Gangster Grave Sites. Only if you are of a curious nature.


One of the most notorious gangsters of all time. (at the end of today’s blog) Hint: It’s not the rabbit.

Sometimes my mind wanders off and I begin to think of strange things. Actually, when ya think about it, writing this blog is writing about strange things on a daily basis. So, I guess my mind wanders 99% of the time. Maybe I should seek out help.

Nah….then I’d be bored outta my tree.

But even I tend to question how I manage to come up with things to write about. In fact, my other half said to me last night, “It amazes me how you always find something to write about 365 days a year…how do you do it.”

I replied, “Because I’m f**king nuts. Do ya think a sane person would write this stuff and not get paid for writing it? Which answers my own question……which is, I write this stuff because obviously no one in their right mind would pay me to write it. Soooo, I might as well stay on a roll and give ya more of what the hell is in my brain today.

Which is, where there are some notorious gangsters buried. Now don’t ask me why I thought of this because I don’t have a freakin’ clue. It just jumped into my brain, so you can either jump on the ol MisfitWisdom idiotic inquiring minds wanna know bandwagon, or click off and go find something else to amuse you. Your choice.

But I was curious, so for those of you who didn’t click off and went somewhere else, here’s where some of the most notorious gangsters are deep sixed.

Most notably, Alphonse Capone who’s buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois. He died at home at a very young age, 48, of a heart attack. Which is rather unusual considering most gangsters die of a heart attack brought on by a slew of bullets entering their heart.stones1

I always liked the neat names gangsters had. Like “Guido da Nose Frappozoni,” or “Giovanni “Knuckles” Bombazini, (I made those up) but if by chance those are real gangsters, my apologies.

I always wanted to be, “Dicky da Nose.” But alas, never became a gangster, just a disc jockey, where they nicknamed me, “Dicky the Fink.” Not quite an appropriate name for a gangster.


I missed my calling as a gangster

The closest I ever came to seeing an actual gangster’s grave site was that of Rhode Island Mafia boss Raymond L. S. Patriarca. I think the “L.S.” stood for , “like so what!” which I think he was noted for saying when cops accused him of being a crime boss. His grave is located in my hometown of East Providence, R.I. and sits on top of a hill overlooking the entire cemetery. From that view, no one was gonna sneak up on Raymond…..even after he died.pat pic grave

Of course I just finished writing about Bonnie and Clyde a yesterday, so I figured you might want to know where they’re buried. Clyde is buried at Western Heights Cemetery in Dallas, Texas while Bonnie is buried at Crown Hills Cemetery in Dallas. Their wishes upon their ultimate demise was to be buried together but their families objected. Just goes to show you that you can’t trust relatives. Which means they should have knocked them off before they got knocked off.Clyde Barrow Grave


Another famous gangster whose nickname I liked was George Clarence Moran. Better known as “Bugs Moran,” most likely because he never took a bath and had bugs crawling all over him. My guess anyhow. Either that, or he bugged the hell outta people basically meaning that he was a pain in the ass.

Considering there used to be a rock and roll signer named, “Clarence Frogman Henry” I wonder if HE wanted to be a gangster too but, like myself, figured the nickname “frogman” wouldn’t scare the bejesus outta anyone. Cept for flys maybe.

Bugs is buried at the prisoners paupers cemetery at Leavenworth, Kansas. Which obviously means he was broke when he bought the farm.


Damn! Where the f**k are ya Bugs?

Lucky Luciano,  wasn’t so lucky at the end because he suffered a heart attack while at the Naples International Airport where he was supposed to meet some film producers about producing a movie about the Mafia.

“Hey youse guys, tanks for comin. I gots dis here great idea for a movie about mah life in da Mafia. I dink I wants to call it, “Da Godfadder.” And, of course I’d be in it. So, whaddya think?”

“Well Mr. Luciano……..”

“Um a, calla me Lucky.”

“Well Mr. Lucky, that sounds like a great idea but we’re meeting with a guy later, um, I think his name is Mario Puzo and he’s already written a script for a Godfather movie.”

“WHAT! Some guy named Puzo is writin’ a freakin’ movie about da Mafia….no good #&%^$#! bastard SOB, I aughta take his neck and, and…..OMG! my heart… heart…..aghhhhh.”

And so Lucky winds up here at St. Johns Cemetery at Middle Village, Queens, New York.stones 14

Then there’s Sam Giancana. He didn’t have one of those neat Mafia nicknames. Because he couldn’t decide which nickname he liked. Some of which were, “Momo,” “Mooney,” “Sam the Cigar,” and “Sammy.” I personally would have gone with, “Sam DCMAOTSNIYWL Giancana.” Which is short (somewhat) for “Don’t Call Me Any of Those Stupid Nicknames If Ya Wanna Live Giancana.” Kinda long but effective.

Sam was shot six times in the face and head at his home one evening while cooking sausage and peppers on his mafia stove by someone authorities think was a friend of Giancana’s. Which is the main reason I never invite friends over while  cooking sausage and peppers. My enemies maybe, but never my friends.

Anyhow, Sam is buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery, Cook County, Illinois along with his last meal of sausage and peppers……I assume.stones 10

There were so many gangsters, mostly men, so I at least wanted to give equal time to the women. Besides Bonnie Parker. So I’ll end today with one of the most notable women gangsters of sorts, “Ma Barker.”  (no relation to Bob Barker of  “The Price Is Right”)

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover once called Ma, “The most vicious, dangerous and resourceful brain of the last decade.” He may have had a mother complex or something.

Ma is buried at the Williams Timberhill Cemetery in Welch, barker

In conclusion, I present to you the most despicable low down notorious gangster of all time. Emanuel Goldenberg Robinson. I can’t even count the number of people this gangster knocked off…………… the movies of course.

Better known as Edward G. Robinson, he portrayed a number of gangsters in the movies with over 101 films to his credit over his 50 year career. Most notable, his gangster role as, Caesar Enrico “Rico” Bandello in the movie “Little Caesar.”



He also starred in many other movies, non-gangster, such as “The Ten Commandments” where he played, Dathan, who was always trying to blame Moses for everything that went wrong and for taking that vacation to the top of Mount Sinai.

No Goo nik "Darthan."

No Good nik “Dathan.”

“Yah…yah…yah, ya think Moses is gonna save your sorry butts. Well ask yourselves this why don’t ya, where the hell is he now…yah, yah. I’ll tell ya where he is….yah. He’s up in those mountains talkin’ to himself while we’re down here freezin our butts off….yah. I say, screw Moses, and let’s make our own God and have a big party.”

“DATHAN! you SOB! I’m gone for a few days and look what happens!”

“Oh…sorry Mose…..but ya know it’s been forty days and forty nights….but…like, who’s countin.”


Dathan! I swear, oops, sorry God…um, Dathan I’m gonna smack this tablet over your head….I swear. Oops…sorry again God.

Edward G. Robinson is buried at the Beth-El Cemetary in the Ridgewood area of the borough of Queens, in New York City in the “Goodman Mausoleum.”ed7

So takeTHAT ya dirty low down coppers. Try and arrest me now…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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6 Responses to Gangster Grave Sites. Only if you are of a curious nature.

  1. Katy says:

    Blues singers from the Thirties and Forties had even better nicknames than gangsters. Being a gangster was bigger business than being a bluesman, though, so their tombstones probably aren’t as cool.

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      Yep….and the only gangsters that “sang” were called “stool pigeons” and they too got the deep six…..literally.

      Click here for my daily blog.


  2. tessa moran says:

    You talk alot of shit you don’t know about. If you did any real research before you made full public articles about people (who has passed away at that, you should have more respect) you would know that it’s always been somewhat unknown how George Moran got his nickname. But the name came from either people giving it to him for being “nutty” also refered to as someone “buggin” not in the term of someone being a “bug-a-boo”. OR it came from himself or other people, giving him the nick name for his street gang name. He was in no way dirty.. Bugs crawling all over him?? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. You shouldn’t talk shit on someone who you know nothing about. And “obviously goes to show he was broke”… Shut the fuck up. You make yourself sound like a wanna-be and your ignorantly making public post on people you have no knowledge of. Your a piece of shit for saying shit like that about infamous men who made history. Even if you got some gay thing going on for Capone, you should still only state facts about any of the people you have mentioned on here. Your saying some disrespectful shit for someone who sits on a computer and types up whatever bullshit comes to your mind when you hear something as simple and uninformative as a nickname. You have no business trying to “teach” people about any of the people mentioned on here.

    • misfit120 says:

      My apologies Tessa. Sorry you were upset by that blog. All of the information I wrote was compiled from other sites via the Internet so I did not assume or dream up any of what I wrote other than my own comments. When I write about anything I research various web sites for factual, or perhaps not in some instances, depending on the author, what was written about various people. So in conclusion, I understand your anger, however it should be directed at various sites on the Internet that have posted information that I simply passed on. No need to shoot the messenger so to speak.

      • Gizmo says:

        I enjoyed reading your blog . Unfortunately some people just like to moan about things in a nasty way instead of maybe putting it in a nicer way . Keep up the good work . I will keep reading .

      • misfit120 says:

        Thanks Gizmo. Appreciate the comment. Presently I am in a blog hiatus due to the election and Trump. I really needed to calm down so I’m taking some time off.

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