Score Another Victory For The “Politically Correct” Brain Dead.


Today’s “politically correct” award goes to the Irish who have successfully made “Bed, Bath and Beyond,” apologize for stocking what the Irish say are offensive items on their store shelves. WHAT! Fake four leaf clovers or something? Worse yet, tiny pots of fake gold coins from the end of some fake rainbows?

HOLD ON! Don’t go sending out a Leprechaun hit squad out after me. I’m only tellin’ ya that it’s just a matter of time before we’ll all be censored from doing or saying anything that might be offensive to anyone or any thing. Animals included. Yep…just a matter of time.


OMG! This is sooooooooo offensive. But I think the Leprechaun likes it.

In this case it was a clothing item that “Bed, Bath and Beyond” stores were stocking that read, “I’ll Be Irish In A Few Beers.” As well as a “St. Patrick’s Countdown Calendar Spinning Party Game,” that may have encouraged binge drinking.

Yeah….like the Irish are the only ones who would be encouraged to binge drink. HEY! Have ya ever been to a frat party for cripes sake! I DO believe there may be more than Irish drinkers there folks. And they don’t need no stinkin’ calendar to edge them on.

It’s a cute calendar you can give to some Irish person for a joke. Get real!


Which stands for, “Give me a f**king break.” They’re kidding right? The Irish, well, specifically the “Ancient Order of Hibernians,” America’s largest Irish group, (not a singing group) had protested that many items they carried in “Christmas Tree” stores insulted the Irish.


Makes complete sense to me….and I’m not even Irish

Now you know where this is going don’t ya. Give in to one protest group because a funny saying appears on a T-Shirt or something and the next thing ya know every single ethnic group is gonna be protesting something.

Especially since they actually received an apology from the company which said, “Be assured that “Bed, Bath and Beyond” meant no disrespect to your organization, nor to others of Irish heritage, and we apologize. We have instructed our stores to remove from sale those items identified by you. We have taken the additional step of asking our buyers to be vigilant with subsequent orders to avoid this issue in the future.”


And when ya get there lady, just ask for the little green guy smoking clovers

I, for one, am completely blown away by the “Ancient Order of Hibernians” for EVEN making an issue outta this. Maybe they’re all way too ancient. Get with the program Hibers. It’s funny not offensive. Cripes, I’m Italian and do ya wanna know how many Italian T-Shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, posters, and signs I have with funny Italian jokes.

Do ya see me get all bent outta shape if I walk into a store and see something like say, “Hey, I’m Italian, Get Outta The Way Or I’ll Put A Contract Out On Ya.” NO…I’m not gonna get all upset over that. WHY? Because for one, if ya don’t get outta my way, I AM gonna put a contract out on ya. Secondly, IT’S A FREAKIN’ JOKE!!!!


And so far “Fruit of the Loom” has not filed any objections

Ya don’t like it….don’t shop there. How freakin’ simple is THAT! Did ya ever think other Irish folk with a sense of humor might actually like it? OR….are you, “Ancient Hibernians” of the mind-set that YOU should decide for the rest of us, Irish or non Irish what is offensive and what is not.

You know what’s offensive? Not being able to go into a store and decide what funny gift I wanna buy for an Irish friend of mine who has a sense of humor. Because you decided it was offensive.

Fortunately some brains do prevail. “Spencer’s,” the novelty and gag gift store, said that it will not refrain from offering items some Irish American customers have called culturally offensive. Yes Dorothy, if only the rest of the world had a brain.


Where the brains of most politically correct people are located

I’ll repeat this one more time. If something offends you in a store, DO NOT SHOP THERE!

Yeah, if a bunch of protestors are marching down Main Street defaming any ethnic group, then yes, you should complain. But when a store is selling items strictly for the humor angle for those that, believe it or not, may have a sense of humor, I think you or any group protesting that establishment are way outta line.

There are more important things to get your tar and feathers in a tizzy over than Irish jokes, Italian jokes, Polish and Jewish jokes or whatever. Don’t make yourselves the judge and jury as to what may be offensive to you and not to others. I’ve seen many an Irish person wear items mocking the Irish. What’s next…..protesting Irish jokes?

Look, should I be upset if I saw this shirt in a store:


Love you too baybeeee

Don’t offend me. Neither does this one…..


And proud of it…..

Or this one…….


Well, some of us don’t…..

So ya see, it’s not just the Irish that are made fun of. It’s every ethnic group, AND, it’s meant to be in humor, NOT TO DEFAME any ethnic group.

If you’re still of the mind-set that this is nothing other than yet another group following the ol “politically correct” route, and think this is a worthy effort, why don’t you take a look at what really IS offensive.


OMG! He Does?

Well, that’s not really offensive, unless you’re a puppy or a member of the “ASPCA,” but ya get my point here. It’s all perception. But should this shirt be banned along with any Irish shirt? NO! If it offends you, don’t buy it. If you like it, hey, buy a case load. Your choice. Not some group that should dictate what a store can sell and what it can’t.

I rest my case with this last T-Shirt………….tshirt8

If THAT offended you, go to “BED” after your BATH,” and perhaps “BEYOND.”

Like to another planet.

Just sayin.’

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