Geez….Am I Stupid Or Just Dumb?


In my case it was on Yahoo

Yes folks, I am facing a serious crisis here. Trying to determine if I am stupid or just dumb. I seriously had some doubts as to my brain functioning as a normal person’s brain would function, considering I write this daily blog and after five years of continually writing this stuff I only have 245 followers, while that guy who posts photos of cloud formations has over a gazillion followers. Go figure.

But, I just keep plodding along because, as someone pointed out to me on a social media website, “Are you stupid or just dumb.”

Now this wasn’t in response to my blog writing, but because I asked, what I thought, was a logical question. Which obviously you can’t do on any social media site.


Be afraid….be verrry afraid

I simply asked someone to provide “facts” to me on a comment that they had made with regard to all this Benghazi stuff and who was responsible for what and etc, etc, etc.

Now as of this blog I know a report has been released naming those responsible for the lack of security at that compound on the day of the attack. Personally, I held my judgement on who was responsible until all the “facts” were made public by those investigating the “facts.” Even though some “facts’ were available, but not all the “facts” because, as we all know, Congressional investigation committee’s still have to check out the “facts” because even though there were a lot of “facts’ out there, still more “facts” had to be “facted.” (my word)


Yep….just as I susfacted.

Soooo, foolishly, which is why I’m “stupid and dumb” I posted this question to some guy called Willy who was hell-bent on blaming EVERYBODY, Obama, Hillary, Democrats, The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and me, for being stupid and dumb for wanting more “facts” on the Benghazi incident.

Again, this was my question to him BEFORE the final report came out recently.

Foolish me. I thought all those  investigations, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Syria, Libya,IRS etc, etc, etc, had all been investigated already and no wrong doing were found.Perhaps you could enlighten all of us as to the final conclusions to support your case. Might want to state your facts and the sources. I’d be interested to see the “facts” and, if you’re correct I’ll be the first to agree.

    • Apparently I must be both stupid and dumb for wanting facts. Thanks for a completely intelligent response.


      Hmmmm……no wonder I’m black and blue all over

So, that proves that I am indeed stupid and dumb. Why in the freakin’ world would I want “facts” anyhow? Like I always say, “facts” tend to cloud up the issues. So, my apologies to Willy for asking such a stupid and dumb question.

Now that the “facts” have all been released by a totally unbiased bipartisan committee, I feel much better. Even though I’m stupid and dumb for wanting Willy to at least give me some of “his” facts. BEFORE that report was released.


I was gonna question Palin on this “fact” but changed my mind as I decided it might make me appear more stupid and dumb

To further prove Willy’s point that I am 100% stupid and dumb, besides wasting my time writing a blog every day, I pulled into a convenience store to gas up my truck. (this was the same day I was labeled as “stupid and dumb.”)

Soooooo, all the gas pumps were taken…..what to do?

Because I’m “stupid and dumb” I back into an empty parking space and await my turn at the pumps. Completely out of the way of anyone wishing to enter the convenience store or gas up. I thought I was being considerate by not blocking the entrance way to the store or by pulling behind the other vehicles gassing up, thereby also blocking the entrance to the store.

This guy pulls in, looks all around and sees that he can’t get in a line, nor park, zips by me and flips me the bird. At which point, with a blank look on my face, I say to myself, WTF? However, my other half did not hesitate to return the flip of the bird to him. Basically two birds with one stone so to speak.

I’m assuming that might have been that Willy guy. And he flipped me off because I’m “stupid and dumb.” Otherwise I haven’t a clue as to why I deserved the bird.


Which is even worse than the bird

Oh yeah, the day before I basically asked on another social media site if people should wait for the “facts” before condemning N. J. Governor Chris Christie in that “Bridgegate” scandal and someone, not Willy, replied, “What, are you a f**king idiot?”

I’m not sure if I fall into the “f**king idiot” or the “stupid and dumb” category, or maybe both.  But, I’m checking my “facts” on that to see which one mostly applies to me.

My point, if there actually is one, is that people today have very little tolerance for anything. Especially if you use that dirty disgusting word, “facts.”


I plead the 5th

Soooo, I’m thinking about just skipping the “facts” request whenever anyone posts something on a social media site and just go along with the “fact” that if it’s on Internet and on a social media site, then it has to be true.

Which now means I have to revise all of my thinking on all of the things I wanted “facts” on and just accept that what I’ve read on those social media sites are true. And NEVER challenge anyone by asking for “facts.”

So now I’m accepting the “fact” that lee Harvey Oswald was the only assassin in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 1963; Monica Lewinsky was just an innocent bystander that got “sucked” into that Clinton scandal; Chris Christie is really a nice guy and not a bully as some have claimed; “Honey Boo Boo” is the best program on TV; UFO’s are nothing but swamp gas or hot air balloons; those politically correct people really are out to make our lives better; and “Fox News” really is “fair and balanced.”


Nooooooooooooo! Not facts…..pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!


Which obviously now means that I really am a *f**king idiot” and “stupid and dumb.”

I feel so much better now.

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2 Responses to Geez….Am I Stupid Or Just Dumb?

  1. I think it’s safer if you just leave facts our of social media…. 😉

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      You’re right….like I say, facts tend to cloud up the issues.

      Click here for my daily blog.


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