I Found Solace In The Song, “People.”


Misfit in grade school 

It was Barbra Streisand’s song “People,” that finally shook me out of my writing crisis that engulfed me over the past few days. Along with some great “people” who read this blog and encouraged me to continue to write humor and simply ignore the hate mongers.

Thanks to all of you.


A good pair of eyeglasses helps

I will state that a majority of those people who love to spread hate and discontent, (and I use the term “people” reluctantly) reside on that social media site “Sodahead” and the Sodahead people themselves could give a rats ass about who says what for the most part. You know the old line, “freedom of speech and stuff.”

And of course they’re correct. We DO “for the most part” have freedom of speech. Unless you’re a notable person such as a politician or celebrity that says something off the beaten path and gets vilified for saying it. OR…..is adored by the haters for standing up for their cause….which is hatred.


OK….lets flip for a person or group

I personally don’t think I’m going to allow myself to get sucked into their idiotic comments any longer by acknowledging the fact that their brains do not function like normal people’s brains do. Not that I am completely normal mind you, but I do have enough common sense not to spread racist and vile comments on the Internet regardless of what opinions I have.

I find that I can get my message across with humor and make a point rather than using disgusting words and slurs. Although I DO like using “rats ass” a lot. But, so far no rats have complained.

At least not to my knowledge. Um, the four-legged type of rats that is.


Me either….

I’ve always said that social media gives those people who otherwise no one would pay attention to, a forum to write things that no one (normal people) pay attention to. You know. Like the dorky kid in high school that nobody paid any attention to who used to scribble “fuc” on the bathroom walls. Just like today, they still can’t spell…..but HAVE mastered the f**k word.

So I’m looking at some of these idiots from a different viewpoint now. In fact, I think on occasion when I find an example of an idiot posting stuff on a social media site who can’t spell or make a point without using either ethnic, racist or vile comments, I’ll post it in here as a reminder that evolution has not touched some areas of the human species. At least on some social media sites.

Just to prove my point. Here’s one of the “milder” ones posted yesterday:

stephane 2 hours ago


“He had five years to make obamascare work. He could NOT do it, even with 700 MILLION Dollars, which are just a drop in what is being spent to fix this atrocity. obama is a NOBODY. The whole world knows he is STUPID. The whole world knows he is a puppet which strings are too loose. obama does not have a back bone, and obama’s gonads are named ABSENT. Just like every time he voted in his time as a senator. He is worthless as a father, worthless as a senator, he is worthless as a president, he is worthless as a leader.”

Thanks Stephane. Watch for a copy of Webster’s dictionary in the mail.

(UPDATE) The trolls are biting: Here’s one from today:

BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)


Much like you are doing with your “Liberal Pothead” sock. The only thing different is that you have been caught in the act.

And, like or dislike President Obama, that is where most of today’s social media hate posts center on. Most of it over the “Affordable Care Act.” So I’ll throw in this cartoon just to piss off those Obamacare and Obama haters. (bait for a hate monger to send me a hate post which I can then use as an example) Any takers?hate3

So, onward.

The other problem I had was eyeball fat-ti-que. better known as fatigue of the eyeballs from spending way too much time doing what I’m doing…..writing. Along with bitching about spending way too much time writing and then complaining about severe headaches.

However, my ophthalmologist assured me my eyes are fine but my glasses need to be twerked…um…sorry….that should be tweaked. Unless I plan on watching Miley Cyrus, then its twerking.

My cat and dog scans, MRI’s, X-rays, death rays and microwave rays all checked out fine. They did discover however that my brain does suffer from idiotic brain overload from reading too much idiotic stuff on the Internet. As well as listening to a lot of idiotic people on TV news programs and talk radio shows.


Basic talk radio host

My condition was diagnosed as a rare form of……(gasp)…….”aids.”

Which they labeled as “hearing aids.”

Which you get from listening to assholes.

I think I’m fine now.

See you all tomorrow.

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1 Response to I Found Solace In The Song, “People.”

  1. Sven says:

    Yea, I had the same identical problem, hearing ads. I got so tired of hearing them I had to shut the TV and radio off, or switch to Sirius Satellite or Netflix movies.

    I, too, got cured by a dog scan once. The dogs licked me all over, then pooped all the bad stuff outside. I felt better afterward.

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