Get Pumped Up Twice In California. Gas and A Lottery Ticket….Multitasking


Hark and forsooth! Yet another way to get in and out fast.

Um, to clarify things here, I’m NOT talking about sex.

I’m talking about a new idea California has that will allow you to pump up your car with gas and get pumped up yourself by being able to buy a lottery ticket right at the gas pump.

This due to the fact that most people spend about 30 seconds to actually buy a lottery ticket inside a store, so, why not combine that function by allowing people to simply use their credit or debit cards to tack on a lottery ticket while gassing up.


Once upon a time in a far far far away land

Nope. you won’t be able to buy scratch offs or daily numbers, but only Mega Millions, Powerball and Super Lotto Plus. I guess that last one, “Super Lotto Plus” is kinda like super high-octane plus. My guess anyhow.multi1

The neatest thing about being able to buy a lottery ticket at the pump…..if ya win $600 or less it would instantly be credited to the credit card you used. Which is a great perk.

The downside., Say some nogoodnik low down thief steals your credit card, decides to gas up his car using your card, and buys a lottery ticket for the next drawing.

The upside. You put a hold on your card, and THEN that ticket he bought is a winner for under $600, HE loses and YOU win. So, a bit of a perk there as I see it.

Unless you were too stupid to know that someone stole your credit card. Then, basically you’re screwed twice. No gas and no winning lottery ticket.


A valid reason for buying your tickets at the gas pump

Russ Lopez, (no relation to George or Trini) a California Lottery spokesman says that the idea has gotten positive feedback from gas station owners because they say that it would cut down on people waiting in line inside the store who want to buy other products.

We’ve all been there in that scenario.

You know how it goes. You’re out with a hot date on a Saturday night and things really are adding up to, as they say in hockey, SCOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! BUT, you discover you do not have any condoms. What to do?

Pull into a 7 Eleven, dash outta the car, run to the register, condoms in hand, and the person in front of you is buying several hundred combinations of Powerball numbers all on separate tickets. Or his name is Topal and he has to do some silly ritual before buying his lottery tickets because he’s superstitious.


“If I were a rich man…yidle-didle-didle…um…..15 Poweball tickets please”

Fifteen minutes later you finally ring up your purchase, dash out to the car, and find out your hot date is driving off with that guy who was in front of you buying Powerball tickets. She probably figured he’d score with her and with that many Powerball tickets she might score with him….not a freakin’ loser like you.

(Tip for California. A condom dispenser at the pump might go really well too)

Another reason they’re thinking of allowing you to purchase lottery tickets at the pump…..”Statistics show that 72 to 73 percent of people just go out and pump gas, they don’t walk into a retail store.” 1% plan on pumping other things and have to go in the store to buy condoms. My guess anyhow.


Yeah, and I’m the Queen of England pal.

So, with those percentages in mind, those pumping gas percentages, not the condom percentages, retailers figured out that selling the tickets at the pump was a good way to capture business. Both ways I guess.

It’s win win for the people who wanna just buy gas and lottery tickets and the ones who want condoms, or snacks, or whatever, and have to go into the store and not wait behind that guy buying a gazillion lottery tickets. Make sense to me.

We’re becoming a “fast” society. Everything has to be done fast. Drive through windows, credit and debit cards at the gas pumps, self checkouts at the grocery store, TV on demand, and commodes fitted into the driver’s seat of our vehicles so we can poop, on the go….as we go, so to speak.

OK…so they don’t have that poop on the go function yet, but I betcha Detroit is workin’ on that one. After all, most new vehicles have eliminated the ash trays so somethings gotta go there. Why not a toilet paper dispenser.


My point exactly. AND….the perfect time to have “Wipe Out” by the Surfaris playing on your car CD player

I think eventually all this combined retail fast stuff is gonna get way outta hand however. Before ya know it we’ll never have contact with another human being. Like for instance being able to EVERYTHING at the gas pump.

Eliminate the post office. Stamps at the pump. The car wash. Push 1 for gasoline, 2  for water and suds. Groceries, type in your list while your gassing up, drive to the rear of their store, and Harvey will load it up for ya. Going to the library…..we’ll load a few pages on to the gas pump screen and you can read a chapter each time you fuel up.

And sex…..well gas nozzles are………….WAIT! A bit much I think. UNLESS, gas pumps are configured like women, BUT, ya have to drive around in the back for that option. Watch out for Harvey loading groceries.


Gas? Lottery? Coke? Or….me?

So, in conclusion, you can see where all of this fast service on the go stuff is heading.

Everything is just becoming waaaay to fast for my liking. I kinda like things real slow. So I can savior the moment. Kinda like in the Pointer Sisters song, “Slow Hand.”

Um…..they ARE singing about getting service slow in that song aren’t they?

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3 Responses to Get Pumped Up Twice In California. Gas and A Lottery Ticket….Multitasking

  1. katydidknot says:

    I worked at a snack shop under downtown Houston for years and years. The Lotto and assorted scratch off stuff brings most quick shops in a TON of money, but it is a time suck. Getting even some of that off the backs of cashiers and out into the parking lot seems like it might speed things up a little.

    I have stood there and watched the looks on people’s faces as the person at the front of the line did their thing: “I want a Lotto… and three #9’s… and a #23…. and I want – oh, did you ring that up already? – can I get two #15’s and a #19?”

  2. misfit120 says:

    Should be considered justifiable homicide if ya kill someone holding up the line buying a gazillion lottery tickets. Thanks Katy.

  3. Sophia says:

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