Here We Go Again With Alien Theories.


These are either aliens or magnified salmonella from a week old egg salad sandwich

Alien theories. Yep….we’re still wondering if aliens exist. Besides the ones that cross over the border from Mexico into Arizona. I think those aliens actually do exist.

But, what about the ones from outer space?

ABC News and reporter Stefan Doyno, (do-ya-know) for short, decided that they should look into aliens once again after NASA made an announcement last week that they had discovered 700 new planets which they think have solar systems very much like our own.ufo9

Let me clarify this. When NASA says they think other planets have “solar systems very much like our own,” they are NOT referring to aliens from other planets having solar systems similar to those that you would mount on the roof of your house to generate power.

Sometimes ya just have to make these things perfectly clear.

Here’s the “What If” video from ABC News explaining what all this alien stuff means. I think.



Stefan writes in his article that we should not expect aliens to look anything like what Hollywood has portrayed them as. Short little guys, or girls, (who knows) bald, green with bulging eyes and long skinny fingers. Mostly naked. My theory.

I’m guessing aliens from outer space are mostly naked because ya never see them wearing any kind of clothes. Other than a space suit now and then. Which for the most part resembles “Reynolds Wrap.”

“In this century, we’re probably going to develop artificial intelligence, we’re probably going to develop machines.” says Stefan. “You can be sure the aliens have done that.” (using cheap labor from other planets I’m assuming) “The ones we’re likely to hear from are probably going to be machines.”ufo3

“Hello, my name is Grocrk. I’m an alien from outer space. We’ve just developed this here new machine which allows us to contact you via your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Laptop, PC, and, if you’re still in the stone age, your land line home phone. We’re calling you today to ask you to send us $500 dollars as we’re stranded in Cleveland and we’re holding your nephew hostage until you forward us the money.”

Which is an expansion of the same scam used by others in the past to dupe old grandmas into sending money to Nigeria because their grandson lost his wallet and needs cash immediately or the government there will behead him. Or worse, confiscate his Visa and MasterCard.

If, by chance, you should receive one of these calls and you’re not sure if it’s legit, check with NASA as to the location of any aliens residing or visiting Cleveland before you send any cash.



Now the theory of aliens existing has been around for as long as I can remember. Which isn’t too long considering I can’t remember WTF I was doing two hours ago. But, I do recall that Roswell, New Mexico incident in the 40’s as well as having watched the movie, “Taken,” and I personally believe aliens exist.

How else do ya explain Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich.

Then again, who’s to say that aliens are little green people or for that matter, people at all? I mean they could be other forms of life. Like insects or animals. Maybe giant mutant ants. (I saw the movie “THEM” many years ago and I still have nightmares.)


Or even worse……MICE!

In all seriousness, if that’s at all possible here, I personally believe aliens exist. Only because I feel it’s totally unreasonable to think that we are the only ones in this giant universe. With the exception of the “Yankee Universe.” And Yankee’s catcher Francisco Cervelli, who I suspect is from a different universe. What normal baseball player would wear such a big helmet while batting and carry a baloney sandwich under it?

Hey Derek....ya got any mayo?

Hey Derek….ya got any mayo?

It’ll be interesting to see what NASA will find in exploring those 700 new planets. Maybe Clark Kent’s “Daily Planet” for one. After all, Clark, (Superman) WAS from Krypton, which may or may not be one of those 700 new planets. My guess anyhow.


We all have our own theories about aliens. I’ve always thought that due to the fact that aliens and alien sightings have been around since the time of the Pyramids with etchings of aliens on their stone walls in hieroglyphics, that perhaps humans are some sort of experiment that the aliens decided to conduct eons ago and are still trying to figure out WTF happened.


Makes sense to me………

Like, maybe they set out to start a new planet, Earth seemed like a good place, so they planted stuff and placed two aliens here to see what would happen, (Adam & Eve) and somehow things got all screwed up.

Also a possibility.....

Also a possibility…..

Like maybe that evil serpent was another alien from yet another planet and corrupted Adam and Eve and it all went down the drain after that. Who knows?

OR….it was just a bad apple crop the aliens planted that year and, being so advanced, they had invented Viagra long before us and somehow it got into that apple crop that year.

Which would explain it all. Clear the serpent of any wrongdoing. And also explain why we’re still obsessed with sex to this day.


Oops….toooooo late. Boy is Adam screwed…..literally!

I think all these questions will be answered once NASA gets to the “core” of things.

With regard to exploring those 700 other planets…..not the apple cores.


OR…..NASA screwing around with your apple

Just sayin.”

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