The “FX” TV Series, “The Americans.” Censors Finally Not Saying “Nyet” To Sex Scenes

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Eons ago television censors used to go into a wild state of uncontrollable panic if any TV series so much as showed a couple anywhere near a bed. Honest! In fact, when they actually did show a couple in bed, at least one of them had to have their foot on the floor.

I guess the censors figured that if one person in that bedroom scene had their foot on the floor no one watching would think they were capable of having sex. Boy were they stupid. I for one can vouch that if I had one foot on the floor, maybe even two I could have…….well, um, never mind, you get, or can image the picture.

But recently it seems the censors, those guys with absolutely no sense of humor or any hint of a sex life, have allowed a bit more skin to be shown on television. Other than Porky Pig and Donald Duck not wearing any pants.


My point exactly…..

The TV show, “The Americans” which is shown on the “FX” channel, has been testing the limit of censors patience with some pretty torrid sex scenes. I may be mistaken, but the only people so far that haven’t been naked, semi naked, or talked about being naked are the kids of those two Russian spies and Margo Martindale.


So far the only photo of Margo that I could find that comes to suggesting some sort of sex act

Although having Margo naked in the show might be pushing it a bit. Only because she’s pushing 63 years of age and people do tend to snack while watching that show. If ya catch my drift here.

BUT… far as the other actresses in the show are concerned, HOLY BATMAN…. …….ROBIN!!!!

Take a gander at Keri Russell who plays Russian spy Elizabeth Jennings in a recent scene from “The Americans” as she lays naked on a bed with her husband Phillip Jennings played by Matthew Rhys.



Almost makes ya want to become a Russian spy.

And….if that wasn’t enough for you, how about THIS scene with yet another Russian agent, Nina, played by Annet Mahendru who’s having an affair with FBI agent Stan Beeman, played by Noah Emmerich.



Annet has been naked more than all of the other stars in the show. Which is fine with me. Along with the FBI, CIA, NSA, and every red-blooded American spy I’ll betcha. Which could also explain the reason Edward Snowden defected to Russia. Makes sense to me.

Here’s another shot of Annet from the same scene:


No, I’m sorry Nina. I must go. I must go and do my FBI work. I must….I… screw it.


Not to be undone by the shenanigans of that perverted FBI agent Beeman, the Ruski spy, Phillip, who’s married to Elizabeth, is also having an affair with his wife, Martha Hanson, played by Allison Wright, who is really not his wife, um…well, she really is, but he also has another wife, Elizabeth, but she knows he’s married to Martha because it’s all in the name of helping Mother Russia gain secret information about the U.S.

Hey….ya gotta do what ya gotta do. If it means sleeping with a bunch of women, ya do it for the cause. Which is spying for Russia, and um, the sex of course. The sex being the perk that most spies like about being a spy. Just ask any Secret Service agent.the americans 15

So, Phillip jumps Martha’s bones and the censors do not blink an eyeball.


This is either a scene of Phillip jumping Martha’s bones or a really good picture of a contortionist

And, as we men all know, after you’ve done that contortionist stuff you HAVE to take a cigarette break.


And the censors never even censored the cigarette. BUT….who’s paying attention.

It seems that the “FX” channel is beginning to see da light. What with those sex scenes in “The Americans” and with regard to language in the TV series “Justified.”

After all, it IS real life. Nobody wants to see Raylan in Justified get hit with a two by four by Boyd Crowder and yell out in pain, “Oh golee Boyd, why’d ya go and do that…it hurts.”

Rather, “Shit Boyd, you damn bastard, that hurts you freakin’ asswipe.”


Well Raylan, ya go and make fun of my outfit that’s what ya get

My own personal opinion, for what that’s worth, is that perhaps the censors know that allowing a bit of what real life is in some of these series might be a bit refreshing. At least “FX” knows it does. I tend to agree. Isn’t that what reality is all about. Being able to watch a television show that has some sort of realistic characters in it. In realistic situations. Including sex and language. And showing a bit of skin.

Ok…Ok…..a LOT of skin!

Now those two shows, “The Americans” and “Justified” are more in line to what I perceive “reality TV” shows should really be.

Unless they really go overboard and show “Honey Boo Boo’s” mother half-naked in a sex scene.

Just sayin.’

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