OMG! Topless Women Coming To Invade The U.S.!!!!!!

Usually when I pick up on a news story and the headline blurts out that once again something is going to invade the U.S., I begin to go into a state of panic. You know, like when the “Swine Flu” epidemic was going to invade us, and then “Mad Cow Disease,” and then back in the early 60’s, “The Beatles.”

Um, I thought they meant actual beetles.

You just never know what’s coming next. And today was no different when I happened upon yet another frightening story on the Internet highlighting the next invasion.

PANIC! PANIC! WTF do we have to worry about next? OMFG!

“Femen’s Topless Sextremists Invade the US”


Don’t ya just hate it when I censor things

Um….WAIT! That’s it? A bunch of feminists who are topless are going to invade the U.S.?

Yep, that was the threatening headline folks. A gang of attractive (thank Gawd) Ukrainian topless women condemning religion, agitating against misogyny, (hatred against women) and fighting dictatorships are heading our way.


Considering I personally do not have any problems with religion, (I pray constantly for a winning Powerball ticket) I don’t hate women, (ex wives excluded) and we really do not have a dictatorship here in the U.S., I can’t quite figure out why they would want to come here and protest.

Unless its soooooo freakin’ cold in the Ukraine they just do not wanna run around topless there and freeze their boobs off. My guess anyhow. After all, Spring in the U.S. is just a month away. Makes sense to me.

Not that I have any problems with topless Ukraine women protesting in the U.S. mind you. Or anywhere else for that matter.


Peanut butter and jelly ok?

So whats the deal here? Why come to the U.S. to protest? Which includes some of the tactics they have used in the Ukraine, like exposing their breasts which are covered in revolutionary slogans, pulling down their underwear to their ankles, squatting down and peeing on photos of their Ukraine leaders.

Hmmmm…..sounds perfectly normal to me. If you live in the Ukraine.

So again, why come here to expose boobs, wear slogans and pee?

The group, known as the “Femen” (also kinda like that cute caricature on the “Playboy Magazine” joke page) say that they have already set up branches in nine countries and that their goal is to occupy the world with Femin’s tactics of modern feminism. This due to the fact that American women have expressed their support and impatience when fighting puritanism and conservatism.femlin

Someone better call Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum right away before all of this gets outta hand.

Presently as we speak, or as I write, they are training American women to act as Femen in every place of gender injustice and they say that every place representative of patriarchal culture will be a target of Femen USA.

Kinda sounds like an Olympic team don’t ya think. “Femen USA” Rah, Rah, Rah!!! “Gooooooo Team Femen!”


And don’t EVEN pull the showing me yer boobs trick…..

So my question is why the topless angle? Not that I object to that, but I was just curious.

According to a spokesman…….spokeswoman, Femen’s tactics is a “dramatic representation of gender reality.”

Yep…..topless women protesting is sure as hell dramatic reality for me. Boy would I be paying attention to their cause. Whatever the hell their cause was. Who cares.

Subtitled: The Last Straw

Subtitled: The Last Straw

They went on to say that, “Femen’s idea is transforming the sexist point of view of naked a woman’s body; we show it not as weak and smiley, but aggressive and powerful.”

WHAT! Gawking at a bunch of topless women protestors is aggressive and powerful?

Um, then again I kinda see their point…..or points.

If ya kind of think of it in the abstract.


One example……..

Um, let’s see. How can I give you an example of what they possible mean by being topless can be aggressive and powerful.

Ok…let’s say two armies are going into battle. On one side are a bunch of really big powerful looking guys with all kinds of muscles and really awesome weapons heading across the battlefield.

On the other side approaching those guys are hundreds of topless women with no weapons at all but simply sporting slogans on their bodies that say, “Make Love Not War.”

Guys being guys, who the hell do ya think is gonna cave in first?

So, I guess Femen does have a valid point in their protest movement. Cripes, I’d sure as hell drop my weapon and surrender. Then again, I’ve always had a weakness for boobs. Which I why I never win any arguments at home if my other half uses those as a bargaining point….or points.

Other causes that Femen will be highlighting is their determination to decriminalize prostitution but solicitation of prostitutes to remain criminal.


OK, deal. $20 bucks and a box of Lipton Tea

So basically they said prostitutes should not be prosecuted for being a prostitute but if you solicit a prostitute, then YOU should be prosecuted.

Seems kinda strange to me. Don’t prosecute prostitutes, but prosecute those who solicit prostitutes? WTF! If ya don’t solicit prostitutes then prostitutes would be outta a job, (no clients) so what’s the point?

They demand the criminalization of prostitutes’ clients as a way to fight violence against exploitation of women.


Ladies…..ladies…..if ya throw prostitutes clients into the slammer then prostitutes will be outta work. Cripes….can’t ya like at least ask those prostitutes if they actually want you to protest on their behalf. Or, at least check with the prostitutes union or something.

Geesh….forget the prostitutes and go topless in Congress where they’ve been against supporting women’s rights for decades. Besides, most Congressmen like seeing topless women. Just not giving them equal rights.feminist2

So basically Femen is protesting not only governments and dictators in general but the fact that they feel the sex business is a business owned by men, for men, and women are just an instrument to earn money and pleasure

Which, in my opinion, could be nullified if only sex could be converted to a business owned by women, for women, and men would just be an instrument to earn money and pleasure.


First clue: Four cats in the window

HEY Femen. We men are ready to be used as instruments to earn money. Come on over and protest and bring some sign up applications.

Um….but do it like you’ve been doing….topless……you’ll get a lot more guys to sign up for the cause.

Um…..what the hell was the cause anyhow?

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