And All This Time I Thought An “Oligarch” Was An Animal In A Zoo.


Today’s lesson children is, WTF is an “oligarch.”

If you thought as I did, that it was an animal in a zoo, you’re partially correct. Oligarch’s do belong in a zoo because they are a selected few and many of us do not get to observe them in our everyday mundane useless lives.

First, courtesy of “Wikipedia” the definition of an oligarch and oligarchy:

Oligarchy (from Greek ὀλιγαρχία (oligarkhía); from ὀλίγος (olígos), meaning “few”, and ἄρχω (arkho), meaning “to rule or to command”)[1][2][3] is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people. These people could be distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, education, corporate, or military control. Such states are often controlled by a few prominent families who typically pass their influence from one generation to the next, but inheritance is not a necessary condition for the application of this term.

Yes, the key sentence you should all pay attention to is, “power effectively rests with a small number of people.” Which are usually very rich people.


Open wideeeeee…..

Those people decide what is good for you and I and usually make up all the rules for the rest of us lemmings to follow. Along with stuff like how to sway elections, influence the passing of laws, and how to suck money out of all the rest of us so that they can remain oligarchs and not be confused with ostriches, which sounds similar to the word “oligarch” but they don’t stick their heads in the sand. Just up our asses.


” I vant to suck your wallet….and suck up a few elections too.”

So basically oligarchs are rich people with sooooo much money they have no freakin’ clue as to how the rest of us live on our paltry salaries. And they really don’t give a rats ass anyhow.

The rest of us who are not oligarchs are just taking up space and live in the USA until they can figure out a way to phase us all out. After all, we ARE just taking up space.

With the exception of a chosen few. Garbage collectors, people who work in recycle facilities and ATM machine repairmen.

Only because oligarchs need garbage collectors to collect their garbage and recycle it and ATM repairmen so that in a pinch they can withdraw quick cash. ATM machines are a lifesaver to oligarchs, so keeping them operational is a necessity at all times.

Ya never know when ya need a quick $500 for a quick meal at McDonald’s. Only because, as “Wikipedia” stated, oligarchs come from prominent families and if you’re going to dine out at a McDonald’s you obviously have to bring the entire family. Lest you offend one of them and lose some of that oligarch money that one would leave you in an inheritance.olg11

So what does that mean in the long run for the rest of us non oligarchs? Seeing that oligarchs control just about everything.

It means that all of us have absolutely no power at all. Other than the power we get from our utility companies. Which a lot of oligarchs own.

So, with no power to speak of, we actually have no say in what takes place in government.


Whew! Takes the pressure off of the rest of us.

Yes, I know, you’re saying to yourselves, “But Mousefeet, I vote in elections and have a say.”

AND……if you vote for what you think is right, is THAT absolute? NO!

Step in the United States Supreme Court which has the FINAL say as to what THEY think is good for you. After all, they’re next to GOD himself. As in the recent ruling that it’s ok to contribute gazillions of dollars to any candidate that anyone wishes to contribute a gazillion dollars to. Hence and forsooth who ever has the most toys, (money) wins elections.


WOW God! A coupon for a discount on a Mercedes!

This is, to put it in perspective, how it works. Oligarch money helping a tad.

Joe Schmuck and Charlie Nerd are running for a Senate seat. Schmuck is getting money from rich oligarchs while Nerd has to depend on contributions from ordinary idiots like us.

Soooo. Oligarchs launch a smear campaign with all that money claiming that Mr. Nerd is actually an alien from the plant Bizarro and his descendents are actually aliens from that crash back in Roswell, New Mexico many years ago. And, they have photos (photo shopped) to prove it.

Meanwhile candidate Nerd has limited funds and can’t disprove those allegations other than denying them and stating that he was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and the closest he has ever been to an alien is that one time he bought a Mexican blanket in Mexico.

And, Mr. Nerd eventually can’t counter those smear campaign ads because he’s running outta money. Eventually the oligarch money funneled into Mr. Schmuck’s campaign buys more and more ads until every other ad between a half  hour TV show is an ad for Mr. Schmuck.

Voters begin to believe Mr. Nerd is an alien, that his parents were actually aliens too, and that he may be a threat to society. Guess who wins the election.

So, in conclusion, money supplied by oligarchs buy elections. Which is why the word “Supreme” is inserted into “Supreme Court.”



If you found that hard to understand. Let me put it to you in a more simple way. Um, the way an ordinary Joe Slug, like myself and the rest of us might be able to understand.

I dislike Harvey Grosnick. I’d do anything to besmirch his reputation. Not because he’s running for office, but just because I hate the SOB.

Sooooo, I go around telling people I saw Harvey having sex with an ostrich. (I chose an ostrich only because I mentioned it earlier)


I’m glad you cleared that up. I may appear to resemble an oligarch but as you can see, I “AM” an ostrich. OK….Ok….a rich ostrich.

Obviously that isn’t true. BUT…..if I keep saying that to a number of people, some will believe it, others won’t. Doesn’t matter. What matters is how many people I can get to believe it.

Forevermore a number of people will always think that Harvey had a thing going with an ostrich.

Mission accomplished. AND…..I didn’t even have to be an oligarch to accomplish that.

So there ya have it. Today’s definition of an oligarch and how they can control things.

Brought to you as a public service from MisfitWisdom.

(No ostriches were harmed in the writing of today’s blog)


(sniff) It’s so nice to be needed

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1 Response to And All This Time I Thought An “Oligarch” Was An Animal In A Zoo.

  1. katydidknot says:

    Few billion dollars and a few years, and before you know it, you’ve managed to get all the laws changed that would have landed you in jail!

    Like you said, though, we all get to vote. When is the last time a critic of the international trade deals got a major party nomination?

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