Peek-A-Boo….I See You. Perverts In Massachusetts Get A Boost


It’s not too often that perverts can get any support for being a pervert. I mean things are kinda rough out there if you’re a pervert and are just trying to score a decent ogle. It’s not like you can just hang around a subway station with a camera and take secret pictures up women’s skirts ya know.


It IS ok to hang around subway stations in Massachusetts and take photos up women’s skirts. Holy crap Batman, hand me my iPhone equipped camera with my super zoom lens Robin.

YES! Happy, or, perverted days are here again. And…it’s perfectly legal.pervets1

This all thanks to some pervert who was hanging around a Boston subway station in 2010 just minding his own business taking pictures up women’s skirts. Along come the Gestapo transit police who nailed him for doing just that. Those transit police simply have no sense of photographic artistry.

So, what did they charge this guy with?

Well, they tried to nail him with violating what they call in Massachusetts, “The Peeping Tom Law.” Which I guess means that if your name is Tom and you’re peeping, like under women’s skirts, you can be arrested and thrown in the slammer.

Fortunately for this guy, (not sure if his name was Tom or not) a judge, Supreme Judicial Court judge Margot Botsford, who most likely does not use subways or wear skirts, decided that “The law does not apply to photographing persons who are fully clothed and, in particular, does not reach the type of upskirting that the defendant (pervert) is charged with attempting to accomplish on the “MBTA.”perverts4

Which is one of the reasons ol Charlie from the “Kingston Trio’s” song “MTA” never wanted to get off of that train. Makes sense to me.

The court went on to say that, “while women have a reasonable expectation of privacy in not having a stranger take photographs up her skirt, the law in its current form does not address it.”

Undress it maybe, but not address it.

AAA worthy cause

A worthy cause

So, if you’re in a subway in Massachusetts and suddenly have the urge to flop on the platform and simply photograph women while aiming your camera or iPhone up their skirts, it’s perfectly legal. And if some transit cop tries to arrest your butt, simply inform him of the “Beaver Law.”


Makes sense to me

Which I think is what perverts are now calling that ruling.

Meanwhile, a law professor at Suffolk University in Boston says that this can all be resolved by lawmakers very quickly. “If Peeping Toms, (Dicks or Harrys too) are jumping for joy because they think they can have carte blanche, (not a woman named Blanche pushing a cart on the subway) to do this, I suspect it will be short-lived.”

Because, as we all know, when it comes to matters of extreme importance such as Peeping Toms taking photos up women’s skirts which may jeopardize world peace and possibly lead to World War III, legislators will act swiftly.

(UPDATE) As of this post the Massachusetts legislature acted swiftly and made it illegal to take upskirt photographs. No mention if this also includes taking down skirt photographs.


Um…WAIT! It’s some guy named Jake from “Allstate” and he says he’s wearing khakis….might be for you dear.

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, (in charge of various districts) issued a statement urging the legislature to act fast. Like maybe in a few days after he gets to try out his new Nikon camera with that super zoom lens on his way home using the subway.

Jusssst to prove his point that it IS possible to get away with taking photos up women’s skirts………as evidence……..of course.

So, if you’re a pervert with a really neat camera or some other device and you like ogling women’s panties or women that go commando, you might only have a limited amount of time to practice your photographic skills. While it’s still legal.

Or, if you’d rather use the subtle approach while all this legal stuff is being considered, you could always use one of those periscopes and hide out below the subway platform and catch women as they walk by. Um, just watch out for that third rail thingy. It’s a real killer.

Or you could employ the ol mirror technique. Strategically place a mirror on the subway platform and hide out above the subway somewhere and use a zoom lens and capture beaver shots in that manner. Kind of inconspicuous, plus there is an added perk. Just yell out, “Hey lady, ya dropped yer mirror!” And when she bends over to pick it up, SHAZAM!…..yet another means of capturing a titillating shot.

Which eventually may require yet another legislative law other than the “upskirting” photo law which I think would be called, “the bend overing” law legislation.

Tree perverts

Tree perverts

This may require a lot of sessions in the Massachusetts legislature in order to specifically address, or undress, what is legal and what is not. Maybe even some “upskirting” or bend-overing” demonstrations in order to fully appreciate the severity of this issue.

Which I myself, as a pubic…um….sorry….as a “public” service would be willing to cover and report on extensively….with my own camera….to snap a few photos, just for the legal angle that is.


For some reason, being short and Italian, I get this all the time when I’m in a subway

Whatever the final result is, and I think we all know what that will be, I suggest until such legislation is enacted all women using the MBTA in Massachusetts should play it safe and wear slacks or jeans.

Or, if you’re a senior citizen at least have the common decency to wear depends for cripes sake.

I sure as hell don’t wanna screw up my new camera.

Just sayin.’


Depends if it’s St. Patrick’s Day and I’m wearing my Scottish kilt in a Boston subway

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