Intimate Bathroom Experiences In Vienna. Pssssst….hey buddy.


Well, um….more like “Tales From The Vienna Restrooms.”

Ya know, for the amount of time we Americans spend in our bathrooms, you’d think by now it would be the most lavishly furnished and decorated room in our houses.

Well, um, mine already is because I’m freakin’ old and you know how much we older people spend in our bathrooms. So, why not make it enjoyable. Magazines, a radio and TV, laptop computer, fridge, a place for snacks, coffeemaker, and a recliner…..for those times it takes a bit longer to poop.

Um, not really, but If I had my way it would be stocked with all that stuff.

But, let’s go a step further. What about the restrooms we frequent away from home.

Most of us avoid at all cost those disgusting public restrooms. We usually opt to head for a restaurant or other type of business that keeps up their facilities. Or, hold it till we can make it back home. Which works…..sometimes.

BUT….take a look at this innovative idea from Vienna courtesy of my fellow blogger Tina Roenhovde Tiller, who lives and works there, and, I’m assuming spends a lot of time in public restrooms. Or, she’s very bored and running out of things to photograph.


For a good time call Senator Larry Craig

(Tina takes a lot of great photos of Vienna and her blog is called, “Everyday Life In Vienna.” You can access it at

The photo above is of a restroom in Vienna, What makes it unusual is that you can leave notes tacked up for other people to read. Unlike here in the United States where ya have to scribble your messages on the walls or use a nail file or key to scratch your note on the walls. Is this a great idea or what! And free pens too!!!!

I tried to read some of those messages but I think most, if not all of them, are written in Viennese German which is the prominent language spoken in Vienna. With the exception of that one note next to the bottom that ends with the word, “doctor.” Which could have been left by Senator Larry Craig after possibly linking up with someone via a post-it-note and then came down with some dreaded sexual disease. Just a guess there folks.

So, that said, I have no idea what all those notes say. Could be simple stuff like “Hey, who ever cleans this restroom, leave some extra toilet paper will ya!” Or, “If any of you see some big guy that looks like a U.S. Senator…RUN!”

Otherwise, perverts excluded, it does seem like a great idea when it comes to having a decent restroom to use without having it look like it’s been through two wars with all those scratches all over the walls. Plus, it’s a great way of meeting new and exciting people who like to use restrooms. Excluding Larry Craig of course.

And, on top of all that, look how great all that rich Corinthian leather looks in that restroom. Ricardo Montalban would be proud.


Unfortunately Ricardo is no longer with us, but I’m sure he’s resting in peace somewhere in rich Corinthian leather

Seems to me living in Vienna would be quite enjoyable. At least going to the bathroom part. But I’m basing this on the number of photos Tina has posted since living in Vienna, not just that neat bathroom. Which is actually a “restroom” as I’m quite certain you can’t take a bath in there. Hence, “restroom” and not “bathroom.”

Of course I could be mistaken. There actually could be a bath in a restroom. After all, we ARE talking about Vienna here. We’ll have to leave that up to Tina to enlighten us.

But the best thing about living in another country, besides being able to write a novel in a restroom, is that most other countries, including Vienna, are quite open about sex and sexuality. I don’t think many of them freak out over nudity or choice of lifestyles.

Unlike some of us here in America who go berserk at catching a glimpse of a woman’s nipple slip or think our kids are going to wind up as worthless slugs if they so much as hear the “F” word on TV or in a movie. (blog on that tomorrow)

I’m instructing Tina to print this blog, take it to that restroom, post it on the wall, and maybe decipher some of those notes too. Only because if I can get more blog readers in Vienna I’ll be able to freely type the word “f**k” without anyone there going into a panic instead of having to use those asterisks as I do here.

Then again, I’d have to learn how to speak and write in Viennese German. Which at my age would be very difficult considering I’m still attempting to master the English language. Spell check IS my second language.

Sooooo, Tina…..

Sehen Sie, ich bin nicht so dumm, Tina Ähm, ja, ich bin, habe ich einen Übersetzer-App. Aber, könnte nur Deutsch.

Geez….WTF did I just say!!!!!

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2 Responses to Intimate Bathroom Experiences In Vienna. Pssssst….hey buddy.

  1. Hahaha!! Well done, it turned into quite a nice little post. I’ve got to say though, that I’ve never encountered a public ‘restroom’ wich had a bathtub. So, I think we can safely say that indeed they are not bathrooms, but toilets/restrooms/loos etc… etc. Printing your blog and putting it up seems like a fun idea actually! haha, I’ll see what I can do! Bear in mind though that I can only appeal to female readers then… unless it’s a unisex bathroom. Eh, toilet, I mean. A lot of the notes are puns in the word sh*t. Or just stating how great a life it is, or how ‘leinwand’ (awesome) the ladies’ is. Here is one you might appreciate (although it is TOTALLY random) – someone who replied to a note saying ‘why is the ladies’ toilet always full of piss?!!??!??! – because of the clean shave. Beats me.

    • misfit120 says:

      Not having been in a ladies restroom, cept for that one time I wasn’t paying attention, I can’t vouch for that “piss” comment. Glad you enjoyed the post…..: )

      Click here for my daily blog.


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