A Look At Some Of Misfit’s Favorite Odd Music….Being A Bit Odd Myself


Who shall remain unnamed. Ah, screw it…Bob Dylan. Could sure as hell write songs but sucked at singing.

Occasionally when there’s really nothing earth shattering in the news, I like to vacuum out my brain and see what weird stuff I’ve accumulated in there. Perhaps something worth writing about.

Now here’s how it went after emptying the brain vacuum cleaner bag. In there was all of the thoughts I had about that missing Malaysian plane, which I immediately sent to the bottom of the trash pile because everyone’s already speculated on that, so why write about it. Then, buried waaay down under a pile of “I hate TV commercials thoughts” was this tiny little thought about Fats Domino.fats

YES! Fats Domino. Beats me why he was in there. So I searched a bit further and found out why. Yep, another Fats Domino thought buried within my brain. SHAZAM! I thought about Fats Domino because the other night I watched “NCIS” and they were in New Orleans and that’s where Fats Domino lives and that’s how my brain works.

Which then led me to think about Fats Domino music and then to other music from that era, and then to some really weird music. WHY! Beats the f**k outta me. WHAT! Do I look like a brain psychiatrist or something?

You're right Misfit.....

As I see it, the problem here is that your brain is overloaded with an enormous amount of stupid stuff

So, to clear out these thoughts from my brain I thought I’d give you a couple of my favorite Fats Domino tunes, and then, because my brain said so, give you some really weird tunes that I’m sure you’ve all forgotten, which is good for the most part, because they were really worth forgetting.

Unless you’re like me, who was into weird music. Which also explains why I wrote this stupid blog.

First let’s listen to Fats do some music that’s NOT weird, but really great. I picked this one, “When My Dreamboat Comes Home” (1956) because I love a great saxophone in a rock song and this one is classic:

Next Is “My Blue Heaven” (1956) because Fats is at his best playing the piano instrumental riff halfway through the song. Great piano.

“I think I like this next one because I was able to harmonize with Fats on this one doing a high falsetto while Fats was doing the lower notes. “Sick and Tired” (1958)

Finally, and I know there are many more, my last pick for a great Fats song with a great sounding sax, “Wait and See.” (1957)

Fats Antoine Domino Jr. is still around and still living in New Orleans at the age of 86. In 2005 when hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans he lost all of his possessions from the flood. President George W. Bush visited Fats and restored his National Medal of Arts that President Bill Clinton awarded to him and had been lost. Also lost were all of his gold records which were also reissued and returned to him by Imperial records owner Capitol Records.

Fats Domino…..a true legend.

Now, onward to the other part of my brain that said, “Hey….what the hell were ya thinkin’ when you saw that Fats had recorded “Bo Weevil.” Well, that’s when my brain wandered off from Fats music to Brook Benton music and another “Bo” or “Boll Weevil.”

Like I said, I DO NOT think like normal people do. Which then led me to think of strange music, which is how we get to the rest of today’s blog.

First…..Brook Benton’s weird song, “Boll Weevil” (1962)

Stinkin’ boll weevil………………..




Ya gotta admit it WAS a cute song. Strange, but cute. BUT, not as strange as another R&R artist who had a big hit with a song called, “Itchy Twitchy Feeling” (1958) and then cut the following song “Psycho” which falls into the not only weird category but the “WTF” category.

I know. You’re thinking who in their right mind would go out and buy that record. Um…me. (sigh) BUT….I also bought Linda Laurie’s “Ambrose,” (1958 ) which didn’t make it on ANY Top 40 charts. When you listen to it, insert your own responses to Linda’s questions to Ambrose as they walk in the subway. I still use that line, “just keep walkin.” when my other half is talking to me while we’re out shopping and she asks me a question.


“But Ambrose…why we just sittin’ here?” “Shut the freak up and start walkin.”

Gene Simmons, no, not THE Gene Simmons from “KISS” but another Gene Simmons, recorded “Haunted House” (1964) and although it was yet another one of those strange records it did make it to number 11 on the charts.

You all remember Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. Well, most of us dinosaurs do. Most likely for the song “Wooly Bully” (1965) But, Sam also joined the weird crowd when it came to songs with this one. Which is a great song to send to your ex. It’s called, “I Couldn’t Spell #@!%” (195? )

Should you be into bananas, there was this release by a group called, (sigh) The Peels in 1966 called, “Juanita Banana.”

The demise of "The Peels."

The demise of “The Peels.”

And, lest we forget this gem from Napoleon XIV, “They’re Coming To Take Me Away.” (1966)

They never did come to take me away, most likely because, as I wrote in my autobiography, “I Could Have Been Famous But Sex, Love, and Life Got In The Way, ” (amazon.com) I was actually born at a mental facility where my mother and father worked, so I guess they didn’t want me back. HAH! Their loss.r&r1

To….. mercifully, put an end to today’s brain web blog, one of my favorite weird songs. It was not really a huge hit (no. 17 on the charts) but it did get a lot of airplay due to the fun it made of other rock and roll groups. “More Money For You and Me” (1961) by The Four Preps.

Oh yeah……might as well end today’s blog with a weird instrumental. “Percolator” (1962) by Billy Joe and the Checkmates. Great for you “Starbucks” coffee addicts.

Hmmm….did I cover all the bases here?

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