A “Flying Fickle Finger Feather” (literally) Award To Cin. Reds Announcer Marty Brennaman


Presented with great honor to Cincinnati Reds radio play by-play announcer Marty Brennaman for flipping above and beyond the call of duty

Usually while I’m watching baseball, (Red Sox) I, on occasion, tend to get a bit emotional when my team screws up a play or pitching sucks. Which is usually every game. How they won the 2013 World Series Championship is beyond me.


Ya think?

But that said, I turn my attention today to Cincinnati Reds play by-play radio booth announcer Marty Brennaman who is a man after my own heart. Never one to mince words, or signs, he flipped off the bird to rival announcers for the Colorado Rockies during a game on Saturday which was caught by those ever vigilant TV cameras.

You know. Those same TV camera guys who, between pitches, scan the grandstands looking for people who are doing weird stuff. Like picking their nose, stuffing a hot dog down their throat, copping a quick feel from their sweeties and on occasion actually rooting for their team. Ya just can’t do anything without a camera catching you doing it.

Except for getting replays of a disputed play correct. Because the camera guy that was supposed to be paying attention to the game was using his super 50,000 zoom in lens to zoom in on that babe with cleavage.

HEY! Think I’m kidding. Pay attention during your teams next game and see how many cleavage shots there are by the cameramen.


Game…..? What game? There’s a game going on?

Anyhow, here’s what happened. The Reds were getting their butts kicked when a foul ball came screaming into the Reds broadcast booth and just missed Brennaman. He didn’t flinch an inch. Which prompted rival announcers for the Rockies, Drew Goodman and George Frazier, to begin ribbing him.

It was at that point that Brennaman turned toward them and gave them the ol bird. Which was caught on camera for all to see.


#@!^%$!#@!……..and the horse you rode in on too!

Now Brennaman was obviously agitated long before that ball nearly hit him because the Reds were losing the game badly. The final score 11 to 2. So I’m sure you can relate to his frustration. As can I.

Now I say this because I wish Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy, Boston’s play by-play booth announcers both had a pair of balls to do what Marty did. Maybe more.

For instance, I for one, having 30 years of radio broadcast experience, could NEVER be a play by-play announcer for the Red Sox. I’d lose it every freakin’ game.

Like the other night when Xander Bogarts missed an easy play at shortstop. Something he’s done on a number of occasions.

(Don)  “Oops Jerry, an easy play for Bogarts that would have been an easy double play thereby getting the Sox out of this inning. Now there are two men on base with no outs.”

(Jerry) “Yeah, you’re correct Don. Now the Sox have to hope no one comes up and hits the ball outta the park.”

See, cool, calm, collected.


THIS is what should have happened to Bogarts

Me on the other hand….well that’s a different story.

(me) “OMFG. Bogarts just missed an easy play by kicking the freakin’ ball with his foot and allowed two damn players to reach second and third. WTF! What the hell is wrong with that idiot for cripes sake. Geez…..what the f**k is this….little league.”

So I gotta hand it to Marty for flipping the bird to those Rockies announcers thereby expressing his frustration with the way the game was going. Something I myself would have done. Along with expressing my dismay at the team for losing 11 to 2. In more colorful terms of course.

Most of the time because they seem to forget the cardinal rule of baseball, which is……..

Cardinal Rule

Cardinal Rule

Of course I’m not the only one who gets upset when the Sox screw up a play. Which is why I’d have to pick my other half to be down there on the field after a game to interview Bogarts after all was said and done.

(Other half) “So Xander, how in the f**king hell did you screw up such an easy damn play you idiot?”

(Bogarts) Well, I dunno. I saw the ball, thought it was an easy play, then saw that cleavage image the cameramen were showing on the big screen, and then completely lost it.”

Which may explain all those screw up easy plays. makes sense to me.bb6

So, congratulations to Cincinnati Reds radio announcer Marty Brennaman for doing what a lot of us fans would like to do on national TV. Flip the bird to rival announcers and to show that announcers, as that famous philosopher Mitt Romney once said, “Are people too.”

ME…….I wanna flip off Yankees play by-play announcer John Sterling for every time he’s ever said, “It’s a home run by Robinson Cano don’t ya know.” Or, when Jason Giambi hit a home run, “Another one by the Giambino!”


Yankees announcers Susan Waldman and John #%$#@! Sterling

In lieu of flipping Sterling the bird, because I can’t afford to go to a Yankees game, (and wouldn’t anyhow) it’s consoling to me that Cano and Giambi are no longer with the Yankees, so I take some comfort in that.

BUT……I DO on occasion still flip off a Yankees player when they hit a home run. Sometimes the double bird. Along with some colorful remarks. And also knowing that, in those bird flipping colorful remarks moments………………

No TV camera crew is gonna catch me doing that and then I’ll appear on the Internet doing it. Like Marty Brennman.

Just sayin.’

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