Sticking Stick Figures Up Your Nose, On Your Car Bumper, Rear Window and Wherever.

How many times are you out driving in your vehicle and spot some idiot with a controversial bumper stick on his car or truck. Like YOU really give a rats ass WTF HE or SHE has to say.

But, ya have to admit, some of them are quite creative and entertaining. Like this one I came across at my local town hall last summer. Which just so happens to be a fact by the way.


Most of them “IN “the town hall

But, the ones that tend to piss me off the most are those stupid stick figure decals you find on the rear windows of many vehicles. Usually mini vans for some odd reason. You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones that have cute little stick figures of a neat family with mom, dad, the three kids and a cat or a dog. How cute.

Which makes me wanna stick this one on MY rear window. sticker2

Personally, and this is my own opinion, if you drive a mini van you have absolutely no taste when it comes to owning a really classy looking vehicle. Or you’re one of those soccer moms with a gazillion kids to transport. OR, you’re a drug dealer trying not to arouse suspicion.

Come on folks, get creative here. Nobody gives a rats ass when they see a sticker on the back of your vehicle that says something like, “My son is an honor student at mortuary school.” Or, “My daughter graduated with top honors at crochet college.”

If I so much as see one of those stick figure decals, THIS stick figure decal is the first thing that comes into my mind.sticker10

And what’s with people who have to inform us when we’re driving behind them that they have animals. Who gives a f**k?


Obviously a demented cat lady

If you find it necessary to tell the rest of us that you have a gazillion cats, then get creative for Gawds sake….like THIS. sticker3

Or if your life is not exactly going the way you planned it and your husband is a rotten low down no good womanizing slug, how about THIS one. sticker4

Or perhaps you just have a dysfunctional family. sticker8

And if per chance you’re in the market for a partner because you either got divorced or killed your spouse, this one might work rather than taking out an expensive ad on some dating site like “e-UnHarmony,” “Christian Mingle Single Dingles,” or whatever. sticker9

To me, and again this is MY own opinion, I think it’s kind of tacky to use stick figures to broadcast your life on the back of a vehicle window. Makes me wanna put THIS one on the back of my truck so you can see it when I pass you. sticker1

Better yet, THIS one. sticker7

But there’s a lot to be said for other means of communicating what you’re thinking if you absolutely insist on making an idiot of yourself via your rear view window, bumper, or in other ways. Minus the stick figures.

I did manage to find some that are rather unique and beat the livin’ crap outta using stick figures.

I mean, if you’re gonna make a statement, might as well go full hog. Like this one.


But….I DID enjoy it

Or, if you want people to know that you are a compassionate person, this might send them the message.


Sometimes, out of compassion, I even pull over

But, by far, I would absolutely die to have the next three images on my vehicle. They are creative, eye-catching, and blow them damn stick figures outta the park.

Imagine pulling into a Cumberland Farms gas station with this one. Gives new meaning to the term, “fill her up.”


My what a bigggggg nozzle you have grandma

Or, if you’re into big boobs, as almost any guy is, freaking out your church pastor on a Sunday morning when you pull into the church parking lot driving this one.


42 double D

But, by far, considering I myself drive a pickup truck, THIS one has to be my all time favorite. It’s kind of an optical illusion when you first look at it but funny as hell. Can you imagine some old lady driving behind you from a distance and seeing THIS!


OMG! Dial 911

So, to all of you out there that insist on sticking stick figures of your family on the back window of your vehicles, STICK THIS!

Otherwise I’ll get my own stick figures, (courtesy of Alfred Hitchcock) who will do in your stick figures such as in the scene below. Not a pretty site.


Take this you bastards!!!!

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to Sticking Stick Figures Up Your Nose, On Your Car Bumper, Rear Window and Wherever.

  1. misfit120 says:

    Hey! I like that one too Tina. Considering we have 3 cats I could get about 20 miles per cat.

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