Going To The Dentist Can Be Fun. And A Bit Titillating


Um, which dentist is the 1oth?

Ya gotta hand it to the Taiwanese when it comes to dealing with how to solve a problem when it comes to going to a dentist. Mainly that pain thing. Along with actually convincing yourself to go to a dentist in the first place.

You would think with all of today’s advanced technology someone would have come up with an idea that would make going to a dentist more fun. If that’s at all possible.


I actually saw one in a dentist’s office

Well, the Taiwanese have done just that. Built a better mousetrap, so to speak.

So how do they make going to the dentist a much more pleasurable experience. Well, at least for men. Who we all know are a bunch of wimps to begin with. Me included.

Simple. Have dental hygienists, (women) decked out in maid uniforms.

Ah So....

Ah So….coffee, tea or teeth?

Personally I would have chosen to go with the “Hooters Restaurant” chain look, but who the hell is gonna listen to me.

For the past several years, maid cafes have been popular in Japan and have spread outside of the country. Taiwan now has maid cafes of their own. There’s even a McDonald’s that has held special events, with their staff dressing up as maids.

So, if it works at cafes and McDonald’s, hell, why not in a dental clinic.

What the heck this has to do with food, considering it’s enjoyable to eat food and there’s no pain involved, and at a dental clinic there IS pain involved, beats the hell outta me.

Unless somebody figures they’d get all sorts of enjoyment eating a Big Mac and then, rather than have a big downer going to a dentist after, stay on that high and ogle dental hygienists decked out in maid uniforms. Makes sense to me.

However, how would you snag kids to get them to a dentist? McDonald’s or not McDonald’s.


Guess that solves the problem

Taiwan’s news service, “TVBS,” recently introduced the “Leon Dental Implant Institute,” which is a maid dental clinic in Zhubei City. The dental hygienist maids are decked out in frilly threads, greet the customers, fetch their slippers, and bring them cups of coffee.

Um, we’re still talking about a dental clinic here aren’t we?


Never trust an Italian dentist

(checking story)

Ohm, yeah, sorry. Having experienced the same kind of greeting in a house of ill repute many years ago I got carried away there for a sec.

Competition in the dental trade is very fierce so that’s why some clinics have chosen to offer this maid incentive. Completely logical considering if I had the choice of going to Dr. Pain to have a tooth pulled and needed some incentive to do that, I’d much more be inclined to go to a dentist with skimpy dressed women than one who had some guy named Bruno as his assistant.dentist4

And even the interior of that clinic is pretty comforting. It resembles a fancy cafe.

Geez, too bad we can’t expand on that idea here in the U.S. for both sexes.

Well, maybeeee not.

Well, maybeeee not.

Now, as I said, it’s usually us guys who are wimps when it comes to going to a dentist. BUT….expanding on that Japanese idea, like a cafe setting, how about topping them and having dentists offices set up as strip clubs.

Get yer teeth pulled and we’ll comfort you with a really good lap dance? Damn! I’d have three of four teeth pulled. Maybe even opt for a root canal.

“Ooooooh. Aghhhhh.”

“Oh, sorry sir, did I touch a nerve, are you pain?”

“Hell no doc, it ain’t pain I’m oooing about…heh, heh.”dentist6

And so far there have been no complaints about dental hygienists wearing maid frocks. When asked about that issue, one of the maids said, “It’s not an issue, we’ve all had professional training. The uniforms help patients relax.”

Yep…….”relaxation” is the key word here folks. Hence, my “stripper dentist” suggestion.

The original idea is that cafe maid outfits are less threatening. As would be stripper outfits. Waaaaaaay less threatening.

In an interview with “TVBS,” a mother said that her son used to be afraid of the dentist because he was always having issues with his teeth. But now he really likes the dentist.

Um, geez, wonder why?


Damn kids…..

“Mom, can I go to the dentist and have my teeth cleaned?”

“But Johnny, you just had your teeth cleaned yesterday!”

“Oh, yeah, but I ate a bunch of chocolate candy and you KNOW how concerned I am about my teeth.”

Can ya see the same conversation here in the U.S. if dentists go that one step further and offer strippers doing lap dances while you have your teeth fixed, or whatever.

“Honeeee. You’re going back to the dentist AGAIN this week?”

“Huh, oh yeah, um, I really need more work done on my teeth sweetheart.”

“But Honeee, you have dentures!”


I personally think this Japanese dentist maid idea is eventually gonna catch on here in the U.S. Maybe even that stripper lap dance idea. Wanna bet?


Then again, if that actually happens, what becomes of actual strippers doing lap dances in strip clubs? After all, if dentists are offering as two for one deal, dentistry and a lap dance combined, AND it’s legal, who can beat THAT deal?

And you never have to worry about someone seeing your car parked outside of a strip club either. Who the hell is gonna care if you’re parked outside of a dentist’s office.


“WHAT! I was thinking about my dentist dear….cripes!!

OK, so dentists will be cutting into the strip club lap dance business. Strip clubs will lose business and maybe even close down. Sooooooo, what are strippers who have no dental aide experience gonna do?

Yep. The next innovation.

Lap dance colonoscopies.

Just gotta work a few kinks out. Like how would you exactly get a “lap” dance during a colonoscopy while you’re lying on your side with a biggggg scope shoved up your butt.

Ok…..just a glitch there. Minor tweaking needed. But possible.


Um, off to the dentist next

Just sayin.’

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