Heaven On Earth? OMG! Another Singing Nun!

Some of you may recall a nun who belted out a song back in the 60’s called, “Dominique,” which actually made the charts ranking at number 1. Her name was Sister Luc-Gabrielle, (Jeanine Deckers) from a convent in Belgium. (video below)


Unfortunately her next attempt at covering the Rolling Stones hit, ” I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” did not go over very well

Personally, I felt listening to that song back then I could get away with not having to go to church and face Father Guido Sarducci and confess all of my sins. After all, (my thinking) listening to a nun sing a song, to me, should be the equivalent of going to church and listening to a nun reading from the Bible.

HEY! It sounded logical to me!

My parents and Father Sarducci didn’t buy that of course. BUT….it was worth a try.


Misfitta…..Misfitta……yousa really gotta repenta ya know

So fast forward some 50 years later and another nun has stunned the musical world. This time on an Italian TV type singing idol program called, “The Voice of Italy.” Which I always thought was either the Pope or Silvio Berlusconi.

Her name is Cristina Scuccia, (25) who immediately became the season favorite of the judges and fans watching her performance as she belted out Alicia Keys’ song, “No One.” Audience members rose to their feet and the judges were wowed. And she didn’t even wear any Lady Ga Ga type clothing. Not even a piece of raw meat.

I thought a fish might have been appropriate considering the church has that in a lot of their symbols, and of course, that old “eat fish on Friday’s” rule.nun10

Take a look at Sister Cristina’s performance. Um, pay attention to the judges reactions, the reaction of the crowd, and , um, her shoes. Not like Michael Jackson’s, but, considering she’s a nun, hey, what the hell. Oops……um…..I meant what the heck. Um….maybe not. How about, “WTF.”  No…..not appropriate either. Geesh!

Hey….just watch the video for cripes sake.

Not bad huh? Makes me wanna go back to church.

Um….on second though, maybeeeee not. Unless Sister Cristina is performing and Father Sarducci isn’t anywhere around. I still owe him a few penances for the last stunt I pulled.


My last stunt I pulled

Sister Cristina, a Orsilina nun of the Holy Family from Sicily, explained that she came on the show to share her talent. “I have a gift and I am giving it to you. Shouldn’t things be this way?”

One of the judges, “J Ax,” said, “If I had met you during the Mass when I was a child, now I would be the Pope. I would have surely attended all of the functions.”

Geez…..me too Mr. Ax. When I was a kid and went to Mass it was all doom and gloom. Well, to a teenager it was all doom and gloom. You know…..teenagers always wanted to do all the really good stuff and Father Sarducci was always preaching to you that it was bad to always wanna do the good stuff.

And the music! Cripes, the music in church sucked. Couldn’t dance to any of THAT stuff. And all they had in church was an organ. An organ!!! How the heck can ya get into the groove with an organ playing GOD music?


None of us kids screwed around with the organist

I always wanted to sneak up to the loft where they were playing the organ and convince Ms. Brenda, the organist, to play “The Happy Organ” by Dave Baby Cortez.  OR….at least have some sort of disco beat to “Bringing In The Sheaves.” Whatever sheaves are.

Now that Sister Cristina is really in the groove singing Alicia Keys songs, perhaps the church might lighten up a bit. Get themselves a 5,000 watt amplifier and an organist that can get into some heavenly rock and roll tunes. Can’t hurt.


Um…..maybeeeeee not

Sister Cristina was asked what she thought the Vatican, (where the Pope guy lives) might say about her audition on the show. She said, “I really don’t know, I am waiting for Pope Francis to call me on the phone. He always said that we should go out and evangelize, tell God doesn’t take anything away from us, but will give us more. I am here for this.”

Well, the new Pope is kinda open to new things.nun11

And maybe she will get a call from him.

“Hello….is disa Sister Cristina?”

“Why yes, who am I speaking to?”

“Disa isa da Pope. I jsuta wanna tell youse justa how mucha I likea da performance  ona “The Voicea of Italy.”

“Ohhhhh. Thank you your Grace.”

“Uma, donta calla me Grace.”

“Oh, sorry. No disrespect.”

“Thatsa ok. Looka, I really lika how youse singa, but I wanna know ifa youse takea any requests?”

“Oh for you…….ANYTHING!”

“Ok…..so da nexta time youa singa on da TV could you doa my favoritea sogna?”

“And what song is that your Grace….oops….sorry, I mean Pope Francis?”

“Data woulda bea, “Rainadrops Keepa Fallin Ona My Head.” But onea small requesta.


“Changea da “rainadrops” to pigeon poopa. Itsa not easya steppin’ outta on da balcony dese days with all da pigeons hangina around all over da place. Songa would bea nicea touch to keepa da crowd amused when one poops ona me. Oh, anda onea more thinga.”

“Yes Pope Francis?”

“I watched youse ona da TV and da shoes havta go. Listen, I gotta nicea pair of reda slippers to makea you really stand outa.”


HEY!  Justa a suggestion…….


I personally did not want to mention Sister Cristina’s choice of shoes when performing the other night. Only because it did kinda match her stunning outfit. But I think if she’s going to crack into show biz doing Alicia Keys songs she’s gonna have to spruce it up a bit.

Maybe a “V-Neck” on that outfit and taking the Pope up on those red slippers.

UM.....yeah....somthing very

UM…..yeah…this might do it.

HEY Cristina…..that’s show business. Go with the flow.

Just sayin.’

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