They’re Alive I Tell Ya….Aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember that horror filled scene from those “Frankenstein” moves when the good doctor discovers that his creation has come alive……..

YES! It’s aliveeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

It’s finally happened in real life. Except no Dr. Frankenstein was involved. YES! TV networks have seen da light. A truly startling revelation. Which is, now pay attention here, people over the age of 50…(gasp) actually watch TV and… unbelievable as it is, actually go out and buy stuff. OMFG!tva2

For eons the TV industry has been strictly catering to people who they think go out and buy stuff, which were viewers under 50. Most of whom, as they discovered, were back home living with mommy and daddy and unable to afford buying squat. AND….as it turns out Baby Boomers are now the buying power here in the ol US of A.

OMG! What to do? What to do? Panic! Panic. (so say TV ad executives)

But Wait! Um….how about we start pitching ads to those old geezers and rake in the big bucks. Brilliant!


The new lead in for the “Gentlemen’s Wearhouse” ad

So that’s the new tactic by the advertising world and TV executives. Because, as I said earlier, we old f**ks have the cash to spend. Well, not me in particular because I’m always dirt freakin’ broke, but, on occasion I do manage to spend a dollar here and there.

Now if you pay attention here, you’ll see that TV programming is actually gearing up towards getting you older folks to fork over those bucks. In an article by the “Los Angeles Times” they point out that some of your favorite TV shows have real honest to goodness senior citizens starring in major TV programs. YES! Seniors…..who….um….other seniors, with bucks to spend can relate to.


Like Tom Selleck, (69) in “Blue Bloods,” Ted Danson, (66) in “CSI,” Robin Williams, (62) in “The Crazy Ones,” Mark Harmon, (62) in “NCIS,” Beau Bridges, (72) and Margo Martindale, (62) in “The Millers,” and James Spader, (54) in “Blacklist.”

It’s a senior revolution! Hey retailers…stock your shelves with depends, erectile dysfunction medications, discount eyeglasses, stretch jeans, souped up Harley-Davidson scooters, and canes with USB ports and iPod capabilities. Hereeeee we come!

It was bound to happen. As the chief research officer at CBS put it, “It’s certainly a more vibrant and economically active audience than it used to be.”

Hey, no s**t Einstein!

Frankly, (don’t call me Frank) my personal opinion of all this, for what it’s worth, is that this could spell the demise of all those mindless TV reality shows. Well, at least the mindless ones. I hate to admit it, but there are a few worth watching that us older folk would watch. Like “Undercover Boss” and “Senior Funeral Stalkers.”


Thrilling scene from the new TV serious, ‘Senior Funeral Stalkers.”

So what does this all mean in the scope of things?

It means that you will see a lot of advertisements geared towards people over the age of 50 and possibly more shows featuring old geezers. Why? Well CBS, NBC, and ABC are pointing to research that shows consumers over 50 spend $90 billion dollars a year on condoms alone.

WAIT! Sorry, that should read, “Consumers over 50 spend $90 billions dollars a year on cars alone. Not condoms. Although I think that came in a close second. And by the year 2017 they will control 70 percent of the nation’s disposable income. Go figure.

Cripes. If I had any income I sure as hell wouldn’t dispose of it. I’d spend it!!!


Step in a commercial for “Depends.”

The article went on to say that in contrast to the aging Baby Boomers, their children known as millennials, generation Y, or echo boomers are living at home longer and making fewer key purchasing decisions than their predecessors. Cheap bastards.

It should make them less attractive to advertisers, but they are still prized as ever. This because due to technology they can watch TV wherever they go. The good news for advertisers.

The bad news. With these new devices and technology they tend to skip over commercials. While us old farts tend to sit on the sofa with our old technology, analog TV’s and one single remote and just veg out while staring dumbly at boomer 2

The leader in catering to older geezers (baby boomers) is CBS which ranks as the most watched network. This, according to the article, is due to the fact that CBS has a more traditional lineup of crime dramas and middle-of-the-road sitcoms. It has the oldest audience in broadcast TV, with a median viewer of 58.

TAKE THAT! Freakin’ “Honey Boo Boo.” Which leaves me to believe that the network with the youngest audience, usually 6 and 7 year olds, is the TLC channel that Boo Boo is on. Yep, those viewers are coveted by that network. Must be a lot of peanut butter and jelly advertisements on that network.

Which is strange considering “TLC” stands for “The Learning Channel.” WTF! Are we supposed to “learn” something from watching Honey Boo Boo? Like, OMG …..there are freakin’ weird people roaming the earth.


Like me and my other half

Another rocket scientist, NBC’s chairman Bob Greenblatt, (rhymes with splat) had a hand in cancelling “Harry’s Law” starring Kathy Bates. Which I personally thought was a really great show. Then again, what the f**k do I know. Which is why I’m writing blogs and not the chairman of NBC.

Anyhow, NBC decided to cancel that show because, (gasp) “It’s audience skewed very old and it is hard to monetize (make big bucks) that.”

Hey, guess what Bobby……da bucks are now rolling in from people over 50 you idiot. Oops.

OH….did I fail to mention CBS has the lead in that? Oops…soreeeeee.

Bates herself said, “People’s jaws dropped. Geez Louise, who do you think watches TV out there? The advertisers have got to wake up to this. Who do you think’s got the money out there?”

Well, judging by the number of erectile dysfunction TV commercials, six gazillion ads for prescription medications for every affliction known to mankind, and the fact that Larry King is still alive and wants to come back to TV, I’d say we old geezers have the cash.

So WAKE UP you other networks. Screw them young viewers. They’re too busy texting, tweeting, twerking, and whatever to pay any attention to WTF is on TV.

Unlike us older folks sitting around on our sofas every night watching the tube with money stuffed in out mattresses and salivating at the thought of finding a place to spend it all.


Perfect opportunity for a “Victoria’s Secret” bra ad

Now with the networks finally waking up to our huge cash stash, maybe it’ll be time for some quality TV.

Um….somebody wanna kick AMC in the butt first. The still don’t have a freakin’ clue.

As evidenced by their new show to debut very soon. “Game of Arms.” Which is about arm wrestling.

Scuse me….gotta go……I might miss AMC’s other new weekly series, “Watching Paint Dry.”

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to They’re Alive I Tell Ya….Aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. katydidknot says:

    I don’t pretend to understand this stuff, but I do know that traditionally, the 25-40 demographic was the one that advertisers really wanted.

    I’m not sure why, since everybody knows that seniors are the easiest to scare, and fear is a great sales motivator (my hip hop insurance, which protects old people from the dangerous environmental effects of hip hop, has made me a mint.

    But no one has ever been interested in reaching old people before the Baby Boomers got old. This is why FoxNews’ ratings have never been a huge ad draw – 100 million people watch them at any given time, but every single viewer is over 85.

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      I never bought that idea that only younger people should be targeted as far as advertisers go Katy. I myself spend probably more than your average younger person because I have more of a disposable income with regard to not having to raise any kids, commuting to work, and the rest of that stuff. So now advertisers realize that. To which I say…it’s about freakin’ time.

      As far as Faux News goes, never watch it. I prefer to watch Jon Stewart on Comedy Central for both comedy and news to get “both” sides of an issue. Call me stupid….but I kinda like what clouds up the issues….it’s call “facts.” Something Fox News lacks in. As do other news outlets.

      Again….because these news outlets are also after the almighty dollar and cater to specific audiences.

         Click here for my daily blog.


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