Going Topless: And I’m NOT Talking About Driving A Convertible.


Most likely 95 % of you have never heard of actress, director and activist Lina Esco. It’s my pleasure today to make at least 2% of you, (my blog readers) aware of just who she is. As a public service of course. And, um, because I support her cause. Which is, um, er…..the right for women to walk around topless. Which, you have to admit, IS a great cause…..if you’re a guy. Which, I’m sure 99.9 % of us guys would happily support.

I know. You’re curious as to who that 1% idiot or idiots are that do not support Lina’s cause. HEY! Ain’t it freakin’ obvious for cripes sake! All of  those people who are constantly passing laws telling us how to live our lives while they live their own lives any damn way they want to.topless5

Now going topless is not a big deal. WHY! Well let’s put it into perspective by someone who knows a lot about going topless.

Um, sorry, let me rephrase that. By someone who knows a lot about women who “are” topless. Only because it’s a guy and no one cares if guys go topless.topless2

I’m talking about “Playboy Magazine” founder Hugh Hefner who was quoted in the April 2014 edition of “Playboy Magazine” in a brief article about Lina and her new film, “Free The Nipple.”  Which was a surprise to me because I wasn’t aware that any nipples had been arrested and needed to be free.

In response to “Playboy’s” question, which was about Lina’s nipple film and what she expects to accomplish with it, she responded: “Lets talk about how much violence there is on film and TV. The glorification of violence is unhealthy for our society.” Then she quotes Hefner.

Here’s Hef’s quote: “We live in a country where obscenities are defined largely by things sexual instead of things related to war and killing and hatred. What kind of world is that?”

YES! I totally agree. How many people are killed, maimed or assaulted by nipples in any given week?

Um, I was gonna write how many people are killed, maimed or assaulted by women going topless in any given week, but then I thought that there might be a few incidents of topless women bopping a few guys over the head who tried to grope them.

Which is yet another issue. How come if “I” go topless no women try to grope me? I got nipples too ya know!


Nobody cares about these either

Nobody gives a rats ass if I, or any other guy for that matter, goes topless and our nipples are exposed. And ya think they would. Only because most guys are hairy and, to me, a hairy guy is gross looking. Maybe not to women, but to me. And a few gorillas in various zoos who think hairy guys walking around on a hot day at the zoo may be related to them. Especially if those guys are eating a banana. Cripes, I even think that.

For the record, the paper one and not a 45 rpm, there presently are some states and cities that say, “Hey, we don’t care if women walk around topless.” Um, can we take a picture?


Same effect….topless or not

According to “GoTopless.org,” which is a site which supports going topless, presently there are 15 cities that have been “topless tested.” Meaning they, women, have walked around topless just to see if the nipple Gestapo would arrest them. They did not.

(The “GoTopless.org” site lists the dates for this years topless events in August)

Unfortunately, my town was not one of them. Only because only 24 people live in my town and nobody cares if anyone walks around naked, let alone topless. And also because most of the people who live in my town are over 80, can’t see very good, and wouldn’t know the difference between seeing a naked or topless woman walking around or Brad Pitt naked.

I really gotta move outta this town.topless3

But Lina and Hefner do have a point, (with regard to the two nipple points we’re talking about today) which I’ve brought up before . How long has marijuana been illegal? Years…….and now states are beginning to realize that there’s money to be made in them thar hills off of marijuana sales.

SHAZM! Let’s make it legal Festus!!!!

And their points…um….point with regard to sex, violence and all that gore stuff in movies and on TV? Yep…..it’s ok for little Johnny and Sally to play those violent video games, watch some hacking and decapitating on TV, and learn how to rip off a car playing “Grand Theft Auto.” Yep…nooooo problem.

BUT…..see a topless women? OMFG!

You know what will happen if anyone sees an actual topless woman walking around?

Um, neither do I. With the exception of me whipping out my phone camera and snapping a few pictures. If I can get around all of the other guys doing the same thing.

Brought to you by

Brought to you by Coors Lite

Playboy, in the article, asked Lina if she thought there was any hope. I guess with regard to women having the right to go topless. Her response: “Yes. There are so many ideological shifts happening right now – from gay marriage to legalizing marijuana – because of a rising generation of men and women who believe in equality and independence. It’s all happening so fast. It’s amazing.”

And she’s right of course. The only obstacles, as I see it, against the right for women to go topless are the same type of people who denied the right to women to vote many years ago. Fortunately most of those old farts died off and women did get the right to vote. Along with many other rights that were denied them.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, there are still some of those old farts left. Most of them are in Congress. Some in state governments. They too will eventually die off very soon. AND, a new generation will step forward, (possibly topless) and see the major inequities women have to endure.

The choice to be able to go topless or not one of them.

Thought you might like this info from “Playboy” as well, seeing that I mentioned old farts in Congress. “For the first time in U. S. History more than half the members of Congress are millionaires.”

And ya wonder why things are the way they are. BEHIND THE TIMES.

Because with all that money they don’t give a f**k! About you, me, and in this instance, women.


Um…er….I…I…w-w-w-write b-b-b-blogs

The way I see it, nothing like being able to see a woman go topless while driving a top less car, (convertible) popping the top off of a Coke or Pepsi, (topless soda bottle) while their hair flows in the wind, (no cap, topless) or watching a “Tampa Bay Rays” baseball game, (topless stadium) while sitting next to a topless hairy guy.


Ok Jimmy….you check out the cars while daddy checks out the women

Frankly, (sorry, didn’t mean to call ya Frank) I think if there should be a law against going topless it should be a law that states that guys who are bald can’t go topless.

Do you have ANY idea how many times I’ve been blinded by the sun’s reflection off of a bald guys head! Now there’s a topless law that should be enforced.

Just sayin,’

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  1. Dara Karas says:

    Speaking of going topless, I’m in CA now and my girls are free at last! Now I have lots of freckles!

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