OK M&M’s…Your Ploy Worked. Your Super Bowl Ad Goes Viral……….Maybe


Game….what game?

I usually don’t get sucked into advertising ploys easily….unless it’s a “Victoria’s Secrets” ad or there are a bunch of naked women involved. Or a naked photo of a female M&M. Speaking from a male viewpoint of course.


Cept maybe Brad Pitt

But, with the  Super Bowl just around the corner on February 2nd, it’s my one time to enjoy watching some really creative advertisements. No, I’m NOT a football freak, I just tune in for the advertisements and when the actual game is on, I mute it, and watch reruns of “Gilligan’s Island” on my laptop. Just to ogle over Tina Louise.

HEY! Cut me some slack here. I’m a baseball fan!  Don’t like football, never have, never will. Basically it stems from feeling sympathetic towards pigs who gave up their lives so that they could be made into footballs.pig1

Anyhow, last week I posted a video courtesy of “YouTube” of the “Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups” ad which will be shown on the Super Bowl. Today it’s the M&M’s ad. Unlike the “Butterfinger” ad, the M&M’s ad will not be shown here in its entirety. Mainly because the M&M people want to suck you into watching the Super Bowl to see the complete ad.

BUT….HAH! They ain’t sucking ME into their diabolical scheme. Nope. I know that AFTER the Super Bowl I’ll be able to see that ad a gazillion times on various networks and during various commercial breaks, which number into the millions while you’re watching your favorite shows on TV. So take that M&M’s!


As that famous philosopher Mitt Romney once said, “M&M’s are people too.”

So here’s what the ad industry calls, a “teaser clip” of the new M&M’s ad courtesy once again from “YouTube.”

Go take a look. I’ll wait.

Ok, so you saw that little yellow M&M’s guy working out in a gym or something and then gets zapped by somebody wielding a tranquilizer dart gun, most likely a South American jungle native because, as we all know, who the hell walks around carrying dart guns other than South American jungle natives.

Um, we shouldn’t rule out the CIA just to cut some slack to all South American jungle natives.

(I’m leaning towards the natives by the number of jungle movies I have seen over the years with South American jungle natives in them)


Actual photo of a CIA operative using a dart gun

So then the little guy gets dragged off of the gym floor and this person, most likely that native, who’s wearing a sinister looking black glove, drags his limp body off of the floor. Then whoever that is, holds up a sign saying that you can find out what happened to the yellow M&M by watching the Super Bowl on February 2nd.

So why is M&M’s doing this? Because, as reported by the AP, “The teaser is part of a Super Bowl ad trend. More content is being released ahead of time online in the hope that it goes viral.” Which I just contributed to….by posting this clip and writing this story. Not because I wanted to promote M&M’s but because I was stupid enough to want to see that ad. So, I guess their ploy worked. Bastards.

Take into consideration that one 30 second Super Bowl ad costs advertisers around $4 million dollars. You’d have to sell six million gazillion trillion bags of M&M’s to recoup that money. So ya better start pushing M&Ms pretty fast…..like by making idiots like me promote M&Ms and their new ad. Worked….didn’t it.super b2

For the record, the voice of that little yellow M&M’s guy is that of J. K. Simmons. You may remember him from those “Farmer’s Insurance” TV ads that end with, “Bom Ba Dum Ba Ba Ba Dum.” Or something like that. HEY! You try to put into words what the hell that sounds like!

Speaking of “Farmers” and J. K. Simmons and that ad that has all those cats at the end of that commercial, how the hell did they get all those cats to run around in the snow at one time? I betcha tuna fish was involved. Or catnip. Personally, I’d be curious to see how they rounded up those cats after the commercial was completed. And how many film crew techs had scratches all over their bodies.


Stay calm Martha, they only want this bag of kitty litter I’m holding

M&M’s will also be launching a yearlong campaign to get Hillary Clinton elected as President. Um….wait….no, that’s not right. Sorry, I get carried away with things when I see the word “campaign” because my brain automatically went into an election campaign mode considering the 2016 election for President is only a few weeks away.

It’s not really, but it sure as hells seems that way. Ok…..sorry, that last paragraph should have read that M&M’s is launching a yearlong campaign focusing on the quality of peanuts, (not the comic strip) in M&Ms. “Only one in 100 peanuts is lucky enough to become an M&M’s peanut,” which is in their copy ad.

The rest of the peanuts that do not make the cut are most likely rounded up by a band of peanut mercenaries, hauled off to peanut concentration camps, where they then are done in by a squad of peanut hit men and then sold to the people who make “Skippy” “Planters,” “Smuckers,” or “Jif” peanut butter. Not a pretty sight.


With a Skittles! You bastard!

The M&M’s ad for that little yellow guy will be shown during the first half of the Super Bowl. Which means that if you’re like me and do not like football but want to see that ad you will only have to endure the first half of the Super Bowl game. Then you can tune out and watch “Gilligan’s Island,” on your laptop.

The one thing that did work for M&M’s advertising was the fact that they did get me sucked into at least doing this blog on M&M’s . Whether it goes viral or not, the ad and not my blog, is another question. Considering my blog has never gone viral I think the M&M’s ad stands a better chance. The only thing that EVER goes viral with regard to me is when I catch the flu.


Sorry…it was quite offensive. An M&M without its candy coating

So Super Bowl fans, you have something to look forward to. The actual game or those advertisements. Enjoy.

In the meantime, I’m going to amuse myself by continuing to laugh at this photo of a 78 year-old mafia type guy, Vincent Asaro who was recently arrested in connection with a $6 million dollar airport heist back in the 70’s. Take a look at the really scary FBI agent on the left in the photo. Does this guy look like he’s 9 years old or what!


After all dese years I gotta get nabbed by a freakin’ 9 year-old panty waist kid

Frankly I think the guy in the background with the beard looks kinda suspicious to me.


FBI surveillance cameras show what happened during that 70’s heist

OK….enough frivolity for today. I’m going back to the Internet and studying that pic of Tina Louise I found.


Tina, “Gilligan’s Island” era (pant)


Tina today (unpant)

Um…on second thought maybe I’ll just watch reruns of “Three’s Company” and ogle Suzanne Sommers.

Reinstating original Pant...(pant)

Reinstating original Pant…(pant)

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