Look Ma! I See Jimmy Fallon’s Face In My Cereal!!!!

On any given day I can think of a lot of things that need to be done around the house. Trying to figure out why I thought I saw an image of  Jimmy Fallon on my Post Golden Crisp cereal box is NOT one of them.fallon on box

Usually I attribute that to eating breakfast three minutes after waking up when my eyeballs are not functioning properly. Unless, the image I’m seeing is doing a backstroke in my milk. Most of the time that’s due to a pesky ant.

BUT, that said, as many times as I’ve imagined stuff in my cereal, (mostly a cat hair or a pesky ant) I never once picked up the phone and called “The University of Toronto” and claimed that I saw something else, like an image of Jesus or Jimmy Fallon’s face on my cereal box.

But apparently many people have actually done that. Yep, they’ve claimed to have seen an image of Jesus on a piece of toast, the man in the moon, and the Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich according to an article by “Live Science,” and reporter Stephanie Pappas.”


Could be an image of Jesus on toast. Then again, looks like it actually may be a croissant. Or a biscuit.Maybe even a muffin.

Why this mostly happens when you’re eating food is beyond me. Maybe they should be checking into that. Or what the hell these people were smoking before they were eating a grilled cheese sandwich. My suggestion anyhow.

“Hello, is this the “University of Toronto’s” weird research department?”

“Yep, how can we help you today sir?”

“Well, yer not gonna believe this, but I sat down to have breakfast this morning and right there in my bowl of cereal was a tiny Leprechaun staring back at me. Plain as the nose on my face I tell ya!”

“Sir, what kind of cereal were you eating when this phenomenon occurred?”

“Um, Lucky Charms.”



Never trust a rabbit

But, as far as all those other claims go, the University of  Toronto is really looking into them. Well, actually they’re looking into why the brain interprets these things as images which they have labeled, “face pareidolia.”

(NOTE) The weirdness of this research by the University of Toronto and the fact that weird Mayor Rob Ford is also from Toronto has no connection to each other whatsoever…..I think.


Heeeeeeeeeey pal. I resemble that freakin’ weird remark you damn a**wipe!

According to the researchers the findings suggest that expectations matter. When people expect to see a face, these expectations may activate a brain region responsible for processing faces. Kinda like Garcia on “Criminal Minds” when she’s scanning for faces of perps and sees Tony the Tiger’s face popping up on a “Frosted Flakes” cereal box because she’s craving Frosted Flakes.” Make sense to me.

Maybe even Tony’s dysfunctional brother Terry too.cereal2

Why just the other day I thought I saw Texas Governor Rick Perry’s face on TV, when, as we all know, he hasn’t been in the news recently. So, if those researchers are correct in their assumptions, It’s just that I wanted to see Rick Perry’s face on TV.

That “face pareidolia” is also responsible for people who viewed NASA images from Mars recently and thought they saw a rat on the surface of the red planet. (photo below)


NASA Classified photo


Oh, sorry, just ignore that first photo. THIS is the actual NASA photo. Um, the unclassified one

First of all, we all know the Mafia has no access to Mars, so ruling out dumping the body of a ratfink mobster on the surface of that planet is out.

Secondly, there is no cheese on Mars, so no self-respecting rat is gonna be on that planet either. The moon maybe, but definitely not Mars.

Besides that, there are no garbage cans on Mars and we all know how rats cannot survive without garbage cans. Which is why most rats live on the lower East Side of Manhattan and could, pardon the expression, give a “rats ass” about visiting Mars.rat3

In research, obviously conducted by researchers, 20 Chinese men were asked to view a series of images, (no porno involved, which, I assume, is why they only had 20 volunteers) all of which were obscured as if you were viewing TV reception with a bad cable connection. Two images showed male faces, one easy to see while the other one was camouflaged. Two others showed letters, again with one easy to see and the other difficult to spot. The final image was pure black-and-white, with spotchy noise.

Their determination. Cable TV with no connection sucks.

No, sorry. Their determination, after giving a bunch of different guys that same test was that the participants reported seeing faces 34 percent of the time and letters 38 percent of the time, despite there actually being none in the images they saw.

I think they also agreed with my findings earlier that TV without cable sucks. But, that’s another research project.


In the Toronto expiriment it was later determined that researchers misunderstood the directions for conducting their research

So in their final conclusion, besides that TV without cable sucks, was that all this face in cereal and toast and Mars and whatever stuff is caused by a small region on the side of the brain, just behind your ear. This region has long been known to be involved in the recognition of faces, though recent research suggests that it helps people identify the differences between any objects of expertise.

So basically if you have a screwed up region behind your ear you’re gonna see a lot of strange things. I guess.


If you constantly see THIS strange image see your ear and brain doctor immediately

As an example, the researchers say that a birdwatcher uses what they call “fusiform  face area” (FFA) (also Future farmers of America) to tell the difference between a sparrow and a wren. Although Future Farmers of America could care less about identifying birds and more about cows, chickens pigs and horses.

In conclusion, (thank Gawd) the researchers wrote, “people’s expectations may have led their brains to find fuzzy patterns that looked face-like, creating a false impression.”

Hence, you people who see faces on your toast or in your cereals are a bunch of nut jobs.

Unless that face you see  IS doing the backstroke in your Frosted Flakes.

Then you might have a legitimate face sighting.

Which would be two or more beady little insect eyes staring back at you from your cereal bowl.

No need to call NASA or the University of Toronto however.

Some cereals DO come with bugs included.bugs2

Just sayin.’

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