An Evaluation of WTF: Subtitled WTF!



Lately I’ve been wrestling with the fact that this blog is absolutely going nowhere. No donations for creative effort other than 2 wonderful people who have stuck by me over the five-year period I have written this nonsense.

Yes, I have problems just like the rest of you. Which sometimes makes it quite difficult to write humor. And a couple of physical problems as well. Mainly a problem with being on the computer, writing, and my eyesight causing severe headaches which so far, no one can find a solution for. I’m still working on that with a number of witch doctors.

It’s been, as I said, 5 years of faithfully writing humor so that I not only have an outlet to express my demented thoughts to the 300 or so that follow this blog, but to possibly make someones day a bit more cheerful. BUT, that said, I can’t seem to get beyond that 300 or so reader interest, which is depressing, along without some financial support to upkeep this old computer and various other tech stuff.

So, I’m going to be taking some time off to reevaluate what it is exactly I should be doing, either scrapping this blog entirely or write stuff other than humor.

So thanks for the following, those of you who have stuck by me.
Perhaps I’ll find the answer.

Whatever that may be.



About misfit120

Former disc jockey, (Dick Jones) 30 years, and author of, "I Could Have Been Famous But Sex, Love & Life Got In The Way" available at books, & Kindle, "The Covert Chamber" a mystery novel available at and Barnes & Noble, and "Forgotten" the story of two WWI pilots who were forgotten for over 70 years available on and Kindle
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7 Responses to An Evaluation of WTF: Subtitled WTF!

  1. Doc says:

    put “sex” in the title

  2. Sven says:

    Since there are only 300 of us, why not make a movie called “The 300”? (oh wait, that’s already been done). How about “Sex with The 300?”

  3. Doc says:

    WAIT A MINUTE! You have only been writing this for 4 years (since January 2010, according to your list on the right)–not 5 years.

    Why not change the pace or direction of your blog, and, instead of favring liberals, favor conservatives instead? You’d probably get more followers…just sayin.

  4. Sven says:

    Hey Doc, he called what he was writing “humor” (hahahahahahaha)…

    Where does one go when one “falls off the face of the earth?” Probably the same place as the “Old Man of the Mountain” in New Hampshire.

    I have a solution for your eyesight causing headaches. Why not just close your eyes, type away, then post the results on the blog?? Some of us might understand that…and I would love to see that. Probably make better sense than what is coming out of Washington nowadays.

  5. Doc says:

    Hey Dick, I have an idea, which then might give YOU further ideas…why not change the title of your blog to something like “RetrofitWisdom” (write about the past); “ComfitWisdom” advise us while sitting in a warm sweater in front of your fireplace; “OutfitWisdom” (shopping for clothes); “ProfitWisdom” (financial news); “SoffitWisdom” (news from the gutter); “UnfitWisdom” (catch-all for human consumption).

    Sven’s right–leave the humor to us commentators (LOL)

  6. Sven says:

    YAY Doc!! Great ideas!!! You would think that a DJ, taxi driver, AAA dispatcher, chauffeur, and (ehmmm) writer would have a lot of “sea stories” waiting to come out…For one, I would like to know:

    1) what Argentina looked like to Hitler when he arrived (was there a Statue of Liberty greeting him?); 2) is JFK still alive, or did he succumb to the 12th bullet? 3) can witch doctors actually cure headaches? 4) does lack of sex cause “writer’s stress” (I need to know the answer to that one, because I’m thinking about being a writer)? 5) how ’bout a story about the Vikings (my country of origin) who REALLY discovered America, even before the East Indians and Pontius Pilate?

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