Soooo, Like….Why Are You So Depressed?


It was shortly thereafter that Ned was cheered up by the Bird of Paradise flying up his nose.

Yep….been there, done that. Been soooo depressed I couldn’t even stand to face another day. Don’t ya just hate it when you get that way. You tend to walk around saying to yourself all the time, “Life sucks.”

BUT….it’s not that life sucks, it’s that sometimes people, places and things suck. Excluding people who are eating lollipops who suck all the time.

So, today I figured I’d take it upon myself to make your life unsucky. To the best of my unsucky ability that is. And only because even though parts of my life still indeed do suck, I get over it. I’m here today to talk you out of being depressed.


Yes, even one of these.

First the sucky parts that drive me freakin’ nuts. Maybe you will be able to relate to a few of them. Like being broke all of the time. Yep….I used to get really down in the dumps when all I wanted to do was exist and didn’t have enough money to even pay attention, never mind paying anything else.

BUT…I said to myself, “Mousefeet, so what if ya don’t have any cash. Will the damn world end if a bill is late, or ya don’t go to a movie, or ya can’t buy anything for your other half, or just go out and have a good time?” Obviously the answer was…..”Well um, I’d sure like to do all those things, but WTF, might as well make the best of it……because… least I’m still, at my age, breathing.”old1

Some of you may be depressed over losing a relationship with someone you cared deeply for. But, been there, done that. Guess what happens. SHAZAM! Down the road someone else comes into your life and you then say to yourself, “Holy crap, what the hell did I ever see in that other jerk?”

Now, as you all know, politics and stupid people tend to really piss me off. Not necessarily in that order. Ya listen to one news source on TV and then another for different views and all they do is f**k up your pea sized brain with only the information THEY want you to have to promote their agendas.

Same with social media sites. I used to get depressed over all that too, but now I look at it with a controlled brain….unlike many who have no control over their brains. Especially on social media sites.

HEY! Think I’m kidding. Go take a look at the “Sodahead” site under the “News and Politics” heading and you’ll find a motherlode of idiots.idiot

But, getting back to being depressed. Yes, I could very well go that route for many other reasons. Getting old. Eyeballs aching from not being able to afford prescription glasses so I can actually see WTF I’m writing. (spell check helps….sometimes) My two books never selling. A publishing company that rips off people, including me. No one ever, cept for two people, EVER donating a couple of bucks for creative effort on this stupid blog. And three cats that insist on sitting on my lap as I write and sometimes hitting the “delete” key as I’m writing.Image010

Do I get all bent outta shape over all that stuff. NO! Now I’ll tell you why I don’t. It’s my own philosophy about life and dealing with the crap you get dished out to you. Excluding the stuff your spouse feeds you for dinner.

I am of the mind-set that if I get so depressed I wanna just go off the deep end and bail out of my life, like jumping in front of a speeding semi, that if I do, I might miss something that could cheer me up the next day. Like reading in the newspaper that my ex just got audited by the IRS and owes them a gazillion dollars.

Or, considering I manage to somehow squeeze $14 dollars a week out of my paltry monthly SS check to buy a lottery ticket, that I might actually hit it. So, every day I have that to look forward to. Along with my passion for writing humor, the followers that stick with me each day, and the fact that this blog reaches just about every country in the world. Except maybe lower Slovenia. Only because I don’t think they have Internet there yet. Just TV with reruns of “The Howdy Doody Show” using a pair of rabbit ears.dowdy

So ya see, depression is what YOU make of it. Put things in perspective when you’re in a down mood. As much as a lot of politically incorrect idiots put down casinos…guess what! More times than I can count, and I flunked math in high school, I’ve gone to a casino, sat next to someone, struck up a conversation, and met some really great people. So, if you’re lonely, hey, give it a shot.

Bring a lot of pennies and quarters with ya for the slot machines.


The ol break my necklace ploy to avoid getting stuck with an idiot

Another thing. What have you always wanted to do? Write, create something, travel, star in porno movies, (much too late for me on that last one) or whatever. Get off your butt and do it! AGAIN…..and I can’t stress this enough….um….well I CAN stress this enough, so I’ll stress it enough again cause I’m getting stressed trying to get through to you… make my point here.

Do ya think I’m writing and have been writing this blog going on 5 years every single day because I’m making a fortune doing it? No way Jose….or, Tom, Dick and Harry. It is MY depression killer. It is MY enjoyment. And this blog, along with hoping for a winning lottery ticket, give me that incentive to take each day as it comes in the hope that tomorrow will be better…..or have a surprise for me.

Like maybe waking up and realizing I’ve been in a coma for 20 years and haven’t aged one single iota.


Or finally getting rid of that damn Bird of Paradise 

If not, oh well, the next day, and the next day, and the next day I still have something to look forward to.

One last thing. Always try to have a sense of humor. That alone has carried me through some very tough times in my life. Along with occasional sex here and there. Which is next in line after humor.


Take two and call me in the morning

Finally, I wrote this semi serious with bits of humor blog today because I know one of my friends is down in the dumps. And I hope she cheers up a bit. As well as knowing that I am here for her, as I am for anyone in my life. Including my blog readers. Which is why I always will respond to anyone in need. Personally or via e-mail.

So, to all of you out there in blogdom land, you are not alone and you should never let depression get the best of you…EVER. Always look towards what tomorrow, or the next day may bring.

Look at it this way. Suppose you go off the deep end, wind up in Heaven or Hell, happen to just come across an edition of the “Satan Daily News,” (I’m assuming the Devil has some sort of news media down there, considering some news outlets resemble that up here) or, you’re up in Heaven, grab a copy of the “St. Peter and Paul Gazette,” flip open the lottery numbers page and see that the ticket you bought was a winner, and you forgot to check it, THEN how ya gonna feel?

Kinda like myself when I check my PayPal donate link each day to see if a Powerball winner donated hundreds of dollars cause I made their day. Never happens, but…..ya never know.


And more good news. Your lottery number came in and some eccentric millionaire donated to your blog.

There’s always tomorrow………..and the next day………….and the next day……..

So let’s hope I put a smile on that face of yours. If not, at least put up a good front………


Well, a bad front is better than a no front at all….

Just sayin.’

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