Will All Politically Correct Idiots Please Step Forward….


Cripes….all I said was Kemo-Sabe

Yes, yet another MisfitWisdom blog about those “politically correct” people who spend their days and nights saving all of us from the horrors of despicable things that are politically incorrect. Things that will corrupt our minds, make us go blind, gnarl our hands and signal the end of life here on Earth as we know it. Besides masturbation that is. Which is what the Catholic church taught me many years ago when I was in catechism, (a summary of religious doctrine) when I was a mere innocent child.

Which is why today I wear bifocals, have a very demented mind, and I type only using one finger.


Damn! I said Obamacare and got suspended.

But thank gawd for these politically correct people. Otherwise we’d all be subjected to another year of watching “Cleveland Indians” baseball and having to gasp every time we observe that Indian logo known as “Chief Wahoo” on the players uniforms. The deprivation of it all. My gawd…how insensitive. How crude. How dare them. Bastards.


The totally insensitive disgusting Cleveland Indians “Chief Wahoo” logo. And the fantastic very creative new logo. 

Yes, under pressure from politically correct groups, some of whom I’m assuming are actual Indians, maybe not even from Cleveland, the Cleveland Indians management is slowly phasing out their “Chief Wahoo” Indian logo so that the world will be a better place in which to live….and watch baseball games without being traumatized because you observed an Indian logo on those baseball uniforms.

Um….did I mention that the Cleveland Indians “Chief Wahoo” logo has been on their uniforms since…um……the 1940’s.

OMG!  WHAT! That despicable logo has been on their uniforms since the 1940’s!!!!!


Let’s see. That would make it around 70 years that people have been all up in bows and arrows over that logo. Yep…..which is usually the same amount of time it takes me to get pissed off about something.


Or I’ll gag you with apolitically incorrect baseball logo

So what are the Indians, um, the “Cleveland Indians” and not real Indians, replacing their logo with? Well, I’m glad you asked. Because it’s really something verrrrry creative. Yep…it’s a “C.” Yep, a plain old “C”. Which, as I’m guessing you assumed, stands for “Cleveland.” How neat is THAT! Which should not offend anyone.

Unless……a bunch of politically correct women step forward and claim it could be interpreted as a slang word for part of a woman’s anatomy. Ya never know.


And Antny Weiner is too. And I’m a Dick…….oops

The Indians, the Cleveland ones and not actual Indians, again, say that they are going to “de-emphasize” the logo by removing it from the road uniforms and have also reduced his visibility at their spring training facility in Arizona where more Native Americans live.

So once again the politically correct people have scored another home run, so to speak, considering we ARE talking about baseball here.

But, now that they’ve managed to sack yet another icon, “Chief Wahoo,” perhaps more politically correct “wahoos” can come forward and make us even more politically correct.


All obviously politically incorrect characters

For instance, WTF is with “Burger King?” Why is it there’s only a Burger “KING” and not a Burger “Queen?” Time for those politically correct feminist groups to chime in don’t ya think.

And how about “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Yeah…why is it there’s only “Kentucky” fried chicken. There are 50 other states ya know. I personally think so as not to slight any state, we should have “District of Columbia Fried Chicken.” Considering all of the “fowl” stuff going on in D.C. I think it would really catch on.


Moby what? Ohhhhh…..I get it……Moby DICK.

It is at this point in today’s politically incorrect blog, in an attempt to piss off all politically incorrect people, my favorite politically incorrect suggestive song, “Lazy Mary” by Lou Monte. (Warning to all PC people: the word “come” may be offensive to you)

“Victoria’s Secret” is yet another politically incorrect name. Everybody knows most women can’t keep secrets, so why only pin that on poor Victoria.

Here’s another one for ya. “Christmas Tree Shops.” NOW THAT’s totally politically incorrect and we all need to form some sort of mob to picket those people right now! Because not everybody, as evidenced by the “politically incorrect” terms for the holiday season, is happy with the word “Christmas.” Those SOB’s need to immediately change their name to “Holiday Tree Shops.”


Ok…Ok…sorrrrry. Um….every time a bell rings um….a um…er…..California Angel player gets to go to first base. Yeah, that’s it….a “California Angel.” Whew….

And speaking of logos, as in that Cleveland Indian non-Indian logo of Chief Wahoo which is not any longer, what about all those poor defenseless animals used in commercials. Don’t they have rights? Do ya see anyone stepping forward and saying using a duck, lizard, dog, or a cat is politically incorrect? NO!

Animals are people too. So says that famous philosopher Mitt Romney. So it’s time all politically correct people step up in defense of these animals that are being used for commercial purposes. Use stuffed animals for cripes sakes. Stop demeaning actual live animals.

Um…wait a sec. Stuffed animals also may have rights too. I mean if people are upset about that Cleveland Indian cartoon type logo, which isn’t a real Indian, then they’ll get all bent outta shape over stuffed animals too. Damn!

(tossing my politically incorrect “Pluck Your Magic Twanger” talking “Froggy” into the trash)Image013

Cripes, the next thing ya know the “Pittsburgh Pirates”will be dumping their logo of a Jolly Roger pirate wearing an eye patch.

Oops….they already have. Yep….they’ll be using the letter “P” instead. Which, may incite some politically incorrect people as well who may claim that using a “P” may suggest peeing and that it’s ok to pee in your pants at a Pittsburgh Pirate game.

Well, at least I don’t think there are any more teams that might offend any of those PC people.

OMG!! WAIT! I forgot. The “Washington Redskins!” Holy Geronimo Cochise!” Yep, that’s the next one that’s gonna come down the politically incorrect pike. (no offense to any “pike” fish that may be reading today’s blog)

Um….let’s not forget politically incorrect squirrels and beavers too.


And “pussy-cats….is that out too?

So where does this all end? I’ll tell ya where. When “Pfizer” exhausts all revenue from making Viagra and creates an “idiot” pill that will save us all from these politically incorrect idiots.

Take one pill and amazingly you start to feel normal again and nothing bothers you. You can go to a baseball game and actually not get upset at any of their logos. You won’t care if Victoria has any damn secrets. You’ll be able to eat chicken and not give a rats ass what state it’s from. Or watch a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie and not get all bent out of shape because Johnny Depp appears to be making pirates look like a bunch of thieving bad no good niks.

Warning: If you take one of these new pills and you have an erection lasting more than four hours call your doctor immediately because having an erection for more than four hours is totally politically incorrect.

Unless you’re former  Senator Larry Craig, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner or Charlie Sheen.


PC police arresting me shortly after writing today’s blog

Just sayin.”

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