HEY! How In The Hell Did I Miss THESE Ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sounds logical to me

You can thank the web site “Opposing Views” for the following advertisements which they labeled the “25 Most Inappropriate Magazine Ads of All Time.”

I was kind of curious as to how inappropriate they actually were, being the curious person that I am, and then, after viewing some of them, (I chose 12 out of the 25) and picked out what you might think are inappropriate.

Personally, “I” thought they were sure as hell clever and would definitely get you to pay attention to the ads. Um, not the product advertised, but the ads themselves.

But I’m wondering. How is it I missed these ads? Geez….I get “AARP” magazine. Ya think I would have at least caught one of these.

Um…maybeeee not. None of these ads are about, depends, erectile dysfunction, scooters, term life insurance, assisted living facilities or funeral homes. Damn!


This is either an ad for “Gucci” or a guy from a pest control company checking for bed bugs

The next time you complain about women who wear high-heeled stilettos be verrrry careful…..


Women’s lib at its worse

How Adolf Hitler kept track of his assortment of paste on moustaches…….


Herman! Get me the OTHER one. This one makes me look fat

Obviously an erectile dysfunction problem here………..


Hon…..as soon as the Doritos kick in I’ll be ok

This next one is an ad for batteries…………


F**K. I knew I shoulda unplugged the damn radio before I got in da tub

Hmmmmm. A perverts perfect opportunity………………..


Oops, missed that first tag. Damn, missed the second one. Rats, still missed it….heh, heh….ok…ok…one more time…um, maybe a couple of more times

I know…..there’s a gazillion lines for this next ad. Like maybe, “Hey, you’re gonna get a “rise” outta this one……………..


Bite me!

Oh well, as long as we’re on phallic symbols………….


Is this stick HARD or what!

OK, enough of the guy body parts.


Um….I’ll take 15 bottles if I can grab them myself

For those of you who have perverted minds, this completely innocent ad…………..


Then again, it IS kinda sensual. Um….the fingers that is…..

You knew there had to be a blonde in these ads somewhere didn’t ya…………..


Nah. I think the fries are fake

And the final ad. Of course, my favorite. AND…every red blooded American males on the face of the earth.


Ya think!

So, there ya have it. What “Opposing Views” thinks are the “25 Most Inappropriate Magazine Ads of All Time.”

WHAT! Are they nucking futs!

Just sayin.’

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5 Responses to HEY! How In The Hell Did I Miss THESE Ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Greetings fellow blogger! I just found something interesting on the news, possibly something you could ponder about if you are extremely out of ideas one day, or if you actually find it interesting. We have a cartoonist in Norway who draw ‘Pondus’ – a story about a 40 something dad in a small village somewhere in Norway. I just read in the news today, that USA didn’t dare launch him, as he draws women too ugly! an example: http://img365.imageshack.us/img365/1134/pondus2fm1.jpg Basically, the Americans were concerned that their readers would be offended if they were to launch Pondus in the States. I find it hilarious. 😀 Are you americans so easy to offend? (If you need a translation for the cartoon I linked here: Bus driver: Isn’t it supposed to be small DOGS that chicks should be carrying around on their arm? Pondus: Yes, but THOSE women go somewhere else!

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      Thanks Tina. Will check it out and let you know. And yes, American are still in the stone age when it comes to censorship, even if it’s humor. But, that said, if I can do something with what you sent, I will.


         Click here for my daily blog. https://misfit120.wordpress.com


  2. katydidknot says:

    Those ads all fall in that weird zone where they are effective at getting my attention but completely ineffective at getting me interested in the product they are supposed to be promoting.

    Except maybe the beer ad. I kind of want to know whether it is possible to line beer bottles up like that.

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

       Yeah…I had no idea what some of the ads were for….but really didn’t care. They’re were enough to catch my eye.

      As far as the beer bottles go, hey, what the hell…..give it a shot.

       Click here for my daily blog. https://misfit120.wordpress.com


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