanna should have done was stuff Pat’s mouth with something to shut him the f**k up…….

Here Pat, shove this Super Glue down your throat before yous say something stupid.

Here Pat, shove a bunch of alphabet soup letters down your throat before you say something stupid again

I’m also a bit concerned about the use of his term “unpatriotic racists.” If you’re a non believer in global warming, because, as we all know, all scientists who have studied global warming are a bunch of liars, then THAT term makes absolute sense.

After all, wouldn’t a game show host know more about global warming than say, um, a bunch of scientists?

It would then make absolute sense to Pat because he may have come upon a nudist colony in his travels, saw them worshipping the sun, (global warming freaks) and, Pat, being a moon type person, may have figured THAT was sort of racism. Moon discrimination. Only thing that makes sense to me.

The unpatriotic part. Well isn’t it obvious? Pat being a moonbeam type person may be upset that so much attention is being given to the sun and the ozone layer and not enough to the effects of the moon. You know, high tides, werewolves howling at the moon, and vampires. Obviously more threatening than the effects of global warming.

Cripes, I as I said earlier, I know squat about global warming.

Now “Wheel of Fortune” stuff I know a lot about. Which qualifies ME to go on Twitter and make stupid comments about vowels, verbs and stuff. I have extensive “Wheel of Fortune” experience.


Misfit’s experience with playing ‘Wheel of Fortune” at home

Now I could completely understand if Sajak tweeted on Twitter something to this effect:

Pat Sajak         @patsajak

I now believe alphabet misuse alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends.”

Because he DOES have extensive alphabet experience. Which basically means he IS qualified to comment on racists who are unpatriotic who use the alphabet to mislead people for their own ends.

For example. Look at this Greek alphabet.greek1Yep…’s all Greek to me. Probably to you too. Verrrry misleading. Maybe even to Pat Sajak.

But, is it racist and unpatriotic? And misleading people for their own ends?

Maybe not Pat.

NOW take a look at these Greek images:greek2

Misleading? No. Obviously this is a Greek optometrists eye examination chart, or, a take out order for pizza. My money’s on the optometrist chart after seeing all those tiny eyeglass images in there.

And, is it racist? NO! Well, um, maybe a tad because Italian’s also make good pizza and there’s no mention of ordering an Italian pizza in those writings. So, Pat may be a bit correct.

So what I’m trying to point out here is that Sajak, not being a scientist, but a freakin’ game show host, should stick to being nicey nicey to Vanna White and playing with vowels and verbs and whatever else he plays with when he’s home alone.

So, here’s another one for you to solve Pat…………



Commenting on global warming on Twitter when you don’t know Jack shit about global warming is like me commenting on political stuff on my blog.

Um…WAIT! I DO comment on political stuff on my blog that I know absolutely nothing about.

Um….can anyone call me an I-D-I-*-T.

Pat, ya got a vowel they can buy?

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